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1st Day Of My New Life

Having a good night sleep dreaming of beautiful boys and the things they could do to me and then there blares off my alarm I snooze it off for 5 more minutes and next thing I now I hear
Mom- Lily bear wake up I know you heard that alarm of yours
Lily- mom go away today is not a good day
Than she storms in my room and rips of my comforter and throws it out my door
Lily- ugh mom come on I could've been naked under here
Mom- nothing I haven't seen before
Lily- mom have you ever heard of privacy
Mom- I better see you downstairs in 5 or I'll come with water next time breakfast is waiting for you
So I just drag myself out of my bed that loves me more than anything and hop in the shower and push the nozzle all the way to hot wash my body and hair and hop out, start getting dressed in a bra and put a hoodie on top and jeans put on my converse and head downstairs
Mom- now there's my beautiful girl but would it kill you not to hide your entire self under those ugly clothes you like
Me- mom not everyone is born as stunning as you and I'm definitely one of them
Dad- now now lily you are absolutely beautiful and everyone can see that
Lily- you two are the best parents ever but let's not start on the lies
Both- lily you need to stop you have so much going for you and are star to us and others
Me- I love you guys I'm off to school
Both- we love you too have a great day and tell us all about it when you get home
I hop into my into my Honda accord that my parent bought me when I was 16 and drive off, I pull up to this thing that is supposed to be called school but it looks like a castle so I drive forward and try to find parking in this kingdom so I park in the first spot I see and get out and waiting for me is my cousin Ellie and she runs to me and hugs me and she starts screaming
Ellie- omggg lily I missed you I'm so glad you are here
Me- hey ells I missed you too don't you look great
Ellie- pshh not at all I wish I had boobs like yours mines barely just came in but why you got to cover the ladies like that
Me- girl nobody want to see them so I'm going to keep hiding them so tell me about this castle called school apparently
Ellie- okay let's start Walking welcome to Miller Stratford High school basically the richest kids go here I would stay away from mostly everyone but there's the rare kinds that are nice
Me- well everyone here looks perfect so makes sense they'd be assholes lol
Ellie- haha well there's the typical cheerleaders that equal mean girl jocks aren't nice and everyone else just basically lives around them
Me- is it just me or is high school so predictable like can we change it up a bit
Ellie- you have a way with words my beautiful cousin let's go get your schedule and pray we have everything together
So we start walking to the office and in the office I see this guy with dark curly hair and this typical big boob busted cheerleader rolling their eyes and not giving a shit about being reprimanded by the principle and then the front desk lady hands me schedule and I tell ellie I wonder what they did
Ellie- ohh the typical hooked up where they're not supposed to or skipped class because like I said they are above it all but anyways we have everything together yayy except lunch ughh now Idk who I'm going to sit with
Me- you're worried at least your friendly and pretty and have been here for a while think about my fat ass
Ellie- ughh stop this not sense you are dime lily
So off we go to first period, I'm a people watcher which is fun but curse at the same time because I always get caught looking and than i get the disgusted look once the people notice so in walks in the 2 from the office I guess there dating the way that girl locks her googly eyes at him but enough about her let me describe to you Mr. Hot Pants yeah thats what we'll call him he has black hair that's curly at the top dark green eyes with little specks of brown in them and damn he's tall and body built like a wall and has an ass you can bounce a quarter off so of course as I'm staring at his perfect self he catches me and makes the weirdest face at me like a hint of disgust but with a little bit of interest there w.e going to put that out of my head. So as I'm listening to the best of my abilities to what the teacher is explaining in walks in another guy looks like he ran hear because he breathing very hard but it's not like he's out of shape he give the teacher an apologetic face and the teacher roles his eyes and says just go off to your seat I don't want to hear it so I look around and notice the only empty desk is on the other side of me and here I'm think oh my here comes the first annoying ass comment but he stares at me for a while and says nothing... That's a first so this boy has light brown hair almost blonde and has gorgeous light blue green eyes and has a very chizled jaw he isn't built like Mr. Hot pants but he is very athletic you can tell he has abs under that shirt and he has very bright pearly whites I only know this because he smiled at his friend in front of him like I told you guys before I enjoy people watching a little to much.

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