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I started out as an ordinary demon. Strong, tempered and of course powerful. Something changed in me. My destiny was forced in a different direction. My path crosses with an Angel. Then again with my own kind I will get revenge against those that wronged me but when those that should be trusted collaborate with those that want you dead. You can never truly trust anyone the way you can yourself. I am back and I am ready to repent for my wrongs, right after I deliver consequence to those that deserve it. I went to earth a path of destruction and death. I was the wrath of all worlds. Now I've found these powers I need to learn how to use them. I need to fight for those I care about. 1. Get revenge. 2. Repay my debt. 3. Fight for the love that all others will fight against. **Can be read as standalone. A shorter story with only fifteen chapters. Eros, will be the finaly in the Unseen series. Linking both my first story rise and fall with the second of the unseen series, the damned. Going out with a bang**

Romance / Fantasy
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The midday light of the sun goes out. The suddenly warm day turns cool. The breeze comes to a stop and in its place is a stillness, almost as though the dust in the air is frozen in place. Humans run out into the street looking up at the sky. One main pebbled road leads through this city. Large towers point towards the now dark clouds. When finally they look towards me entering the city the screams penetrate my ears but I don’t react, as they all begin rushing inside and others running to leave. I continue to move slowly, gracefully as barely a sound can be heard with my movements. My wings with ink black feathers that look as though they were dipped in blood, just trace against the ground. The long torn black dress I wear drags along the floor behind me. As though I was a dramatic bride on her wedding day. To my sides are my two impressive hellhounds. Larger than the earth’s grizzly bear. Uni for unity and Mis for misery.

“Hunt.” The only word I utter to my beasts that excite them. Releasing them to behave in their natural nature. Rather than the obedient dogs that walk beside me for days and weeks on end. With a snarl and revealing their large canines that are each individually longer than my slim fingers they take off. Black glistening fur bounds into the city for one thing. Hunt.

Spreading my arms slightly out and reaching my palms up. I feel it. I feel every injustice from each being in this town. Their greed and inhumanity. The ground begins to rumble and shake louder than any of the screams. The buildings begin a domino effect as one crashes into the next and continues. Now passing me as I watch the toppling of what they hold so dear. A tower that stands taller than eight houses smashes upon a row of homes. Brick and mortar hail down from the sky punishing the road I stroll across.

Glass and brick collide the ground opens up beneath and humans scramble to climb from the sinking pits their homes slowly sink within. Others lay beneath the rubble which moments ago were homes or shops. Belongings that were neatly piled within rooms now thrown into the street feet away from the mess of a house.

I do not stop my slow pace, each step is precious. Uni bounds from the pit behind me before running ahead and pouncing at a running male. Her paws slam into the ground and even through the noise of the ground greedily eating man structures I hear her loud thuds. Almost the calling card of death itself. He is taken to the ground, his face hitting the floor first. She soon gets bored after tearing a deep hole into his spine. Chomping down once before moving on for the next prey.

“Please.” The male pleads as I slowly move past him. I holt. Turning towards him and watching the way his facial features of agony change as his eyes meet mine. His pain subsides momentarily. I crouch and look at the feeble creature.

“I see your soul.” Taking his chin with one finger and tilting his head back to look further into the pits of his eyes. “I see it before I look at you. I know your sins. I know your fantasies. There is nowhere to hide from retribution.”

“I … Help me.” He prays. It is futile though. Even he knows it as pain crunches his features and he slumps back as I let go of his chin. His head hitting the ground once more. “Put me out of my …”

“Misery you do not know misery. You know only greed and deceit.” Standing up I turn away from him even as he cries out words of pain laced with venom of anger. Anger unwarranted. His soul is filled with spite and selfishness. Stabbing those in the back to make his way through life. If this is what is left of humanity what is there to save?

Mari-Cate was wrong. Her belief there is something more is wrong. I’ve made my way through towns and cities now and in each I find more that makes me understand this world needs to be cleansed. A cleanse before it can thrive again. The wound must be cleaned to heal. The world can continue without the species on it. The species on it will kill the world and then themselves. Either both die or one does.

I am Nemesis. My name is from the goddess Nemesis. We are said to be linked to our names. A binding to our powers that help us understand our purpose. My goddess was one of retribution. She was said to distribute happiness and misery. To deliver consequences for sins.

Funny a demon is the one to kill those for sinning. A demon princess born in hell and raised in the palace that governs there. The thorn crown once bestowed on my head has been left behind. Sitting on my dressing table at home. Here I am just Nemesis. My powers that have been pushing to be released are free. No longer ripping at the seams to tear me open and unleash a wrath that feels beyond anything I can control or contain. This is why. My purpose to cleanse and distribute justice.

