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Chapter 13

Ryan pov

Six months later and my relationship with Danielle is getting more and more stronger. She sleeping in my house, I sleep in hers, there isn’t a night that we not sleeping together. And that annoys me some times, we practically live together and Danielle still hasn’t decided to come live with me. She says we still need time but I don’t see like that. She stays in my house, she has leave some of her stuff there and so am I at hers. I don’t understand how that will change later.

“Hey man” Joshua cut my thoughts


“About the Stones we are ok with plan?”

“Yes. I have it already. Here” I say and I give him the files

“Great. But are you ok?”

“What do you mean?”

“You seem little off. Everything good with Danielle? ” I sighs

“Yes. We are fantastic. Expect the fact that I don’t know how I’m going convince her to move in with me. We live practically together. There isn’t a single night that we don’t sleep together. What else she want?”

“Ryan. You are the second serious relationship that she has. Her ex maybe be a good guy but he left. You continue what you do and she will take the decision. Don’t push her, she scared already”

“What do you mean she scared?”

“I not suppose to say that. But the girls have talked to her.”

“And?” He sighs

“She loves you. That is sure. And she know that you love her too.” Ok that good

“She scared that she is not enough for you. She been through a lot and let just say that all that you two have she thinks is to good to be true”

“She thinks that I’m going to leave her eventually?” he nods

“That’s crazy. She not trust me at all?” I say and stand up and walk to the door

“If you do anything stupid you will scare her more and maybe lose her” Joshua and he put his hand on my chest to stop me

“Someone has to tell her that I’m not planning to leave her”

“Trust me the girls are on it. But she needs time”

“How much time?”

“You not you win this if you are mad Ryan. Relax. It’s normal to she want to wait. She want your relationship to work and believe that if you both wait it will work. She doesn’t want to rush things and you regret it”

“I’m not going to regret it” I say with confidence

“I know and you must find way to show to her that. But not with pressure” I nod

“You are right. I hate it but I will wait” he smiles

“Good. Now go to her it’s lunch time. I will need you around two for the meeting. And be careful don’t push her”

“Ok. Thanks man” I say and I take my stuff and leave the office . I go buy lunch to eat with her at the salon.

I park outside and walk to the door. I see her smiling to a guy. Relax Ryan maybe is a client she has to be kind. He touch her arm, what the fuck, she look suprised and take a step back. Good move.

I open the door and I see look at me with a smile.

“Hi baby”

“Hi. I didn’t expect you” she says continue smiling and she gives me a kiss

“I have time and I came from lunch break”

“That’s nice. I just finished. Thank you Mr Taylor” she says to the guy

“I told you to call me Oliver” what’s wrong with this guy? He saw that her boyfriend is here. I feel Danielle hands holding mine. She sense it that I want to punch him

“Well. Welcome in town again. Have a nice day” she says, trying to play it cool.

“Thank you. About that tour?” He says with a smirk. What tour?

“I told you I’m really busy with work and my boyfriend. I’m sure you will find someone else for that” ok she make it clear that she is unavailable. No that I had any doubts. But the nerve of the guy.

“I will like if you...” he start to say but I go in front of him

“She is already told you that she doesn’t have time.”

“Ryan please” Danielle says and she holds my arms

“I think you should leave Mr Taylor” Alexis says emphasizing the Mr Taylor. He look with a smirk, he make a bow and he leaves.

“Are you ok Dany?” Alexis says and she comes closer

“That creep. From the time he walked in he didn’t leave her alone.” My blood is boiling

“It’s fine Alexis. He would eventually leave”

“I don’t understand men. You say from the beginning that you have a boyfriend and he continues flirting you” Danielle looks at me and smiles

“What you have for lunch? I’m hungry” she says and I relax a little. Her smile makes me forget everything.

“Chicken roll. Alexis is enough for you too”

“Thank you. I will finish with my client and I will eat later. You two go” she says and leave us alone

“Are you ok?” I ask

“Yes. Come on” she says and takes my hand. She lead us to the back room and we sit down to the table. We take out the food and start eating.

“Who is he?”


“You say that he is new in town” she sighs

“He is the new coach at the high school. At least that he said.” I frown and she looks at me worried

“Please just leave it ok? He left I’m fine” I smile and I kiss her. I don’t want for her to be upset

“Ok. But if he continue to bother you I want to tell me ok?” She nods

“I don’t like that he keep flirting you in front of me”

“He will not succeeds anything” she says and she kiss me

“You are my only one” she says and she caress my cheek. I pass my thumb on her lips

“I love you”

“I love you too” she says and smiles

“Let’s eat. I don’t want to leave you hungry” I say and she giggles

We eat and she starts pick up the empty bowls. I look at her and I know that she is for me. I love her and she loves me what else do we need.

“Have you thinking it at least?” She lift her head and she looks at me


“About move in with me? We already doing it if you think about it. I sleep at your place you sleep in mine. Every night we sleep together.” She sighs

“It’s different”

“How is different. We sleep together, we wake up together, we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, watch movies. How that is different if you move your stuff to my place?”

“I don’t want to rush things. We are good the way we are. Why do you want to ruin it?” I frown

“I don’t want to ruin anything. I have a great time with you, I love you and I want to live with you. What’s wrong with that?” I say and I raise my voice a little. I know Joshua says to not pressure her but I really want to know what she is afraid. She looks ready to cry and I hate it

“There is nothing wrong with that. But I think is to soon. Even from the first month you wanted to live together. I don’t want to rush things and end up hurt. I don’t want to lose you and I believe we should wait.” I go closer and I cup her face make her to look at me

“There is no way to lose me baby. I love you and you are the one for me.” I sigh

“Danielle? After so much grief, I found the woman who is my home. You are my refuge, my other half, my heart. I feel that everything is in place. I do not miss anything anymore, I am completely integrated in my life. I can not imagine a daily life without you and only in thought, I get a numbness in the heart. For me you are and will always be her. You are the woman of my life.” I wipe her tears

“If you want time. I will give you time. But I will not change my mind. I will not do anything to hurt you ever. Live with you will make me the happiest man on earth. I will be fool if I do something and lose you” I say and I kiss her.

“I love you” I say and I walk to the door

“Where you going?” She ask sobbing

“I have a meeting at two. See you later” I say and I walk outside. I will not stay here to hear her continue saying that we not ready and why she needs time. I am ready, from the first time I see her. From the first time I kiss her, I knew it. I knew it that she is the one for me.

I drove back to the company. After the meeting I told Joshua everything and he was mad. He says that maybe I scare her more. That with her past she has right to scare and the only I had to do is to wait and be there for her. He arranged to go all the guys for a drink later and he call his wife to call the rest of the girls and go see Danielle. I happy that my friends and their wife’s are there for her.

And here we are at the bar and the guys lecture me about my behaviour.
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