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Its a cute story of nerddy Marie who eventually fell in love with a boy name Richard. . Story has many twist and turns, some heartbroke,finally takes part for falling for each other at last. If you want to find what will.happen in the story keep reading until they start from breakup to patch up. So keep reading & support me till the end.

Romance / Humor
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Nerddy is a true Buddy

Last summer vacation, after these the high school life will over,yeah! I'll miss our principal,teacher and all my class mate but all I will miss is my best friend"Rosy".She was supportive to me all the time needed and consultat me for misconception of everything.

I stood a great score and soon will go to the best "St.John Literature University".My mon was happy for me to pursue my dream and supported me."Lisa",my childhood friend and my crime friend also got admitted in management courses.Yes!!she is the one who knows my secret's most.....but rather than that I love her a lot.

(Flashes of blurred Memories)
I'm bit sad because I have fallen for someone at first sight. His name was "Richard Weiner",he was a 2 year older than me, skinny with brown hairs, sharp black eyes, straight nose and he was even taller than me in height.

So all it started with that one day me using my spare or break time gazing through the window at clouds, hearing birds chirping, blossom of wind touching my skin giving some kind of pleasure and calmness. It was a usual day but it turned around making me blush and distracted. My heart skip a beat ,yes I saw him at the day of March that I called it a sort of "March to my love".

After that I saw him unexpectedly at one my close friend party, the way of his dancing just take my heart away I don't but I can't stop smiling seeing him.Yet, I didn't got his name for a month, but after that I heard one of his friends calling him so loudly near my window that just peep out to shoutoutt at that boy for disturbing, but I come to his name was"Richard".

Complete daily schedule I just used my socially account for a while actually not while some for hours. Then I started to search him in social media... guess what I found him every where ,he was more hot in the pictures .Then I smiled and blushed for no reason.Why??.I don't know well it's just something like first love.

Then I used keep his update notifications for knowing him more from perspective, actually I don't how the kind he was...But I noticed him every where locality, but he doesn't maybe because of my looks and also I was need with stupid braided hair.

Ohhhh!!! Forgot to introduce myself, I am "Marie Beth"from Class 10 and yes I was the topper of my class.I was thin,with medium height,black eyes not so catch and two stupid braided hair style I used to wear,loose clothes so that I can't look cute after all I was ugly & tanned also.But my mom used to say you are beautiful my daughter so I don't mind people attention towards me. But now want so much attention of Richard so that I can be with him.

"Stupid idea!!!",my Mind to Me.

"Keep going!!!",my Heart to Me.

So their was a war going between my mind and heart whom should I choose,cutt off!!Rather approach Lisa for suggestions of my feelings and my makeover.So I stood Lisa the very next day told her everything . Hearing this stuff from she burst into laughter,like I was joking.

"What?? You love a guy and he didn't know about you and you want him to fall for you", she asked me laugh whole the time.

After that knowing that I was serious, she asked me to make a confession to him into a person.At that time she said"into person means face to face",my heart started racing.

"And what about this???",I asked pointing towards my clothes and that freaky hair style.
"Hey!! don't take stress my nerddyy after all you are my true buddy",Lisa chuckled while saying that clingy lines to me.

Not much but all she could only straight my hair because I have problems of dying my hair because of my mom.Yes , don't like coloured or dyed hairs .After that Lisa fitters all my clothes by altering because they look oversized like I not wearing my clothes instead they are wearing me.


Guess!!I have a good news and bad news both.

Bad news,the previous data of my this novel was just went up because of error.

Good news ,I have improved a lot from this mistake.

Hope you all like it ,and so sorry for delete error mistake .

THANK YOU GUYS....... 💓💓💓💓💓

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