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Chapter 17

Ryan pov

“Good morning baby” I say to Danielle as I walk to her. She is in the kitchen and make breakfast.
“Morning love” she says and I give her a kiss.
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah why I won’t be?”
“You look little off” I say and she frowns
“I’m fine love. Really. Little tired from yesterday” she says and she give me a plate with Bacon and Eggs. She return to the other counter and brings and other plate and hers.
“Oh you make and Cinnamon Rolls. I love you” I say and I kiss her
“Well I wanted something sweet too” I smile and I start eating. Danielle looks again like she is in her world. Something is wrong. I hope she tell me soon.
“What you want to do today?” I ask and she look at me
“I don’t know. How about stay home and watch movies.” She says and she comes closer
“And you do me again a massage?” She says and she blinks her eyes. I laugh
“Ok baby. Whatever you want.” I say and I kiss her nose.
“I will do the dishes. You go pick movies”
“You are the best” she says jumping and she go to the living room.
The day pass lazy, movies and cuddles. For lunch Danielle make chicken sandwiches and for dinner we order pizza.
The next morning I wake up earlier from Danielle, we have a meeting with Joshua with a new client and he only could at nine in the morning. I leave a note to Danielle to remind her and I left for the office. The meeting went really good. An other prospective client was convinced to cooperates with us. I decided to call Danielle around eleven but she is not answer. Maybe she is with a client.
“Peter is prepares the contact” Joshua says as he enters in my office
“Great. We should call Gibson for the signs”
“I told Peter when he finished to arrange the appointment”
“Good” I say
“You send the security to the Collins?” I ask
“Yes. The Collins are covered. The Jonsons what one more security guard”
“Send Johnny”
“Yeah good idea. I was thinking him too”. He says
The lunch time came and I still haven’t news from Danielle. I take my phone to call her again but I hear a knock at the door.
“Come in” the door open and I see Danielle
“Baby. I call and I text all morning. Where are you?” I say and stand up to go to her. I hug her
“I’m fine. I was at the doctor and I couldn’t answer.”
“Doctor? What happen? You could text”
“I’m sorry. I was nervous” she say and she look nervous now
“Are you ok?”
“Yes is not something physical”
“Then what is it?” I ask and she take my hand and leading me to the chair in front of the office. She sit opposite. She takes a deep breath
“About a week now I have nausea and dizziness. So I decided to go see the doctor and that I suspected is true.” She says and I look at her. Nausea and dizziness, she will say that I think she will say?
“I’m pregnant Ryan” she says and she smile. But she look nervous. She think that I don’t want a baby? I cup her face and I look at her.
“You’re not joking?” She shake her head
“We going to have a baby?” She nods and I kiss her.
“I love you”
“You are happy?”
“You ask! I’m thrilled. You don’t know how much I want to start a family with you” she smiles and she hugs me tight
“I love you too” she look at me
“I was nervous that how you will react” I caress her cheeks with my hands
“I don’t say that is not soon. It is. But I want it so much. We will face it together. I’m here I’m not going anywhere” I say and she smiles. She take a deep breath
“Ok. I’m sorry. Just I haven’t thought like that.”
“What do you mean?” I ask
“Well I haven’t thought that I going to be pregnant before wedding. But now that I thinking of, I wasn’t expecting to move with my boyfriend after six months relationship. Life can really suprise you” she says and I kiss her again. True, life can suprise you. I never expected to find a girl that will make me feel like that. That I will leave army for her and start a jod and wear tuxedos. But here I am doing that and I don’t regret it at all.
“You are right. I never dreamed any of that” she frowns
“It’s much better. And I don’t change anything.” I say and she kiss me.
“Did anyone else know?”
“Alexis and Laura knows about my sickness and they suspect that I’m pregnant. But I haven’t call them for sure. I want to tell you first”
“How long you are you?”
“Almost seven weeks. I will have an other appointment for we see the baby”
“I want be there” I say
“Of course. I will tell you”
“You had lunch? I can order something” I say and stand up
“If you have time”
“Great. What do you want?” I ask and I go to the phone
“I don’t know. I want spaghetti. You choose with what” I smile and I make the order. We eat together and we chatted about the baby. We decided which room make the nursery and how will say to my parents.
“You will say it to yours?” I ask and she froze
“I will say it to Amanda. My parents I don’t think they will care”
“I’m sorry. But you never know maybe they will be happy for you”
“I don’t think so. They have see me so many years. And they don’t even ask about me when they talk to Amanda every day” she say and her face fall
“Ryan it’s fine. I have people who love me and I really happy about that. I’m not lose my good mood for them” she says and she smiles at me but I see she hurt about her parents. I don’t press her, if she want to talk she will.
“Ok baby. Whatever you want. You are the mommy” she laughs
“You will call like that now?”
“For me you will always be my ginger.” I say and I kiss her.
“Guys guys. You will make me leave and go to my girl” I hear Joshua and I lift my head
“I was leaving anyway.” Danielle says and stand up
“Ryan tell you about Saturday?”
“Yes we will be there. We won’t miss your birthday”
“Ok great” she give a kiss
“See you later”
“Later ginger” I say and she leaves. We say to keep it secret until her birthday and we say that day about her pregnancy. With Joshua continue work and about six we finished and I went home. Danielle is still at the salon so I make the dinner tonight.
She has to eat good now. I still can’t believe it. I going to be a dad. I will be so good dad, he or she will have everything. I can’t wait to see my Dany with round belly and I caress her...
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