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Chapter 12

Danielle pov

During dinner I could feel Ryan’s eyes on me. I never thought in my life that a guy like him he will turn on with a woman like me. I guess is true what they say that love is blind. Well he loves me and I will enjoy it as much as he want me. I’m so crazy about him and if he leaves me I will be devastated but for now I will enjoy it. He asks about New York and for my sister. Amanda is really happy that I met someone and she is excited to meet him. Our parents of course they talk to her. They are fine, I’m not suprised, they want me away and now I am, so no problem for them. We eat and I get up to wash the plates.

“No. Let me. Go upstairs and put a movie to see. I’ll be with you in five minutes” Ryan say and I nod

“Ok. Don’t be late” he smiles and he turns around to the sink

“I won’t” I go upstairs and I put a movie on Netflix. I wash my teeth and I lay on the bed. Soon Ryan came, he go in the bathroom and then he came and lay next to me. He open his arms and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“I know I have said many times but I missed have you in my arms”

“Well same here” I say and he kiss my head. As we watch the movie we start making out. Oh my God his kisses. He goes to move on top of me but I stop him and I go on top of him. I feel him big and hard on my clit. I start moving and I feel him becoming more harder

“Fuck Dany” he groan and he lift his upper body and kiss me hard. In few minutes his boxers is out and so my panties. He roll a condom, I touch him and I enter him inside me. We both moan, he touch my forehead with his

“Oh Dany it’s like you made for me” I look up the ceiling and the pleasure is building inside me.

“I know” I say and I kiss him. We couldn’t hold on for long soon we both climax together. I’m still on his lap and we look each other smiling. He caress my hair and then he caress my cheeks. I lay beside him

“You know I read something today and I immediately thought of you” he says look at me emotionally

“What did you read?” I ask

“Is about when you know you find your partner, your woman or man”


“Right. It starts like this.” He says and takes a deep breath

“You know your woman will be there for whatever you need. You know that she loves you, you know that she has no eyes for anyone else. You know that she is your woman, because you wake up in the morning and smile like that, for no reason, without even having done anything, simply because you know you have her in your life. You will not look left and right, and when you do you smile louder because you know you do not want anything else. Dozens of temptations may pass in front of you every day and you prefer to smile with that photo you have on your cell phone.” He sighs

“I feel like that for you. Baby I know you think you aren’t to attractive enough. But you’re wrong. You are a beautiful woman that I love you so much. For me you are perfect and everything I ask, you have them. They will be temptations but they are nothing compared to you.” I smile and I kiss him. Oh my God I hope he continue to feel like that.

“You know what I like?” I ask


“All these insecurities that I felt before, now seem so funny and insignificant. Im not afraid to be seen in the same clothes for two consecutive days, nor I am frightened by the mere idea of you seeing me unpainted and sloppy. You love me for who I am and I know it, I understand it. I do not need to pretend to be something else. You want me like that and I love that”

“Exactly. I want you like that. I loved you for how you look” I smile and I kiss him again. We sleep with me in his arms.

The next morning I wake up earlier and I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Every time I sleep here he was the one who make breakfast so it’s my turn now. My phone ring and it’s Alexis

“Good morning sweetie” I say

“Morning sunshine.”

“What’s up?”

“Well I’m not coming today. I’m staying home. So and Sean. I already call for cancel my appointments. I will see them the afternoon”

“Ok. No problem. I have until three, so I will see you tomorrow?”

“Definitely. I’m stay in Sean’s house and tonight”

“It’s going great right? I have see you long time so happy.”

“I am. I haven’t say it before. But I think he is the one”

“No you haven’t say before for anyone. I proud of you. You always say that you’re not made for love. But Sean make you believe”

“He did. I have to go. Sean said at school that he is sick to stay all morning together. I don’t want lose time”

“Ok have fun. Love you”

“Love you too. Bye” and we end the call

“Who you love?” I turn around and I see Ryan

“You jealous?”

“Yes” he say and he comes next to me. I put the pancakes on a plate and I look at him

“You shouldn’t jealous Alexis” I say with a smirk

“What time you have to be at the salon?” He asks and I see my watch

“In two hours” I say

“Good” and he lift me up to the counter, he kiss me cupping my face and then he hugs me squeezing my ass. My hands are around his shoulder. He goes his hand on my entrance

“No panties. You killing me ginger” he say and he put a finger

“Fuck already wet for me” he is ready to roll a condom but his phone ring.

“Damn it.” He says angry

“One second baby” he says and answer the phone. He is Joshua, something about work. After while he end the call.

“I’m so sorry baby. Something came up. I own you. What time do you finish?”

“At three” I say

“Ok. I will pick you up. Ok?” He says and I see he is little sad

“It’s fine Ryan. I’ll see you later” I hold him closer and I kiss him long and sensual

“Something to remind you what I keep for you later” he smiles he gives me kiss and he go to dressed. I finish breakfast, he give me one last kiss before he leaves and after breakfast and the cleaning I went to the bedroom to get ready too.
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