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Chapter 16

Danielle pov

“Laura calm down. You look gorgeous”
“What if...”
“Stop it” I tell her and I go in front of her
“Adam loves you. Even if you wearing a simple white dress and with mess hair he will still love you and he was marring you. So stop it” she smiles at me and she hugs me. I hug her back. We are the two of us in her room and I just finish the last touchs with her hair. We hear a knock on the door and we turn.
“Come in” Laura says. The door open and my man stand there. He smiles
“Are you ready? Adam starts getting nervous. He thinks that you left him” Laura laughs and she look at me
“I’m ready” she says and she walk to him.
“Let’s go” he says and take her hand. I walk behind and we are going downstairs. The ceremony will take place in the backyard of their parents house. It’s huge and Laura always wanted to marry to her moms beautiful garden. The guest are no more that fifty so we all fit. We take our places and Laura walk the aisle with her dad. After the priest words and the wedding vows came the kiss. Adam kiss her with sweetly and caring that my eyes water. Ryan look at me with worried
“I’m fine” I whisper and he smile. The reception follows in the same place. Penelope is great at her job. She managed to decorate and fix the place so ceremony and reception take place in the garden. The night goes smooth. Ryan didn’t leave me to sit down the most of the night we dance together and he didn’t left anyone else to dance with me.
“So how you dream your wedding?” I frown
“Why you ask?”
“No reason. Maybe you don’t want to admit it but we will marry some day” he says and he look at me. We dancing the song of Ed Sheeran Thinking out Loud
“Well I not sure. I like the beach weddings, in gardens like Laura’s and Adam’s, exotic place’s. I guess I have to talk with the groom when the time comes” I say and I smile at him
“We forget the garden wedding. I don’t want to say that we copy Laura and Adam” he says and laugh. How is this possible? We were six months together and he want to move in with him. And in seven months of a relationship he talks about wedding. I live this or Am I dreaming?
“Are you ok?” He asks and he cut my thoughts
“Yeah. Just wondering”
“What is it?”
“We are together for eight months and you talk already for marriage.”
“Why you suprised? When I bought the house I want to move with me. And we weren’t even a month together.”
“True” I say. My favourite part of the song came again
“Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I'm thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are” I sing low and Ryan kiss my lips
“I think is right. You say ‘Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars’. And we are” he says and I look up. And then him. We hear someone clear his throat and we turn and we see his dad, Mr Robert.
“Can I have a dance with Danielle son?” He says and Ryan looks at me with a smile.
“Sure dad. Only you I trust. I’m going dance with mom. I promise a dance” Ryan says and I take Mr Robert hands. Other song start to play and Mr Robert look at me smiling. His eyes are full of pride and love something that I never saw in my father eyes.
“Me and Patricia we are really happy that you are with Ryan. All this years we worried so much that he was away. You played a key role in staying. And we are so happy that you are that girl. We liked you from the beginning” I smile and I think I start blushing
“I’m not sure about I was key of Ryan staying but I’m happy he did it. I’m glad that I met him and I met you. I...” I say and I look Patricia dance with Ryan
“I feel like I’m finally in a family”
“We are your family. Don’t doubt about that”
“Thank you” I say and continue dancing and chatting
“Can I have my girlfriend back now dad?” I hear Ryan says and I look behind Mr Robert.
“Sure son.” He says and he lean to Ryan and whisper to him but I hear what he say
“But I hope soon not girlfriend but fiancee or wife” and Ryan look at him smiling
“Thanks dad. Mom wait for you to dance” he says and Mr Robert give a last look he smiles and he leaves.
“So where we were?”
“Can we sit for while? We dance all night.”
“Sure baby. Let go to the bar to drink something” he says and we walk there. I never liked heels.
“Can I ask something ?”
“Sure baby. Two waters please.” Ryan says to the bartender and he turns to me
“Whatever and wherever we married can I have flats shoes? The high heels killing me” he smiles and he give me and long passionately kiss like he doesn’t want to lose me. I kiss him back, he hugs my waist and he earned a moan and he take the opportunity and he slips he tongue in my mouth. We kiss I don’t know for how long. We have to cut the kiss for breath.
“I love you”
“I love you too. But what I say and you kissed me like that?”
“You say ‘Whatever and wherever we married’. No if.” He says with a goofy smile on his face.
“Oh” I say and I smile back. He keeps look at me with that goofy smile
“What? I never say that I don’t want to marry you. I say that I wonder why been together only eight months you think of married. Usually guys are more worry about marriage”
“I’m not. I know what I want. I want you in my life. To grow old with you” he says and he cup my face.
In my eyes, this man is more special than anyone out there. His own eyes fix on me, his smile makes me horny, his expressions upset me, his presence excites me, his aura attracts me, as if you are on the contrary charged poles and it just does not happen otherwise. And I'm lucky that all of the above is reciprocal.

