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514… It’s the number of days left until my eighteenth birthday. It’s also the number of days until I can finally escape from this prison that my mother left me in to rot three years ago... Sixteen-year-old Josephine strives to stay off of her step-father’s radar until the day she can finally be out on her own and away from his abuse. The last few years since her mom left without giving her a reason why, she has created her own little bubble to live in that has kept her safe but, unknowing about what she’s going to endure in the coming months. When she ends up meeting a very candid, but adorable boy outside of school, her world is turned upside down in a matter of days, and she never saw it coming. Hunter, the once popular small-town Golden Boy, has survived a recent tragedy that, according to his parents has tarnished the family name. Riddled with guilt, he’s quickly descended into a self-destructive lifestyle to numb the pain that is FOREVER present, hoping that it will help him forget what he’s lost. Will these two broken souls be able to heal from the scars of their past, or will they let their tragic beginnings affect a future with the person they LOVE?

Romance / Other
Autumn Rivers
4.3 3 reviews
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Publishing NEWS

HI everyone. This is my first ever book written and shared online. And as of October 30th 2021 it has been published.

This version is a sample of the published copy that you can find on Amazon and will soon be up on Barns&Noble.

Please do check out the links to my website to read any upcoming news about the sequel in this series and you can visit my social media for more book recs, reviews and more.

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