My footfalls continue. My energy doesn’t feel spent from destroying not only the road I walk within but those that follow. Bringing the city to nothing more than food to be devoured by the earth beneath it. Bodies sinking back into the ground they’ve so badly mistreated. Uni and Mis are almost a part of me. Their senses are as strong when delivering punishment. The few children I’ve seen have been scrambling to exit town. The hounds have not chased them or even looked in their direction. Finally reaching the other side I turn to look at the destruction. I am earth’s wrath, their consequence but I will not go without having one of my own. Each town is a reminder of just that.

“Return.” I whisper through almost dry lips. Guilt tries to seize my chest but I push it away. The bodies slowly being eaten by the ground that will continue to bury any evidence of this place, long after I’ve walked away. Uni obediently comes to my side but Mis stands nose down part way through the once busy street. I walk to her with Uni following. “Ok Mis. Let me see.”

Mis steps back, keeping her head low and I see the small bundle. A tiny human. Kicking its arms and legs whilst looking around with big chestnut brown eyes. A baby's soul is so clean it is almost the only form of innocence humanity has. Reaching down I pick the baby up and put her into my arms. The warm pink colour of her vest leaves her cold in the now chilly air. She snuggles into my warmth. Lines that run deep through chubby thighs. Her wide eyes reveal everything. Nothing more than feeds and a loving mother that is now gone. Never to be seen again because of me.

“You will be safe little one.” Putting an index finger to her nose she looks at my quizzidly. She cannot hear me. I know that much from looking into her head. Her soul and memories are silent. Peaceful and yet happy.

My bond with my twin Mari-cate is strong. My powers are capable of finding her. Whereas she is not capable of finding me. Neither has the strength or ability to hunt me down. Drawing the circle the portal opens to the busy town Mari has been residing in. I reach through and place the baby down on the ground. I hear the faint whispers as those in the town watch me put the baby to the hard floor. Making sure to take care as her head comes to the floor. She begins to whine but not wail. Handfuls of innocent to so much that deserve this. This baby may well deserve my wrath in twenty short years of her life. I can only hope now.

“Sisi.” I hear Mari-Cate the voice that sounds almost identical to mine but with a soft tone to it that mine lacks. She rushes out of a building to the distance and her wings spring out. “No. You wait this time. Sisi.” She demands in a strong tone.

“Goodbye Mari.” I lean back and the portal snaps closed not before I hear Mari-Cate hollering obscenities at me. The hustle and bustle of the full town she lives in is left behind. Trees growing in the middle of what should be a street. Grass sprouting all over. Mari is trying to change damage that has been done over hundreds of years.

She will attempt to do that with the lack of death. When I know that isn’t possible. For now. Her and her town are safe. I have a lot of world to take down till then and I punish myself with each one. I could fly above and never set foot on the ground. Do the job much quicker with Uni and Mis as the clean up crew. Instead I see and feel everything I do. I feel as souls are dragged from bodies and hear the bones crunching beneath the rubbles as the ground sucks it to the depths.

“Come.” Uni and Mis return to my sides as we slowly exit the destruction and death. The darkness once again recedes from the sky as the light comes back in its place.

Destiny is a lonely path. Hellhounds as good as they are for obedience and loyalty there is no conversation. Hours of slowly walking, hearing passing animals around me. Mis and Uni never once looking anywhere but forwards as I continue on. The light of day sinks until the natural night comes and I continue on.


Finally stopping by a lake I nod to my hounds that bound off to hunt for prey and give me privacy. Sinking to my knees beside the lake I look at my reflection in the still water. Dark circles beneath my eyes. My pale skin looks ghostly white even against the moon reflecting in the water. Strands of my night sky black hair fall over my shoulder. Sitting at my waist the sleek black hair usually contained at my back. My eyes clustered by dark lashes burn through the water. The red piercing and demanding attention. Dad's eyes flicker between blue and red. Most demons flicker between depending on their mood. Not mine. Mine are blood red permanently. Showing the unnatural ability I am. My usually dark pink lips are pale and chapped. I retract my wings allowing them to sink away. Be zipped back within me so that the weight of them is gone even if for a moment. I carry them on the long walks to punish myself. The extra weight of them with the endless blistering walking. Must be done. I remind myself.

Stripping the dress from my body and stepping out of my underwear I slice through the cold water. My head popping above the water feet away as I push hair back from my face. My shoulders have steam coming from them. My body temperature is too hot against the cold waters. It sends sharp tingles across my body at the sudden contrast of temperature.

