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Chapter 11

Ryan pov

“Good morning sexy man. Did you miss me?” I open my eyes when I hear the voice of my Danielle. It can’t be, she was suppose to be here later. I turn around and I see her smiling at me.

“How? You are early” I say

“I miss you so much love” she says and I pass her hands around my shoulders and she kiss me. I kiss her back and I hold her tight on me.

“I missed you to baby. So much”

“I don’t want to be away from you ever again” music to my ears. She starts to kiss my neck, below my ear I fucking love it when she kiss there. I moan and with one move I go on top of her. She smiles

“I love you”

“I love you too ginger ” I say and I kiss her. I squeeze her breast and then I go lower. I win a moan from her and I touch her clit. So ready for me as always. I take of my boxers and I’m ready to go inside her.

“wake up” what? I look Danielle smiling at me

“Ryan wake up “ I feel something shake me.

“Damn it Ryan. Joshua called. You’re late” my eyes are wide open. Fuck it was a dream. A great dream but dream.

“Ryan” Laura yell

“Alright alright I’m up. Jesus”

“Maybe you need take care of that before you come downstairs” she says giggle and leave the room. I look down and I see I’m really hard. Fuck Danielle what are you do to me? I get ready for work and after as I eat little breakfast I call Danielle after I saw her text.

“Good morning love” she says

“Good morning baby. You had fun last night?”

“Yeah. But you know me I’m not for clubs but it was ok. I was happy that I see my sister”

“That’s great baby. I can wait to have you with me again.”

“Me too. I like that I see my sister but I miss you”

“I miss you too baby. I don’t think I will let you leave me again”I say and we both laughing

“I don’t think I will ever want to leave you again either” I sigh in relief

“I have an appointment in half hour. I hate it but I have to get ready”

“It’s fine love. Do what you have to do. We will talk later” she says

“Thanks baby. Have fun with your sister. I love you”

“I love you too. Bye” she says and we hung up. Thank God the company is near at my parents house and I didn’t late much. Just ten minutes.

“Good morning” I see Joshua exit his office

“Good morning” I say and we walk to the meeting room. Today we have appointments for people that we want to hire for security guards.

“You’re ready?” Joshua asks and I nod

“Yes lets begin” for hours we interview people, we decided for a lot of them but others want second thoughts.

“We should order something for lunch and continue later. Our next interview is at four”

“Yes. Sure. I want to finish until seven. I have to take Danielle and Alexis from the airport”

“Ok. Totally understand”

After lunch I call Danielle, she has text that when I can I could call her. She picked up after third ring


“Hi baby. Are you having fun with the girls?”

“Yes, I missed Amanda. How are you? How the interviews going?”

“Good. So far we have really good training men and women”

“That’s great”

“So. You? Where are you?”

“Now we are for lunch. Then we go to buy some gifts and then to apartment to take our stuff to go to the airport”

“I can wait baby”

“Me either”

“Ok. I will see you to the airport. I don’t want to ruin your time with your sister. Love you”

“Thank you love. I love you too” and we hung up.

After the phone call me and Joshua we continue to interview and we do some paperwork for the company. Around seven pm I finish and I get to the car to go home. I cook dinner and take a shower. Then I get dressed and and start for the airport. The flight was supposed to be here at ten but it has a delayed. I’m waiting God knows how long, fuck I want to hold Danielle in my arms, and I hear her angelic voice.

“Ryan?” I lift my head and I see her beautiful smile. She runs to me and I can barely do three steps she is in my arms. Her face buried in my neck and mine in her hair. She smells vanilla

“I missed you”

“I missed you too Ginger ” I say smelling her again

“Guys can we go now? I missed Sean too, can you please take me to him” Alexis says and I laugh, Danielle giggles and I put her down on her feet.

“Sure. Sorry I understand. Let’s go” I say and I take the the girls bags. I put them in my car and I drove away.

“Can you leave me at his place. Is on your way to yours. So I won’t make drive for long”

“Sure Alexis. No problem. So you had fun?”

“Yeah. I shop a lot” Alexis says and I laugh

“I see that. You left with one suitcase and return with two suitcase” We all laugh

“Well you should see what Danielle buy for you”

“Alexis. It supposed to be a suprise”

“What she buy?” I ask and I look Alexis through the mirror

“Well I will give you a hit. She will not wearing them for long” she says with a smirk. Oh fuck. I didn’t look but I’m sure Danielle is blushing. After a lot talking about New York we left Alexis to Sean’s house and we continue for ours. At least I hope soon be ours. I hold her hand and she turn and smile at me. I take her hand and bring it to my lips and kiss it

“I missed you so much.” I say

“I missed you too” she says. We fell in a comfortable silence until we reached home. I take her bags inside

“I’m going for a shower” she says as we walk to the bedroom

“Take a shower and come eat dinner. I cooked” I put the bags on the floor and I go closer, I hug her and she melt in my arms.

“Mmmm. I miss that. Having me in your arms”

“I’m not let you go away again alone.” She giggles

“I hate sleeping alone” I say and after a long hug she go for shower. I go downstairs to serve the food.

“Mmmm smells good” I hear Danielle says and she enters the kitchen. My mouth open and my eyes widen, she where a black viscose nightdress. Is not sexy or something. It goes until her knees, but she make it sexy. She look hot and she doesn’t even trying.



“What’s wrong?” She asks

“Nothing. Let’s eat” I say and she smiling. We start eating but the only I’m thinking is how I’m going to hold myself until I have my way with her.
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