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Chapter 18

Danielle pov

After my lunch with Ryan and the news about the pregnancy I drive to the salon, I have three appointments who transferred from the morning after lunch. I park and I walk inside the salon. Alexis and Laura wait for me there with a big smile on their faces
“So?” Laura said
“Well we going to be aunties or not?” Alexis says and they wait for my answer. I take a deep breath and I smile
“Yes you will be” I say and they jump up and down screaming. I laugh just look at them.
“Oh my God. I’m so happy Dany” Alexis says and she hugs me. Laura came too for a groupy hug.
“Don’t tell anyone else. Ryan and I decided to say at Saturday on my birthday party. So” I say and I put the finger on my lips meaning to keep it secret
“Of course. That’s great. My parents will be so excited. Their first grandchild”
“Look out. They will wait for you next” Alexis said and Laura froze
“No I’m no ready yet”
“Well I thought the same but now that is happening I don’t think there is good or bad moment. You never feel ready to be a parent”
“True. I so excited” Alexis says and hugs me again
“Alexis I can’t breathe”
“Sorry. We need you healthy to give birth a healthy baby” she says and touch my belly. I laugh
“Ok. Let me get ready. Mrs Fillys will be here soon” I say and I walk to the back room to leave my bag. I get ready and I go back to the girls. My phone ring and I see is Patricia
“Your mom” I say to Laura and I answer
“Mrs Butler hi”
“God honey. How many times I have to tell you to call me Patricia. I’m not that old”
“Ok ok. Sorry. So Patricia what I can I do for you?”
“You are free at Friday? Robert will take me on a date and I need to fix my hair “
“Sure what time?”
“You can come from the house around six?” I think a little what appointments I have Friday
“Yes. I will finish around that time so I’ll be there after”
“Ok honey thank you. Robert ask me to be ready at eight so we’ll have time” we say goodbye and we end the call
“What she wanted?” Laura asks
“Your dad will take her on a date at Friday and she wants me to fix her hair”
“Oh my God. I’m so glad I left. Every time they go on a date they return home and I swear all neighbourhood hear them” she says and we laugh
“That’s good right. I wish I have their stamina at fifties”
“You are right. But is not cool to hear your mom say ‘ yes Roby like that don’t stop’ and your dad answer ‘I don’t intend to’” she says mimic them and we laugh hart
“Since when I tell them about Adam whatever they have date I was sleeping at Adam” Laura says and continue laughing
“Is not funny” she says but me and Alexis can’t stop. Soon Laura starts laughing too. After a while we stop but we all crying from the laughing
“I’m going. Adam will finish soon”
“Ok. We have still little work. See you” Alexis says
“Take care my nephew or niece.” She says to me and leaving. Me and Alexis we close around seven and after I take her home I drive to mine. I walk inside and I see the dining room decorate with candles and flowers. The table has red tablecloth and candles and flowers on it mixed with the decoration of the room. The radio play romantic music and Ryan is in the middle of the room smiling at me.
“Hi baby” he says and walks closer giving a red rose
“Hi. What is all that?”
“I think to take care of you tonight. I cook and I make a beautiful atmosphere for us”
“It’s perfect. Thank you” he takes my stuff and then leading me on the table. I sit down and then his
“I make Roasted Chicken with Fennel and Tomatoes. It’s the first time I maid it so I hope at least we could eat it” he say any I giggle
“I’m sure it will be delicious. You cook very good” I say and he served, we start eat and I start say about the girls reaction when I tell them about the baby. He says about his work and chatted about random things. I help Ryan to wash the dishes
“Friday after work I will go to your parents house. They have date night and your mom wants to fix her hair”
“Date night?”
“Oh boy thank God I don’t live there anymore”
“The same say and Laura. Why you say that? I will be very happy to be so active with you at our fifties” he looks at me with a smirk
“I love that you think that we will be together after so many years”
“I want to be with you and I wish to be addictive to me like you are now” he wipe his hands and he hug me
“I will be. I want you in all lengths and breadths of time. I want my days and nights to be full of your scent. To hug you until your hair turns white and your skin is adorned with the signs of experience. I want to hold you by your old hand and the people around you to look at us with emotion and wonder about how we still manage to be in love like the first day.”he say and he waits to speak

