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A girl bullied from high school and college. She has only one friend. Even her family call her fat and ungly. Now she has a beauty salon with her best friend. She meets a military man who changes her life.

Maria Nt
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Daniele pov

“How does that look Mrs Butler?” I ask one of our best clients. She supported me and Alexis from the beginning, when we opened this beauty salon. The A&D salon. Me and Alexis are best friends since kindergarten from the first day that some boys teased me because I had little more weight on me. Alexis got caught in the middle and she supported me. Since that day she has got my back and I have her. When we finished high school we entered to a beauty school college. I graduated as a hairdresser and makeup artist and Alexis was into nails and she takes and a class as a masseuse. We moved from our town, finished school and we didn’t come back. Alexis's aunt told us to move to her city in Noeth Karolina and we opened here a beauty salon. And she will help us as more as she can. I didn’t want to go back in my hometown and of course Alexis understood and followed me here. My parents were never by my side. They have more love to my sister Amanda. The skinny, beautiful, tall and blonde Amanda. Always she was their favourite daughter. Everything she does is perfect. She is perfect. I was the ugly, chubby girl. My boring brown hair and my fat ass were always topic in the house. And of course my return wasn’t an option. I have accepted my boby the way it is. I do exercise no to lose more weight but to be fit and healthy that way. Because of my job I like to change haircuts and hairstyles on my hair. I have try short, medium and long hair. Now the length of my hair is little lower than my shoulders and I have changed my her colour from brown to ginger. I am so in love with that colour.

“Danielle you are amazing. They are perfect thank you” I smile and I thank her. I finish dry her hair and she looked again the result.

“Perfect. Can you show me a few hairstyles for my daughter’s engagement party”

“Sure Mrs Butler.” I tell her some ideas, she payed, we arranged a new appointment to do and her nails and she left the salon. Alexis is busy with Mrs Lee, a friend of her aunt's. So I sit on the cash desk and I look magazines with haircuts. My next appointment is in a half hour so I have time. The rest of the day goes by as all the days. We close the night and we go home. We live together in a two bedroom house, well the last few months Alexis sleeps over at her boyfriend's and that night is one of those nights. Scott in is already outside waiting for her.

“Hi Scott”

“Hey Danielle. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Thanks. How is work?” I ask and Alexis kisses me for goodnight.


“Do you want us to drop you off?” Alexis asks

“No. I’m good. I will walk. I want stop to Mrs Lee's to take few things. Thanks anyway” she enter the car

“Goodnight. See you tomorrow” I say and they also goodnight and they leave. I walk to Mrs Lee market to take chicken breasts to make for dinner.

“Hi Mrs Lee”

“Hi sweetie. How are you?”

“I’m good. You?”

“Excited. My daughter is coming for Christmas. I will see her in a month”

“That’s wonderful. I know you miss her a lot. You haven't seen her in two years right?”

“Yes. I can't waitto hug her again” she says as we put my stuff in my bag. I wish my parents loved me as much. My mom barely talks to me when I am with them. And when she does its to insult me about my weight. Same goes for my dad. Amanda my sister the most of the time she was ignoring me. I don’t blame her she was the popular one, she doesn’t have the time for me. She's one year younger that me. When she finished high school she moved to New York to study acting, she has talent. She calledbme and she said she is sorry if she hurt me and she want to be in good terms. I accepted, my problem is not with her anyway. I visited her in New York and we are very close since then. We talk once a week. This year she has booked a role in a theatre and I promise her to go see her.

“That is it sweetie” Mrs Lee wake me up from my thoughts.

“Yea. Mrs Lee” I pay we say goodnight and I left for home. I put the chicken in the oven to cook and I go for a quick shower. I ate and I watched a movie. Then I started to get sleepy and go to bed. All my days as more like this. Work the home and the next day work again. When i first moved here I had a boyfriend, Eric, really good guy. He was my first. But he wanted to continue his studies in medical school in Canada. So we broke up in really good terms. We still communicate. We call each other for birthdays, Christmas. He is getting married after Christmas with Carol, they meet at the hospital that they work together. He sounds so happy and I couldn’t be more happier for him.

The last three years I’m alone. The most guys want a body as Alexis and Amanda’s. I don’t have problem with that. My grandma use to tell me before I lost her, that ‘there one person in the world for all of us’. So I’m sure mine is somewhere out there, I just have to patient.

At the end of the week nothing changed. The same as always and I like that routine. Me and Alexis we clean the salon for close.

“I have something to tell you but don’t get mad please.” Oh when she says that she has done something already

“Okay. What did you do again?” She looks shocked

“Why you say that?”

“Alex I have known you for more that twenty years. I know exactly when you have done something”

“True. As I know you” she smile

“Ok what happened”

“Tomorrow you have a date. With one of Scott's colleagues” she says and she takes a step back

“What? Why didn’t you do that?” I say and I try to hold back my anger

“You are alone for so long sweetie.”

“So? Maybe I like to be alone. And if I want someone I will go out to find them. I don’t need you to find him for me”

“Please. One night maybe he is the one. For me” my God when she use that ‘for me’ I could kill for her. I take deep breaths

“I’m sorry Alex. I can’t. Every time you set me up a date it ends up a disaster”

“Please please. Stephen is really good guy”

“did you tell him about my appearance?”

“No. What's wrong with it” I glare at her

“You have great curvy body with amazing personality. He will love you”

“Alex most guys want with an amazing personality a good slim body”

“Nonsense. Please for me” she says and play with her eyes

“My God. Fine, but if he is jerk I’m leaving”

“He is not. Thank you thank you thank you. Tomorrow night I will tell you the place” we finish cleaning and we head home. We choose what to I’m going to wear. A royal blue fit dress with black heels and clutch. I hope I do not to regret this.

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