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Chapter 9

Ryan pov

Tomorrow Danielle leaves for New York and I’m little nervous. I don’t want to be apart from her but I understand that she has to see her sister. We arranged to go meet her sister after the Christmas so we both have time to go for more that few days. Now I’m meeting a client with Joshua and then I will take Danielle from work to sleep in my house. Alexis she has date again with the same guy who date a week ago. He is a really good guy teacher in primary school. And tomorrow I will take them to the airport to go at New York.
“Thank you for your time Mr Zack” I say and we say bye to the client
“You will go pick up Danielle?” Joshua ask as we walk to ours cars
“Yeah and tomorrow flies for New York”
“Ok say hello from me and I hope they have a safe trip. You will come for lunch tomorrow right?”
“Of course. You say Emma will cook my favourite” I say laughing and we enter to our cars. I drove to the salon and I see the girls wait outside with Sean, Alexis’s boyfriend.
“Hi sorry I’m late. The meeting take long” I say and I give a kiss to Danielle
“It’s fine. Guys keep me company”
“Sorry” I say again looking at them
“No problem” Alexis says
“Nice to see you again” Sean says after
“Good to see you too”
“We talking and say if you want to go for dinner together and then we go home” Danielle says and they look at me. I really want to be alone with her but a dinner with her friends won’t hurt.
“Sure.” I say and we decided where. We enter in different cars and we drive to the restaurant. After we settle down and order we start chatting. Sean ask me about work and the girls about what Alexis will shops in New York.
“We will come at the morning to pick you up for the airport” Danielle say to Alexis
“Ok I will be ready the time we said” we say goodnight and I drove us home. All the way to the house Danielle we talk about how excited she is that she will see her sister. All this time we are together she hasn’t mention her parents. I don’t blame her, they behaved badly to her. And that’s driving me crazy. She is sure a sweet and beautiful person, how they can judge people only with the appearance? I don’t understand this, for me is the most beautiful girl in the world.
“Baby? Ryan?” She say loud
“Yes? Sorry baby”
“Where you’re lost?”
“Oh, just I was thinking how beautiful you are” She giggles
“Thank you. You flatter me”
“I’m just say the truth”
“Well you’re not bad of your self. Sexy man” I laugh and I kiss her hand. We arrived home and Danielle go straight to the shower and soon I followed. You play a little in the shower and then we go to bed. We watched a movie and after our love session we fell asleep. The morning I wake up first to make her breakfast and I take it to the bed.
“Baby wake up. You have to eat breakfast and leave for the airport” I say and I caress her gently on her arms
“Mmmm” she says and stretched as she open her eyes. She smiles at me and I smile back
“Good morning sexy” she say and I giggle
“Good morning beautiful” I say. She lift her body in sitting position and she rest her back on the bed headboard
“Is not fair!” She says
“You wake up every morning and you look so sexy without do anything” she says and sighs. I laugh and I put the tray on the bed. We eat breakfast and then she get up to dressed for the trip. I couldn’t control my self and we do a quick in the bathroom. We get ready and we go to the car. We take and Alexis and I leave them in the airport
“Guys we will miss the flight. Ryan you will see her in three days. Leave her” Alexis says behind me as I hug Danielle.
“I love you and I’m going to miss you” I say and I cup her face
“I love you too and I also I going to miss you” she says and she kiss me
“I have to go now. I will call when we land. Ok?”
“Ok don’t forget me” she giggles
“I won’t. I will want to hear your voice so don’t worry” she say
“Enough guys” Alexis says again and she comes take Danielle hand and walk her to the gates.
“I love you” Danielle says and wave. I wave to them to and I leave airport and go to my car. I drive to company building to see the constructions. The building is almost finish. Next week it will be ready. I meet Joshua in his house for lunch after he saw an other client and we eat with his wife Emma. The day passes hard. I can’t stop thinking Danielle. She call and she says they going to her sister house and when she see her she will call again. But I don’t complain, she texts all the time.
“Well son how are the things with Danielle?” My dad asks as we watch a game on tv.
“Great. We are really good. I love being with her”
“I’m happy for you Ryan. She is amazing girl. It’s been long that your mother take me to her salon and I see for the first moment that she wonderful girl”
“She is”
“Can I confess something?” He say
“Sure dad”
“I was wishing she be the one for you. She is the only one that she keep you here and I knew that only a girl like her can do that.”
“You like her for my girlfriend even before I met her?” I ask
“Yes. She is perfect for you. Even your mom see it” he say and he points my mom in the kitchen
“I really happy that you like her. She will be your daughter in law and mother of your grandchildren’s one day” I say and I really pray that day come soon.
“Oh my God. You talking about kids. You got it bad with Danielle” my mom says as she come to the living room and they both laughing.
“I love her. I never hide that.”
“My boy is in love. With a great girl” after while Adam and Laura came from their date and they sit to watch the game together. I slept in my parents house, I wasn’t feel ok to go sleep alone in my house. I miss her so much.
The next morning I enter the kitchen and they are all there.
“You sleep well honey? You look tired” my mother asks
“I didn’t sleep well but I will survive”
“He miss Danielle” Laura says and I win from everyone a ‘awwww’
“I’m okay. We talk and I’m good now”
“You should ask her to live together. Every time she sleep away from you the next day you are cheerless” Adam says and I sigh
“I already tell that I want she move with me but she needs time”
“You already ask her? Adam after a year say about living together” Laura says and see look Adam
“Don’t look at me like that. If I asked you the first week as I want to, what you’ll say?” she look at him and smile
“You want to ask me the first week?”
“Of course. But I didn’t want to scare you. As for Danielle I think she want to live with you, but she afraid that maybe you regret it” Adam says
“I won’t. I really want to live with her. I don’t sleep when she is away and the mornings I wake up without her is torture” I say and continue eating. My parents and Adam with Laura don’t say anything else about me and Danielle. They talk about other things. They saw I wasn’t good so they leave it there. After breakfast I left to meet a new client with Joshua. Until now we have really good connections and the company starts dynamically. After meeting I call Danielle
“Hey baby” she answer at the second ring
“Hi love. How are you?”
“I’m good. Alexis drag me to all the stores. I’m exhausted“ she says and giggles
“I’m sorry to hear that love. But you knew it”
“Yeah. We have already the dresses for tonight at the premiere and she is not stopping” she says and I laugh
“Stop laughing is not funny” she says
“I miss you love”
“I miss you too sexy” she says and I hear a sigh
“Are you ok?” I ask
“Yes. Just I never thought that I will meet someone that I will be one day away from him and I miss him desperately”
“I know right. I don’t want be away from you. I don’t want sleep away from you or wake up away from you”
“Is about the moving thing again?” She asks
“I don’t want to press you love but I want it so much. It’s the first time in my life that I feel so addicted” She sigh
“I feel the same and that scares me”
“I don’t want to be much addicted. If some day we...”
“Don’t finish that. We will never break up ok?”
“Ryan you can’t...”
“We will be together for ever. Say it”
“Say it.”
“We will never break up”
“Ryan you can’t be sure. Maybe....”
“There on no maybe Dany. I love you and I want to live with you. You are the first woman in my life that I’m daydreaming how our kids will be like. I daydreaming how you’ll look walking the aisle with your wedding dress.”
“You do?” She says
“Of course I do.” She sighs
“Can we do this conversation when I back home. I see Alexis she is going to an other store” we both laugh
“Sure love. I love you. Have fun but no to much. Okay?”
“Ok sexy. I love you too” she says and we hung up. The rest of the day was the same work and then to my parents for dinner. Two days patient and then she will be in my arms again.I
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