She is the Billionaire

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Menlyn has always lived up to her name. She is 28, smart, rich, and wealthy. What happens when she has a chance encounter with Cole, 21 and they share a kiss. Menlyn has never believed in dating younger men. What will happen when Menlyn and Cole meet once again and he doesn't relent when Menlyn acts as if she doesn't know him.

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Chapter 1

After a long day with an endless conference, Menlyn felt fatigued hit her. She was more than tired after the long day.

She walked into her favorite bar and set her briefcase to the side. She ordered a whisky, and the minute they slid it to her she took a sip.

It was strong, just like how she liked it. It was a Friday evening and here she was.

“Cole, do you like working here ?”

Menlyn shook her head, the girl was really loud and her voice was so high pitched that she felt a headache might start just from listening to her.

Menlyn gazed at her watch it was already ten at night. That was pretty late for her, she sighed. She had lost out in her early twenties to party like everyone else. Nope, instead, she was too busy building herself up.

She enjoyed living in luxury but she didn’t enjoy it as often as she wanted to. The fruits of her labor were going to waste. whatever she thought, one of these days she would take a long leave and not be back for some time.

She got her second glass of whisky and she swigged it in one go, she breathed out. This felt too good, she needed it. This would help her wind down and be more relaxed.

When her third glass came, she did the same. She started to feel woozy. She definitely needed to make her way home. She asked for her tab and she paid it sloppily.

Menlyn got up, when she took her first step she wobbled a bit, when her second step came her heel turned and she knew her face was about to meet the floor.

She felt a hand grip her elbow.

“Easy there, mam.”

Menlyn nodded, “Yes....yes...”

Menlyn shook her head a bit and stood up straight,

“Let me help you out front.”

“Don, what’s her vale number?”

Menlyn wondered, who was done and what Vale.

She felt the handgrip her elbow again and they helped her outside. The air felt cool against her skin which was flushed because of the alcohol that she had drunk.

“You shouldn’t overwork yourself too much mam.”

Menlyn nodded, “That’s how lazy people think.”

Menlyn heard the stranger chuckled, “You really are work crazy I see.”

“Of course,”

“You know money doesn’t make you happy mam.”

“Yes, said every person who doesn’t have enough to make them happy. You are you! I’m me! money makes me happy and if it doesn’t for you then that’s a shame.”

“What’s your name mam? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“My name is.....wait why should I tell you my name. It’s not like I know you.”

“I’m Cole,”

“Nice to meet you, Cone....”

“It’s Cole, not Cone.”

“Yes Cope, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Your car is here mam.”

Menlyn got in and they pulled out, she rolled down the window and let the wind caress her. When she got to her place the door opened and May helped her out. Her driver was female, it made her feel safe.

May helped her into her house,

“Thank you May, what would I do without you?”

“Anything for you Men.”

Menlyn stripped sloppy her clothes that she was wearing. She tucked herself underneath her blanket and went straight to bed. ting here…

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