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Chapter 8

Danielle pov

Two days ago Ryan sign the papers for the house and today he moving in. He didn’t want to wait. Yesterday after my work we go to chose furniture and today’s they coming. Mrs Sean has already paint the house and he fix any problem before sell the house so we are ready to bring the furniture. Ryan let me do all the furniture arrangement and the decorations later. I can’t hide the fact that I kind liked that. He wants me be part of his life and I enjoy it.
“Baby the stuff are here.” He yell from the front door. I walk from the kitchen to the door and I see the transport truck. The same time James and Adam came to for help. The people of transport the start to put the furniture inside. When the put and the beds upstairs they leave and with the guys start to put the furniture in the right places. When we finished the living room and dining room I hear Ryan
“James, Adam you can help me with the bed?” Ryan says from the dining room
“Sure. Have you try it before buying it?” James says and I don’t look so the don’t see I’m blushing.
“Man please, you make my girl feel uncomfortable” Ryan says and they laugh. I look at him with a smile.
“Come on let’s go.”Adam save me
“Yes let’s finish. Penelope wait for us for dinner”
“She didn’t have to put herself in trouble. We could order something” I say
“She wanted. You know cooking is her passion.” James says and they go upstairs. I finish put some decorating and I went to the kitchen to drink water. I feel two hands hug me from behind and lean to his touch.
“All ready?”
“Yes. Our room is ready. You can decorate it now. The guest rooms we can finish them an other day” Ryan says and kiss my cheek. Our room, my God I have die and I’m in heaven. The man of my dreams after only one month he’s talking like we are together one year and more. I hope continue like that.
“I will start them after New York. I want to see few ideas” I say and he turns me around
“Whatever you want.” He kiss me on the lips. He push me more in the counter and hold me closer by my waist. My hands go around his neck. As the kiss becomes more passionate
“Guys, guys get a room” we turn around and I see James laughing and behind Adam
“Can’t you wait until later. I’m starving” he says and Ryan gives me one last kiss and takes my hand
“Ok let’s go.” He says and I giggle as I see him to walk with difficulty.
“Are you ok baby?” I ask him innocently
“Don’t look at me like that. It’s your fault” he says and I see him smiling. I giggle and I stop holding tight his hand to make him stop too. He turns around and I whispers in his ear
“I will make up to you” I say and we walk outside. We cross the road to go to James and Penelope house. The dinner it goes really good. Also Laura, Joshua with his wife Emma and Brandon with wife Michelle came for dinner. The girls talk about our things and the boys about them. They tell me to ask and from Alexis to come over but tonight she has a date. After the dinner I stay with Ryan. He ask me to and I want to live and space to Alexis in case she want the house free for her date.
“I’m tired” I say and we finish shower. He didn’t lost the opportunity to play a little in the shower. I lay my self on the bed with one of the Ryan’s T-shirts. Thank God he is muscular and is not to tight.
“Come here” Ryan says and I go to his arms. He kiss my head and I caress his chest and he caress my arms.
“It’s perfect” he says and I look at him
“This. Us like that. I love it” he says and he lean to kiss me. I kiss him back.
“I never felt like this before” he says and I smile.
“Me either. And you right. Everything is perfect, I don’t want to change anything.”
I say and I rest my head again on his shoulder.
“I going to miss when you will be in New York.”
“I will be gone for three days”
“I know. I’m addicted to you” he says and I giggle.
“I will asked to come but this days you have to be here. You and Joshua have the renovation at the building and you have to meet and clients”
“Damn it. It has to be those days. I really want to go with you”
“We will have time when you finish your liabilities. Don’t worry. And my sister can meet you an other time”
“I love that you are so patient.” He says and kiss my head
“As soon as you finish, the sooner you get into a rhythm with the work and we will manage to see each other. We have to be patient until you finish procedures.” I lift my head and look at him
“I’m not going anywhere” I say and he kiss me
“What did I do to deserve a man as wonderful as you? “ he comes on top of me
“You are a dream come true. “I say and I caress his cheek
“When I am with you, you make me forget all my pain and all my sorrows.” I say again and kiss his lips
“ I’m happy to hear that.I want to spoil you. To take care of you, to take care all your needs” he kiss my lips and then my neck finding my weakness spot I moan. I feel him hard and I open my legs wider I can.
“Fuck. I feel you already through my boxes soaking wet” he say with a groan
“I’m always wet for you Ryan” I say moaning his name. He takes off him boxers and then mine. He roll a condom, he position himself and he enter his cock inside me. We both gasp and I put my hands on his waist. He starts thrusting harder and faster.
“Oh Ryan” I moan
“Yes baby like that. Say my name”
“Ryan” he groan. He put his face in my neck. He start giving small kisses.
“Fuck I’m going to come” I say breathless. He thrust deeper and in second I come screaming his name.
“Oh God it sounds good to scream my name” he says and soon he come too. He lay beside me and he take me in his arms. He kiss my head and we try to catch our breaths. I really hope everything continue like that..
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