“Have you ever fallen in love with a person and are looking for ways to show him? Show it to him with your actions, with your look, with anything other than your words. I was always afraid to say that word. I was not afraid with you. With you the most beautiful place in the world is any place next to you. When you wrap me in your arms I feel the happiest person in the world. I feel that there is nothing that can spoil your happiness. Know that even if I had the opportunity to choose between the most beautiful part of the planet and in your arms, I would choose your arms.” I say and my eyes are wet. I feel fall on my cheeks. He wape my tears and he kiss me.
“I fall in love with you. For the first time in my life. And I not afraid to say it”
“Have you ever wanted to spend the rest of your life with just one person? To hear his laughter for a lifetime, to laugh at his silly jokes, to endure his whining, to look at the same pair of eyes and to fall in love again from the beginning. Be willing to do anything for him.”
“Yes you”
“And for me that person is you.” I say and we smile
“Ok then when I propose to you you will say yes?” I giggle and he laughs
“Yes. When you ask me.” I say and he kiss me again.
“I would ask you now, we have a priest. But I want you to have the wedding that you want. So I’m going to wait for now” he says and I smile
“Come on let’s go back” he says and we walk to the man and wig table. Laura see me and come close.
“Hey what’s up?” She asks with a smile on her face. I don’t blame her she is married with her man of life.
“Nothing. My heels are killing me so I rest a little”
“You go to the doctor to check your nausea and dizziness” oh I totally forgot about that.
“No. Monday I have appointment”
“You think...?” She says and she look at me with a small smile
“I don’t think so. I mean lm on the pill” I look at her
“Is it possible?” I ask her
“If you forget to take some day or you take it different hour maybe” she says
and I burry my face in my hands
“I don’t remember. That I know is that I’m late and I have nausea and dizziness”
“Don’t panic. Whatever it is you’re not alone” I smile and before I say something
“Baby? You feeling better?” Ryan says and I look at him
“We can leave if you want. All the guest leave and I think we should let the bride and the groom alone” Ryan says and I smile at him.
“Sure. I need a hot bath” I say and we take out things and walk to the car.
“Hey” I see Alexis wave
“Hi. You leaving too”
“Yes. I’m going to Sean’s” she says and she hugs him
“Great. Alexis can I talk to you one minute?”
“Sure”we walk little farther from the guys
“I will late on Monday. I’m going to the doctor.”
“Ok sure. I can wait for what she’ll tell you” she says with a little jump
“You and Laura are very excited if I’m pregnant right?”
“Well we going to be aunts. What do you expect? Don’t worry Ryan will be exciting to” she says and she hugs me
“Don’t say anything please. Only you and Laura know”
“Of course. If you are, you have to say it” after that we say goodnight and we enter the car. I have two pregnancy tests at home. I have to do them. I was not be so nervous until Monday
“Why Alexis jump when you talk to her?” Ryan asks and I froze. I can tell him until I’m 100% sure with the doctor.
“She was saying that I’m the next one and things like that” I say laughing
“That’s cool.” Says and I look at him
“That I have her support. I know she is important to you” I smile
“Yes she is. She my second sister” I say and his take my hand in his. I know that he will not have problem with the baby if I’m pregnant but I can’t stop thinking that everything move so fast. We arrived home and we go straight to the shower. I go out and I get dressed for bed. Ryan comes out too with only his boxers. Fuck how is it possible to be sexy with everything he is wearing. He sits at the edge of the bed in front of me. He takes my feet on his lap and start massage them.
“You are the perfect boyfriend. You know that?” I say and a moan escaped my lips. Oh God he is so good
“My God Ryan you are so good with your hands.” I say and he laughs
“Thank you baby. You feeling better?”
“Yes. But don’t stop” I say and I smile
“Your feet are swollen”
“I told you. The heels killing every time. And you didn’t let me sit at all. We dance all night”
“I’m sorry. But I like it that I have so near to me.”
“I like that too” he continue with the massage and when I feel better he start massaging higher to my calves and then my thighs.
“You don’t stop don’t you?” I ask and he look at me with a smirk. My God this man..
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