“Ryan. I do not care if our hair will change color, if the wrinkles on the face have already made their first appearance. I do not care if the extra pounds add to me or take away from my beauty. I am not scared of tomorrow, I feel peace next to you. Your presence calms me and I seek your embrace every moment and every minute. You are my refuge, because there I know that nothing can penetrate us and harm us.” He kiss and he lift me up to the counter. He cup my face and he rest his forehead on mine. He smiles and we look each other eyes
“Marry me” he says and I stop breathing. Did he asked that I think he asked? I look at him and he caress my cheeks. How on earth I’m so fucking lucky. If you think about it few years ago my life was hell. I had only Alexis as my family and now I have a man who is crazy about me. I never thought that will happen. I believed that I will die alone with ten cats. But here I am the man of my dreams, the only man in my life ask me to marry him. Soon will have a little baby.
“Baby please say something. I’m not asking because of the baby. I have already a ring in our bedroom. I want it from the first day. I love you and we both want to grow old together. So let’s do it” he says and he kiss me.
“Baby if..” I stop him with a kiss. I pull him closer to me, flat with my body. I caress his cheeks and his hands end up to my waist
“Yes. I would marry you. From the first moment I saw you, I knew I would marry you. Or I say I hope to marry you” he kiss me again
“You are away to my league. But here we are. The love is blind they say”
“Don’t talk for my future wife and mama of my baby like that” he says seriously
“Ok. Sorry sir” I say and I put my hands up defensively. He wipe my face and kiss me hard. The he lift me up and he walks to the stairs
“Put me down I can walk”
“Ryan please put me down”
“No” it was not going anywhere. I impressed he so strong. It’s so hot. He put me on the bed and he goes to his drawer. He takes out a red little box. Oh my God. He kneels in front of me and I put my palms on my mouth. He open the box and I see a beautiful rose gold elegance and vintage ring. A oval cut diamond at the center, so beautiful.
“It was my moms. Her mom in law give it to her as wedding present” I start crying
“She give it to me the first day that you move here with me.” He takes my hand and he passes the ring on my finger
“Perfect” he says and kiss my hand. It is. It fit perfect on my finger.
“You like it?”
“Of course I like it. It’s simple and elegant. No to much no to little. Perfect” I say and I kiss him. I pull him closer to me and I lay on the bed I take him with me. He is on top of me, we make out and soon I feel him growing on my thigh. I’m so wet even before I feel him on top of me.
“Fuck baby. You drive me crazy” he says breathless as he kiss my neck. His hands each side of my head and he look at me. I open my legs and his cock touch me wet clit.
“You are always so wet for me”
“Always” I say and he kiss me. He start take off our clothes and soon our naked bodies get in touch. I’m burning from desire as he kiss and touch every part of my body ending up to my entrance. After he make me cum twice I punch on the bed and I’m on top of him now.
“My turn” I say seductive and I start kissing him. I go lower and lower until I reach to his swollen penis. I touch him and he whimpered. I run my tongue from the base to the top and I put him in my mouth. He start moan
“Fuck baby.” I relax my mouth and thoat and I take him deeper
“Oh my God baby. You will be death for me” he says with a groan. Soon he comes in my mouth and gladly I swallow every drop. I lick my mouth and I look up. Ryan has fall his head back. Her palms on his face and he breath heavily. I go up and I lay beside him. He looks at me with a smile on his face
“You ok love?” I ask with a giggle
“Ok? Yeah my fiance has the talented mouth and hands on the planet. I really good” he says and I laugh
“I happy that you appreciate my talents” I say and he pass his hands around my shoulder pull me closer. I put my head on his chest and I start caress his body. He kiss my head and he caress my hair and then my arm. We stay in silence for while
“I need a shower. You will join me?” I ask getting up and walking to the bathroom. I hear him running beside me and I feel him hugging me by my waist and he kiss the back of my neck.
“You don’t have to ask baby” he says and he pull me inside the shower. After little make out and the shower we go to the bed.
“Good night baby”
“Good night” I say and soon sleep came.

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