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Chapter 19

Ryan pov

Saturday came and we prepared a barbecue for Danielle’s birthday party. Every one is here expect my parents. I text them and soon will be here. Danielle talking to the girls and me with the guys drinking beers and I watch the meats on the barbecue.
“Welcome” I hear Danielle say and I turn around and see my parents. After the Happy Birthday and their wishes they come to me and I make a move on Danielle the the food will be ready soon. She go inside with Alexis and Laura and bring the rest stuff and few more beers. They sit on the table and soon I join then with the meats. I sit next to Danielle giving her a kiss.
“Happy birthday” Alexis says and we all rise our beers and glasses. They all say happy birthday and my mom noticed that Danielle is not drinking beer.
“You ok honey? Usually you drink beer with us.” Ok that came sooner that we expect. Danielle looks at me
“I think we should say it now” she whispers and I nod
“Everything ok?” My dad asks
“Yes just we planning say it later but I guess there is not perfect time for this”
“What is it?” James asks and all eyes are on us. Laura and Alexis already know so the they look smiling. Danielle hold my hand, she look at me and I nod
“I’m pregnant” she says and my dad drop his fork. My mom pops a smile
“Oh my God. Really?” She says and she stands up. She come around the table, me and Danielle stand up and my mom hug her tightly. She looks at me
“You will make me grandma?” Dad touch my shoulder and I turn around to hug him. Every one come to congratulate us and we sat down again. They give us wishes for the baby.
“I see you have and something also to say to us” my mom say and point Danielle finger
“It was expected. I was waiting the right moment and I don’t think there is better time”
“Oh my God. The best day of my life. I’m going to be grandma and my son is getting married” my mom say crying and my dad hug her.
“We are so happy for you Ryan.” my dad say.
“Thanks dad. We are really excited “ I say and I take Danielle hand in mine. She smiles at me and I lean giving her a kiss. We start eating and chatting all together. The time for the dessert cake and my mom asks when we thinking about the marriage
“We haven’t talk about that.” Danish answer
“You will be beautiful pregnant bride or you want after give birth?” My mom asks again
“I really haven’t thought about it” my mom is ready to ask again
“Mom when we decided you will be the first who will know” I say and she understand that she stressed Danielle
“Of course. Whatever you need we are here.” My dad says and I nod
“Everything happened so fast that I haven’t thought when or where we will get married”
“How many guests you will have?” Michelle asks
“No many. Just family and friends” Danielle say and she eat a bit from her birthday cake
“Brandon and I have the house in the lake. One hour from here. Ryan has seen it. They’re many rooms and we have a guest house too.” Michelle says and I think is a good idea
“It’s beautiful location Ginger. Do you want to go see it?”
“Sure” she says to me
“You can this weekend? Brandon can take two days off too. Everyone you are welcome if you want to” Michelle says and she turn her attention to everyone on the table
“What do you say?” Danielle asks me and I agree. Until the end of the night everyone decided to came. Only James and Penelope have to arrange few stuff before they decide. The girls help Daniel with the dishes and the cleaning.
“Happy birthday again honey”
“Thank you so much that you all came” Danielle says and after our good nights they all left.
“I will lock and check everything and I will be upstairs in a minute” I say and Danielle walk to the stairs
“Ok love. I will be in the shower” she says and she goes upstairs. I checked everything and I went to our bedroom. I hear the shower and I walk in the bathroom. I take off my clothes and I step in. She see me and she smiles
“Hi” she says smiling as she applies shampoo on her hair. My God she is so cute
“Hey” I say
“You look tired” I say and I caress her cheek
“Yeah a little” she says and wash the shampoo.
“Go to bed and I will come to massage you” I say and her eyes light up
“Really?” I nod
“Thank you love.” She says giving me a kiss and she goes out. After I finished and put a short and a T-shirt I enter the bedroom. Danielle already laying on the bed
“Ok, ready for your massage”
“Yes” she says excited. She really enjoying every time. I start massaging her feet
“Love you are so good with your hands. Every time you massage me I’m a different person” she says and she lays back and her eyes are closed.
“I love you “ she lift her head and looks at me. She smiles
“I love you too Ryan”
After the massage I lay next her, I take her in my arms. I caress her arm and hair. I hear her phone. Someone text her. She takes her phone
“It’s Amanda. She wish me happy birthday. She is at the theatre and she couldn’t call”
“It’s nice from her that she find time to text you” I say and I see her type an answer.
“Done.” She says and leave the phone
“She will call tomorrow and I will tell her and the good news. She was busy this week and we didn’t talk. And I don’t want to say to her from a text”
“You right. That news want face to face or through a call. A text it’s too cold”
“Yeah” she says and she kiss my cheek. She returned to her position and rest her head on my shoulder.
“You feeling better?”
“Yes love. Thank you”
“You welcome. I want to be relax and comfortable and if I can help I will”
“Thank you”
“Yes?” She says
“I don’t want to upset you. You will talk to your parents?” For a while she doesn’t speak. She takes a deep breath
“I guess so. But don’t wait to they come or be want to meet you or the baby. You know how they are I have talked to you about them” how can a parent be like that with his kid? I don’t get it
“At least say it. And you will see how it will go”
“Ok. But I don’t see the point. They don’t want to do anything with me. They have only one daughter and is Amanda. They make it clear when I left.” She says and and I feel her sobbing. I lift her head to look at at me and I’m right, she is crying.
“Baby you have me ok? They are stupid to not love a girl like you. And our baby is lucky to have a mommy like you” I say and she smile.
“Please don’t ever cry for these again” I say and I wipe her tears with my thumb.
“I love you” I say and I kiss her. She come higher and she put her hand on my head running her fingers in my hair.
“I love you too. I’m so happy that I met you” she says resting her forehead on mine.
“I’m glad that I met you too. I thank God every day that He put you in my way” I say and I kiss her again
“Come on let’s sleep now. Last night I didn’t let you sleep” I say and she giggles. She comes again in my arms and soon sleep came.
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