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Romantic short story collection

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A collection of cute romantic stories. Enjoy! ^^

Romance / Drama
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My blue angel

(Y/n) quietly hums to herself as she swings her legs gracefully back and forth. She leans her back against the tree behind her, a cheerful smile pulling at the corner of her lips. She subconsciously enjoys her free time from her daily nightmare of high school drama while her (e/c) eyes scan the images on the printed pages in her favorite manga series. An upbeat yet electronic rhythm flows through the (f/c) cords connected to her mp3 player, music pulsing loudly into her eardrums. Sunlight glows against her (s/c) skin and a gentle breeze blows her (h/c) bangs away from her bright (e/c) orbs. Beth, her childhood friend, continues talking about some crush she currently has, nudging the other girl with her elbow rather harshly.

"Hey, are you even listening to me?" She asks in annoyance as she pokes the zoned-out girl in the ribs this time. (Y/n) instinctively flinches, a pained expression twisting into her sharp facial features. She rolls her eyes at her friend's childish behavior while hesitantly shutting her opened book with a loud slam. She snaps her head in Beth's direction, glaring at her.
"I just got to my favorite part in (name of the manga)," she growls through her teeth and a pout immediately replaces her hostile features. Beth sticks her tongue out at (Y/n) in response, snatching the book from her outstretched fingers. Beth is a bit taller than (Y/n) with an average frame. Her olive skin glows in the bright atmosphere, freckles speckled across her cheeks. Her brunette locks blow in the gentle breeze and her hazel orbs flicker with amusement. The dorm buildings are close together as well as beautiful endless rows of gardens staring up at the blue sky. Other students are outside, various types of people gathered in their own groups. Most are meeting up with friends, finishing up homework, or making other plans at the various sections set up around the clearing, and some have even been gossiping about the new transfer student for some time, now.

"Seriously, you need to get your head out of those books," Beth remarks as she examines the beloved manga with a raised eyebrow. (Y/n) makes a tch sound through her teeth at her words, reaching out to take back her belongings. The other girl automatically moves it out of her gasp while beginning to laugh at (Y/n)'s attempts to stop her from playing around.
"Give it back," (Y/n) demands, finally managing to grab the other girl's wrist. Beth smirks wickedly and something flashes over her eyes.
"Okay, but you have to tell me what I was talking about. If you get it wrong...I get to keep it until tomorrow," she states matter-of-factly, refusing to loosen her iron grip. (Y/n) sighs in annoyance as she gives up. Her shoulders slump, exhaustion automatically overwhelming her entire body. She leans her back lazily against the tree bark while looking out of the corner of her eyes cautiously.

"You were mumbling about your overrated crush and how he invited you to some party. You said something about being happy about the whole thing. You also asked me to come to watch your back, but I'm staying home this weekend and relaxing instead," she quickly blurts out the words within seconds. The other girl huffs in disappointment, swiftly dropping the book onto the bench next to her.
"What do you think of the transfer student?" She asks in an attempt to change the subject and sits down with hesitation.
"Um...I think he's cute," (Y/n) mumbles quietly, her face flushing light pink. Suddenly, the sound of high pitched yet loud laughter as multiple voices echo across the clearing. Both girls immediately shut themselves down, turning their attention while (Y/n)'s gaze locks onto an awful scene playing out in front of her very orbs. Hatred circulates throughout her veins, narrowing her eyes at a group of loud boys. She swiftly stands upright and instinctively begins walking toward them. Beth grabs her wrist, pulling her backward.
"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" She snaps at her friend as she tightens her grip on her. (Y/n) raises an eyebrow in confusion, trying to twist her hand free.
"I'm stopping those jerks. No-one deserves that. I'm giving them a piece of my mind," she responds while watching the bullies out of the corner of her eyes.
"(Y/n), stay out of it. Those are the popular boys. If you mess with them too much, you'll ruin my shot and you'll make a scene. It's unnecessary," Beth states matter-of-factly, glaring at the other girl. (Y/n) bites into her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood and she begins debating between helping that poor boy or staying by her bestie's side. She clenches her jaw painfully, yanking her wrist free. She ignores her friend's remarks at her reaction as she marches up a hill with a cherry blossom tree reaching toward the sky. She pauses in her tracks, silently observing exactly who or what is interrupting her well earned peaceful afternoon. Two popular boys are currently picking on the new transfer student. Cole has the younger boy by the collar of his hoodie, his partner in crime standing nearby.