Finally climbing from the water I dry quickly as the droplets evaporate from my skin. Sheathing myself in clothing once more. A howl of immense pain strikes the silence of the night. I know it is Uni when I feel her agony. Immediately my wings spring to life propelling me into the air. I circle looking for them before finally pin pointing her position. Only them do I swoop down at speed and slam my feet into the ground. Mis stands over Uni a growl radiating from her chest. The two come hand in hand together. True mates as it seems. Not wolf, demon or hound. They are a creature beyond understanding of this world. Their bond to each other is the only thing stronger than that they have with me.

“Capture her.” A male voice. Commanding in tone but mistaken and foolish. I see the glow that radiates from those that stand around me. Circling me as though I am their prey. Angels. Mari at one point managed to shout a warning they were coming but I took no heed in her worries. “Alive.”

“That won’t happen as you’ll all be dead.” I call back.

The ground beneath my feet shake and they take flight. I hesitate. Torn between leaving my hounds on the ground and taking the fight to them. Instead choosing to remain rooted firmly to the ground. They will not harm my hounds again.

An angel swings a long sword at me but it shatters into a thousand pieces as I turn and capture it in my hand. Picking a piece from the ground with nothing more than a flick of my finger it shoots like a bullet through the angel who falls limply to the floor. More come down this time attacking at the same time trying their strength in numbers. I feel it breaking away from me. Feel myself tearing open that bit more as power surges forward without control. Without needing instructions. As though I am just the passenger in the body that delivers the blows now. Almost like watching a show at the theatre and beings so deeply engrossed.

I shattered into a thousand pieces. I feel every cell in my body burn, skin no longer holding it together anymore and then … Flames. I see fire but do not feel it. The burn at my skin causes more prickles of heat. I move faster than I ever have before. Reaching further than my arms possibly could but the flames stretch on endlessly as I tear heart after heart from the chest of my enemy. Wings scorched. The smell is rotten and if it was even possible as the angels one by one thud to the floor I feel nausea rising.

“Stop. Please stop.” I look around. The flames are not restricting my vision but just sitting at the distance, flickering. I see no angels other than those mutilated on the floor. Chest open with holes much wider than my fists.

Is this my true power? The one that has been trying to escape? Angels should not die by normal fire or weapons? Am I burning with hell fire? Confusion washes over me as I begin to regain control over my once lost body and mind. Taking the steering wheel of myself again.

“Show yourself.” I call out. His words shouldn’t have stopped me. They came here to capture me. Not to kill me. Why?

Slowly his white wings come down onto the open area of burnt tree and grass around me that spreads a mile wide. Had I done that? The angelic glow emanates from him as his feet touch the scorched ground. His green eyes hold sorrow as they scan the area before looking back at me. Tall. Unearthly tall and lean but the white top beneath his white cloak shows off impressive muscles. Dusty blonde hair slightly long is pushed back from his face. Bronzed skin reveals itself at his face, neck and wrists. He is beautiful. The word shouldn’t match a man of his size instead you’d think handsome or something else more manly. But his strong jaw is also soft and his features express his peace. I feel it. His soul, deeper and stronger than I’ve felt of any other. I force it away. Bring anger back to the front of my mind.

“Enough fighting. Nemesis.”

“Your commands will not work with me angel.”

“Can I?” He points towards one of the angels on the ground. Lifeless. As though he needs to check for himself.

“Quickly.” I say not looking at him. Instead I turn my head to look at Mis licking Uni’s face. I can feel her healing already. Whatever they had done to her will not have long term effects but slow me down for the time being.

Turning back I look at the angel crouch to his knees leaning over the dead angel and placing his forehead to his. I try to close my eyes and hold onto the rage of them hurting Uni. For them thinking they could come and disrupt me and my path.

“Who is he to you?” I find myself asking. The space between us is eaten up when his eyes turn to mine. No tears are there but the sorrow I thought I’d seen before washes over me like waves dosing the hellfire burning my skin. I feel it slowly descending back to within me. To hide out once more.

“My father. When my grandfather pressed him to go on this mission I tried to argue. He is a peaceful man. In fact he knew your mother and father. He didn’t want to be a part of this but he could not deny his father.” His voice is calm and not angry. How is he not angry? Not trying to kill me where I stand?

I want to say I’m sorry but I’ve come too far. I’m too deep in death and guilt now. There is no peace waiting for me. So instead using a power I’ve practiced and homed in on. With the flex of my wingers the kind angel speaking to me so kindly falls onto his dead father. The one I killed.

I walk towards him. His eyes closed in a peaceful sleep. I flick some hair from his face as though his very touch could torch my soul.

“You’ll give me answers angel. They wanted me and instead I have you.”

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