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Fresh tears quickly spill down my cheeks as I drag the jagged piece of glass across the pale pink flesh of my arm, feeling every single little sliver open me up like a ripe peach. I watch the warm red liquid trickle into a dark puddle beside me as the cool rain splatters in my window and chills my toes.

I can feel my eyelids growing heavy as the scent of copper floods the room and as each second passes, it’s harder and harder not to fall into a sleep that fights to consume me. I lazily stare down at the wound that harshly decorates my wrist and it puts me in a fuzzy like haze. My body has gone numb and I realize that I’m no longer in any pain but I’m growing tired and my body is desperate for rest. I’ve craved this much needed release and now that I have it, I gladly welcome the quiet.

After so long, I finally got what I have been needing for years…to feel nothing. So, I let my eyelids fall, shutting out the darkness as a weak smile, spreads across my lips because I know I will never have to endure anything like this ever again.

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