"You owe me. I already warned you not to get in my way and then you have enough nerve to pull pranks on me. You must like getting beat up or something," he states while digging the fabric of his hoodie into his airway. The new kid blinks multiple times, an unnerving smirk twisting into his blueish-purplish facial features. She subconsciously curls her fingers into fists and practically charges at Cole. She clears her throat loudly, her knuckles fading into a white shade. Cole immediately stops what he's doing as he mumbles something under his breath. He lets out a frustrated sigh, turning his head to look down at (Y/n).
"What brat has enough nerve to bother me?" He says while letting out an annoyed sigh.
"Hey, leave him alone! Don't you have anything better to do? Why don't you two get lost!" She shouts, narrowing her eyes at him. He throws his head back and begins laughing hysterically.

"Yeah, what are you going to do about it?" He asks, dropping the new kid. (Y/n) quickly grabs him by the collar of his shirt as she pulls him down to her height. She slams his head into her kneecap, a loud popping sound breaking the heavy silence. She lets go of him while shoving him backward. He stumbles on his feet, blood gushing down his chin from a broken nose. He glares at her in hatred and starts walking away without saying another word. His partner in crime quickly races after him, casting her one last glance. She sticks her tongue out at the fleeing cowards as she focuses her attention on the new kid. She sits on her knees in front of him, tilting her head to the side childishly. He stares at her blankly while sitting in a criss-cross position. His pale face flushes light pink from embarrassment, his gaze locking onto the ground.
"Hey, it's okay. I'm really sorry about what those boys did to you. I promise they won't be bothering you, anymore," she says in an attempt to comfort him and realizes his face is covered in fresh bruises or cuts. A frown twists into her concerned expression, sadness overwhelming her senses.
"Are you alright? You look pretty rough. Do you want me to take you to the nurse's office? She'll have you patched up in no time," she states matter-of-factly as she playfully winks at him. His cheeks fade to a rosy shade, immediately shaking his head in response.
"I'm (Y/n). It's a pleasure to meet you. What's your name?" She continues talking and subconsciously reaches out to examine his injuries.
"Aiden," he mumbles, her fingers brushing his bangs away from his left eye. Aiden is rather tall with a lanky build. His pale skin glows in the sunlight like porcelain, black smeared around his eye sockets from sleep deprivation. His dyed blue bangs used to cover his left eye while his multi-colored green and blue orbs flicker with curiosity. A pastel green hoodie, gray ripped skinny jeans, and black vans make up his attire. A silver chain with a dog-tag is slipped over his neck. (Y/n) stares at the purple-bluish marks caked around his eye as she goes to touch it. Aiden grabs her wrist before she can manage anything, leaning his back against the tree behind him.
"I'm okay. It doesn't bother me," he whispers while instinctively fixing his bangs over his different colored eye. She sighs in disappointment, her hand going limp.
"How can you say that?" She whispers only loud enough for him to hear. He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly and subconsciously picks up the sketchbook sticking out of his opened backpack. An idea latches onto her brain, automatically taking a seat next to him.
"You like to draw?" She asks, leaning her head in his direction. A half-smile twists into his saddened facial features, shyness circulating throughout his veins. She scoots a bit closer while looking down at the opened book.
"It's a bit of a hobby. Did you want to see my sketches?" He mumbles, silently showing her his endless projects. Her eyes scan the ink smeared images printed on the pages and the two silently enjoy each other's company. She props her head against his shoulder, happy she found someone to connect with.
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