His Little Bounty

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Chapter 46


What was she supposed to do? Where was the closest town or city? He just left her out there with nothing.

She walked… and walked… and walked.

And whilst she walked, she allowed the guilt to flood through her, coursing through her blood to her extremities. She had hurt someone. She had hurt John. She wanted to explain, to tell him that wasn’t all it was. It wasn’t just a game to her. It wasn’t all an act.

She… felt something for him. She wasn’t sure what it was, and perhaps she should have figured that out before she slept with him, but it all happened so fast. Fuck her impulsivity. Then again, she didn’t have much time left to do it. She wanted to make her feelings clear in her actions, something that would tell him that there was something there. Instead, it made her seem like a slut. He thought she just did it for her freedom.

When she heard a faint engine behind her, she sighed a hopeful sigh and stuck her hand out. She had been told hitch-hiking was dangerous, but what was the alternative? She didn’t know how far she was from society and she wouldn’t be surprised if that was John’s revenge.

The car soon slowed revealing a couple of guys in the front. They gave her sweet smiles as they came to a halt and gestured her to get into the car. She should have been wary but here she was, being impulsive yet again. Hadn’t she learnt by now?

“Hey, what’s your name?” one of them asked as she slid into the back.

“Ella, I’m Ella.”

“I’m Jack, this is Leo. Where are you headed, Ella?” Jack said politely. But his tone created doubt within her. She didn’t sense malice, but she felt something was off. However, she would ignore it. She just needed to get to the nearest town.

“Just into town. My friend, she left me out here, some sort of revenge. I just need to find a phone and some people,” she replied. They nodded without any further questions and continued driving again. Was that it? They didn’t need to know anything else about the stranger in their car? Sure, she was five foot and seemed harmless, but she could have been some skilled assassin. They wouldn’t know.

Nothing about this felt right.

“Dick move. Your friend? Leaving you out here? All alone?” Leo commented. Mari nodded lightly with a polite smile and returned to staring out the window. “So, Ella, where do you live? Do you want us to drop you there?”

“No, the nearest town is fine,” she answered.


After a short while, they made it into society again, a couple of people milling about on the streets, a not too popular town. But this would be fine until she planned her next movements. John wasn’t going to tell Alessandro that he had let her go and stopped looking for her. That gave her some time before he found out and sent someone else. She didn’t have to keep on the move for now and perhaps could finally lay out a master plan with a collection of all the experience she had gathered.

“This is okay, right here. Thank you so much,” Mari told them.

But they didn’t slow. And they were completely silent. They were ignoring her.

“Guys, here is just fine,” she pressed but they refused to hear her. “I’m serious. Can I get out?”

“Not yet, princess,” one of them said.

Her hand instantly shot to the door handle, tugging at it aggressively. But unlike John, they weren’t so careless. It was locked. She was trapped. Fucking hell. When would her luck change?

“Let me the fuck out!” she yelled.

“Almost there,” Jack muttered.

What the hell was going on? Where were they taking her? Was this a kidnapping? Why couldn’t she just be smart for once? It wouldn’t have taken her too much longer to walk to this town. Now she was trapped because she was stupid again.

The car slowed and she was dragged out through an empty alley and into the building. She didn’t even bother kicking and screaming. She knew the world all too well to know that wouldn’t work in her favor, especially since she didn’t know the town. Did they know this town? Were they from here?

She was led into a room rather softly which took her by surprise. In fact, they weren’t rough at all. What could that mean? Perhaps they didn’t want to hurt her because they were going to sell her. Maybe it was a prostitution ring or something of that nature. Why else would they not want to leave a mark on her?

She wasn’t very well informed of the worst things that could happen in the outside world. But she had a few ideas from various movies that she had watched.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“What our boss told us to do.” They closed the door and sat in the room with her. Before she could ask any more questions, her eyes scanned the room. It wasn’t what she expected either. There was color, a light blue paint coating the walls. There was a couch, which the two men sat on, whilst she was seated in an armchair. There was a rug on the floor that looked untouched, as if it had just been bought this very day.

They were in an apartment. Whose was it? Who was their boss?

“Do you work for Manuel?” she asked in a shy tone. She figured they would be scarier if they worked for him, all of his men that she met were. But they might have been told to be delicate with her.

“No, princess,” Jack answered.

“Who do you work for then? And why do you keep calling me princess?” she questioned, rising from her chair.

“Sit down, little girl. I don’t want to have to make you,” Leo stated coldly. So, she sat back down obediently. She knew she wasn’t in a position to be demanding anything, even if they weren’t hurting her just yet.

“Can’t you just tell me who you work for?”

“All in good time. We’re waiting for the boss now. You’ll see, Marcella.” Her eyes flickered up immediately to his. And they widened.

He called her Marcella. She hadn’t told him that name. She hadn’t told anyone that name since she left her father. So, they worked for him or possibly Dante. That frightened her deeply, sending a shiver shock throughout her body.

They weren’t Italian. She supposed that didn’t matter but her father’s men were mostly Italian, from the families of old friends in Italy or Italian families in New York. Though, John was working for Alessandro and he wasn’t Italian.

“Calm down,” Leo said with a smirk. “You’ll be fine, Marcella.”

“You work for my father?”


“Do you know who my father is?” she asked.

“Yes. Now stop with the questions.”

That was it. She needed to find a way to leave. She had escaped from John so many times. She was able to do this, wasn’t she? She didn’t want to see their boss walk through the door. She didn’t want to know. She knew it would be bad. Anyone who knew her by the name Marcella was bad news. Come to think of it, anyone who knew her by Ella, or any name, or just knew her were all bad news. She was fucked if she stayed. She had to run.

What was the plan now? Seduction again? No, that worked on one man and it was the hardest and longest plan she had. She wasn’t in a car so the jumping out of it plan wasn’t an option. She didn’t have a weapon, so that wasn’t an option either. She was in a locked room with her captors.

She would have to wait until they left. Would they leave? She needed to cause a distraction. Shit, escaping people she didn’t know was difficult.

“Ahh! Ow!” She clutched her shoulder where she had been shot over a couple of weeks ago. She slid off her chair and rolled onto the floor in false agony. The two men rushed to her side, watching the little girl writhing on the floor and panicking. Jack whipped out his phone whilst Leo attempted to see what was wrong.

“What’s happening?” Leo asked with widened frantic eyes. She assumed that meant his boss might just kill them if she was hurt. Maybe it was Dante then. She was to be his bride after all. Anyone hurting what was his could motivate him to kill them.

She grasped his arm and dragged him down closer to her so she could whisper in his ear. Truly, it was to grab the knife she had caught sight of in his back pocket. She plunged it into his side, stood and left his pained body on the floor. Jack pulled out his gun, but she knew he couldn’t do anything. It was a limitation John had when chasing her. That they couldn’t hurt her. Their boss needed her alive. Thus, what could they do with a gun?

She wasn’t threatened by it. So, she left.

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