His Little Bounty

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Chapter 29


She started to roll down her jeans revealing her tan smooth legs. And she did this slowly. Almost like a strip tease she wasn’t even aware if doing. He knew he shouldn’t be watching her so closely, but he couldn’t help it. She really was beautiful.

But she was just a child. And he had to keep that straight in his mind. He knew her father for heaven’s sake. She was far too young for him. Far too precious.

She removed her shirt and let it fall onto the pile on the floor. Her underwear was basic, most likely given to her by Mancini. He shouldn’t have been studying it. He shouldn’t have been studying her. He shouldn’t have been watching the rise and fall of her chest, the way her curves sloped into her garments, the way her body was so effortlessly gorgeous. She definitely didn’t have the body of a child. She was young and perfect. And he was a man. No matter how much honor a man had, no man could resist the temptation of the sight in front of him. John was no different.

He began to remove his clothes, leaving only his boxers on, and led her into the shower as if she needed guidance. Their bodies were pressed up against each other, her head against his chest.

“This is taking paranoia to the next level,” she commented. He only smirked in response, though she couldn’t see it.

He reached in front of her, twisting the shower controls and letting the water rush over them. He couldn’t help his fingers brushing her skin to reach for his body wash.

She was going to turn and face him, but he kept her looking straight ahead. He didn’t want her to see the look in his eyes. He didn’t want her to see what she was doing to him. What she shouldn’t be capable of doing to him.

“I don’t like not knowing what you’re doing,” she said.

“I know,” he retorted as if he was doing this just to irritate her. It was to protect himself. It was to protect her too, from him. “Here.” He passed her the body wash and simply watched her wash herself. The way her hands moved over her skin. He wanted to do that. The way the soap clung to every bit of her body. He wanted to be that soap. The way her underwear covered the parts of her that tempted him. He wanted to rip them off.

His thoughts couldn’t be helped. But that was all they were. Thoughts. Nothing more. He wouldn’t act on any of that. He couldn’t. He knew her father. He had respect for her father. He couldn’t touch his daughter in the way he was thinking.

“You know, I can feel you watching me,” she stated. Her comment surprised him. The nonchalance in her voice and her confidence too. He was once again impressed and amused by her.

“You can?” he asked with the smirk coming through in his tone alone.

“Yes,” she whispered breathlessly. And he was beginning to lose all sense.

He wasn’t an impulsive man, but in that moment, he would let his dick control his actions rather than his brain.

“Want me to stop?” His voice was dark and menacing. He couldn’t stop his hand from touching her bare shoulders. She tensed slightly from it, but soon relaxed. This surprised him too.

“Do I want you to stop looking at me?” she breathed out. And then she turned to face him, and he allowed her. “I think I’m clean now.” She reached for the shower curtain, but John took that hand, that broken arm. He stared at it, a gentle smile of nostalgia hitting him. She had done what it took to break free. Even if that meant breaking her bones. He had plenty of admiration for that quality, despite how much of a nuisance it was.

“Does it still hurt?” he asked her softly, peeling off the strap cast and assessing the damage. “Can you move it?” Their eyes locked once again, and he looked down at her. An advantage of their height difference was the unavoidable inappropriate view he got of her cleavage.

“More than I could before. Now it just aches,” she replied in the most angelic voice he’d ever heard her use. Her innocence seeped out, as did her youth.

“Hmm,” he mused whilst he took her in some more. He knew that he couldn’t act this way after this. This would be it. He was mapping out her body in his mind, committing every single part of it to memory because he wouldn’t be able to look at her that way again. When they left the shower, that would be it. When they reached New York and her father, he would never see her again. He detested the idea. But that was what must happen. So, he had to keep his distance. “Come on, princess.”

He led her from the shower and slipped a big t-shirt of his over her body, rolling up his sweats. She looked ridiculous but she was clad in his clothes. That was a sight to behold. She jumped back onto the bed, her body bouncing up and down gently from the spring of the mattress.

“Your clothes are massive on me,” she commented, brushing her finger through her wet chocolate locks. She was his captive and yet she acted as though she had the ability to just walk through the motel door and leave if she wished. She didn’t seem trapped. She seemed… as though she had another plan, like she had something up her, well, his sleeve.

“We’re not shopping so you’ll have to deal with that,” he stated. She pouted slightly but didn’t say anything else. He didn’t know what she was planning but he wasn’t going to allow her to lead him into some trap. He would not be made foolish by her yet again.

He’d never experienced so much trouble with one bounty. In the time he knew Mari, he had problems with Alessandro, with the feds, now with Manuel. He had made more enemies than he had in his entire life. Perhaps it was unfair to blame her, but she was the common factor. Where she went, trouble ensued.

“How long are we staying here for?” she asked.

“Just another night. We’re leaving in the morning. I have a few things to sort out.” And with that, he tied her up to the bedpost again, grabbed his jacket, left and locked the door behind him. She was a resourceful girl, so he had to be quick on his errands. Only God knew what she could do tied up in that motel with no one watching over her. She’d be gone if he didn’t get back within a few hours.

He met with a friend he knew in the area. That was a reason why they had stopped. She wanted a decent rest and he needed to get his affairs in order. He had too many people out to get him, and he needed the rest of his journey with Mari to be somewhat smooth. Then he would deal with his other problems.

“Redford, it’s been a while,” John said as he shook the hand of his old friend. Redford shook back with narrowed eyes.

“You’re never here for nothing, Keller. What do you want?” Redford questioned.

“I ran into some trouble. Manuel Estrada.” Redford scoffed before shaking his head.

“Now, what sort of trouble? I’m all for fixing things, but certain things are not so easily fixed.”

“I may have roughed him and his guys up a little. He was holding my bounty captive and even she wanted to leave with me. I don’t need it fixed. I need him stalled whilst I take my bounty back to my client,” John explained, hoping Redford would take the job for old times sake.

Redford was a fixer. He enjoyed fixing things as John loved finding things. Their jobs often crossed over, thus they had met on several occasions. They had even worked together to complete their goals. They had a mutual respect for one another, and he hoped that rapport would extend to a favor, or two.

“What else? I know there’s something else,” Redford demanded.

“The feds.” Redford scoffed louder, shaking his head in a clear refusal.

“No. I don’t often deal with the feds and I only would if I were paid well. This isn’t favor-worthy. Getting involved with the feds would endanger me.”

“I know that. Again, I just need you to throw them off a little, not fix the problem. I’ll deal with both when I finish my job, but I can’t have them on my back whilst she’s still with me.”

“Whilst she’s still with you? Why? What’s so special about her?” he questioned, a smirk tugging at his lips as if he knows something.

“She’s slippery. My attention strays away for a second and she’s jumping out of a moving car,” John said, causing Redford to burst out laughing.

“That actually happened? That’s hilarious. How old is she? She’s smart enough to outsmart the human hound. So much so that he can’t have any distractions at all and asks me for two favors. Who the fuck is this girl?”

“She’s none of your business. Are you going to do it or not?” He had enough of getting mocked. Would he do him this solid or not?

“I will. But you’ll owe me big time. And I want you to know it’s only because I’m curious about this girl of yours. She must be really special if you pissed off the feds and Manuel Estrada for her.”

“I didn’t-”

“There’s no point lying. I suggest you get back to the girl, right? If she’s that slippery, she’s probably already gone. You should have brought her with you.” John rolled his eyes and walked away.

He knew that it was completely possible she was already gone. But he would find her if she were.


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