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Chapter 10

Danielle pov

We land in New York and having the address of Amanda’s we go to her house. On the way there I call Ryan and then Alexis talks about where we go and what shops we will visit.

Amanda has give me in the past, keys for her apartment so we go in. She is at the theatre doing last minute rehearsals. We take showers and order food. We go for a walk at the afternoon and we return to the apartment for dinner. Around ten Amanda enter her apartment

“Amanda” I say and I stand up from the couch

“Dany. Oh my God I missed you so much” she says and she hugs me tight. I hung her back

“I missed you too.”

“Hi Alexis. How are you?” She says to Alex and they hug

“You hungry?” I ask

“No. We eat at the theatre. Come on sit. Tell me your news. How the things with Ryan?” She says and we sit on the couch

“They going really good. If you know what I mean” Alex says and they laughing

“He is good with you?” Amanda asks

“Yes he is perfect. In a point that I think that everything is a dream” I say and she pass her hand around my shoulder and she hugs me

“You deserve that. Don’t ever doubt about that” she says and we continue chatting. She go early for sleep. Tomorrow is her premiere and I going spend all day with her the day after the premiere. The next day I wake up by my phone ringing.

“Damn it. Is it Ryan? My God he can’t be away from you even for a day. Agh” Alexis says and she put her pillow on her head. I look my phone and yes he is Ryan.

“Good morning” I say and I get off the bed and I enter to the bathroom

“Good morning baby. Did I wake you up?”

“Yes. And not only me. Alex too. We are in the same room”

“Shit. Sorry. I just want to hear your voice and say good morning” how sweet

“You did good baby. She will be ok. I wanted to wake up early anyway. How are you?”

“Miserable. I miss you”

“Aww did my baby miss me already?”

“You can even imagine. I barely slept without you” truth be told I sleep few hour too

“Tomorrow night I fly back. Little patience”

“I can wait.” He says and I smile

“What you do today?” He asks

“Don’t remind me. Shopping. Alex will take me to I don’t know how much shopping stores.” I say and I giggle

“Well you will have more fun from me. I have to go to the company and then to see clients”

“I thought you like your new job?”

“I do. But I didn’t wake up with you this morning so my day will not be good”

“We don’t sleep every night together”

“Yeah but we are in the same town. I came from the salon to see you. Now you are away” I laugh

“Ok. I miss you too. Just little patience.” he sighs

“Ok baby. My parents wait for me for breakfast. Call me later ok?”

“Ok baby.” We hung up and I’m getting ready.

“Alex. I’m going make breakfast. Get dressed you want to go for shopping remember?” I say and she open her eyes when I say shopping

“Yeah sure.” She say and she gets up running to the bathroom. I laughing as I go to the kitchen.

We eat breakfast and we leave. I don’t know how much time pass and as I wait Alex I call Ryan. After five we were at the apartment. We take shower and get ready for the premiere. I wear a lacy fitted sleeveless dress that hugs my curves. With Ryan my confidence is high, before I wouldn’t dare to wear a dress like that.

“You look hot” Alex day as she come outside the bedroom with her red silk dress match perfect with her blond hair.

“Thanks so you do. Red is your colour”

“Thanks. Let’s go” we take our coats and leave the apartment.


The performance was amazing. Amanda is fantastic, me and Alex we couldn’t stop talking about how much success is the play.

“Dany, Alexis come. All the cast has a party. You will come with me.” Amanda say and we go take a taxi. On the way to some club we talk about the play and how good it was. We arrived to the club and we go in. Amanda make the introductions with the actors of the show as the other supporters of the play. I was at the table, Alexis and Amanda was dancing and I drinking and texting with Ryan. Why my mind can’t focus to anything else?

“Hi beautiful.” I look at my left and I see an actor who play with Amanda smiling at me

“Hi. Roberto right?”

“Im really happy that you remember me” he says and he comes closer

“Why you don’t dancing?” He ask and he is stuck on me, our shoulders touching

“I was but I stop to take a breath” I say and I move farther

“I have to say this. You look like Amanda’s sister. You both are so beautiful and sexy” I almost choke with my drink

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine” I say and I wipe my chin. He pass his hand around my shoulder and I frown

“What are you doing?” I say and I try to go farther again but he hold me

“Can you please let me go?” I say and I move my body

“Come on baby, we will have fun” he says in my ear. The word baby from him mouth make me want to vomit.

“Let me go” I say and I push him back. I stand up and I walk to the dance floor near to the girls

“Are you ok?” Amanda ask and they look worried

“Yes. I’m now. Can you please watch that guy Roberto to not come near me”

“What happen?” Alexis asks

“I don’t know if is his style or he is drunk but I don’t want him near me. He doesn’t know the word no” I say and they understand

“Let me..”

“No Alexis. Just stay near me” I tell her

“Ok let’s go to the bathroom to fresh up ok?” I nod and we walk there. The rest of the night was better. Roberto find other girl to spend time with and we return to the apartment.

‘We are at the apartment. I will call you the morning. Love you’ I text to Ryan. And I get ready for bed. Tomorrow I have to spend time with Amanda and Alexis.
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