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Chapter 20

Danielle pov

“Good morning love” I hear Ryan say and he comes closer and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I’m in the kitchen counter eating my cereals
“You feeling better?” I had nausea again this morning
“Yeah I’m feeling much better now. Thank you” he smiles and he takes the plate that I made for him.
“Thank you Ginger. You always take care of me” he says and start eating his breakfast.
“I know eggs with bacon is your favourite. And you don’t eating it everyday so I wanted to spoil you today” I say and he kiss my cheek
“I love you. You know that?”
“It’s hard to forget it. You say that everyday, all day”
“I don’t want to forget it. Never” I kiss him on the lips and the taste of eggs came to me. Nausea came to me and I run to the bathroom.
“Baby are you ok?” I hear Ryan yell and I put my head over the toilet. I hate that feeling. Eggs are one of my favourite food and now every time I taste it I feel sick
“Baby?” Ryan sits next to me and he caress my back
“I’m ok. The eggs start bother me. I feel sick every time”
“Do you need me to do something?” He asks and my heart melt. He is so sweet
“Thanks love. I will be ok.” I say and I wipe my mouth with toilet paper. I wash my mouth
“You go eat your breakfast. Wash your teeth and then come kiss me again ok?” I say to him and he smile.
“You’re sure?”
“Yes go” I say and he leaves. I stay for while in the bathroom to see if I will throw up again and when I’m good I go back to the kitchen. Ryan has already ate and wash the dishes. Aww he didn’t want for me to feel sick again.
I make a tea to drink and help with my nausea. I take the cup, put in little lemon and I start drinking. My phone ring and I see that is Amanda
“Good morning Mandy”
“Good morning Dany.Happy Birthday”
“Thank you. How are you?”
“I’m great. We doing good with the show. I’m tired but I feel happy”
“I’m happy for you. It was your dream and it’s perfect that you living it”
“Thanks. So how about you? How is Ryan? When you will come to meet him?”
“Soon. Actually I want to talk to you about something. I have also good news”
“What is it?” She ask and I hear she is excited
“The first is that we getting married. We don’t know when but soon”
“OMG that’s fantastic. He finally ask you? Alexis has told me that he is crazy about you and she waiting to propose to you”
“Yeah he did. He asked me few days ago.”
“I’m happy for you. From what I hear is great guy. If Alexis approves him I’m good” I laugh
“Yes she is excited too. But not only for the wedding”
“For what else?” I take a deep breath and that time Ryan enter the kitchen smiling at me
“I’m pregnant Mandy. You will going to be an aunt” I hear her scream through the phone and I pull it little farther from my ear. Ryan giggles
“Shut up. Really?”
“Yes really Mandy. That’s the two good news I wanted to tell”
“I’m so excited. OMG you have to tell right away when you close date for the wedding. I’m definitely coming”
“That’s great. I’ll tell you when we decided. But we talk about sure will happen before my belly be to big”
“You will look gorgeous”
“This is the last week for the show. I hope you do the wedding before October”
”I will tell you. Really we don’t know. The next weekend we will go see a place in a lake house. If we like it we will set a date”
“Fantastic. I’m waiting.”
“Of course I will tell you when“
“Dany?”she says
“You will tell mom and dad?” I look Ryan and he smiles at me
“Yeah. I know what they going to say. But at least they have to know that they will be grandparents”
“True. Do you want to tell them something”
“No Mandy it’s fine. If they want to come they will come. You don’t have to ask favour so they talk to me”
“Ok. I’m with you no matter what you know that!”
We talk a little more and then end the call
“Well?” Ryan asks
“She is excited. For the wedding and the baby.”
“I’ll expect that. Just like Alexis” he says and he laughs
“What?” I ask
“You know that Alexis and Laura will take care the baby more than us right?” I laugh and I think he is right
“Yes they were really exciting. He or she will spend more time with hers than us” we both laugh and I go closer and I put my hand on his shoulders.
“Ok. How about that kiss?” I say and he lift me up and put me on the kitchen counter. I run my hands on his chest and abs and then I rest them on his waist pull him closer to me. He caress me cheek and I lean to his touch
“You are so beautiful Ginger. I’m the luckiest person in the world. I will never get bored” I smile
“Thank you Ryan”
“For what?”
“With you I can be myself.”
“You are a wonderful person baby. Inside and outside. I love you for what you are. You have one of the kindest souls I have ever met”
“My God Ryan you have an innate talent for making those around you feel like you have known them for years. You make feel” I take a deep breath
“With you I feel like I’m home. You are my home. I’m lucky that I have you and I mean that”
“You are my home too. And I never want to leave you. I want married you, have our baby and then we make more babies. I will love you until my last breath” he says and he kiss me. Then he buried his face in my neck. He smells me and I shiver
“Baby you smell great. You make me feel great. I'm addicted to you. I would like to wrap myself in you all day” he says and I smile.
“What I will do without you?” I say and I hold him closer.
“You will be lost. Just like me” he says and he holds me. We look each other and we smile. He caress my cheeks and he touch his forehead with mine.
“Really. Sometimes I wonder what I will do know if I never met you”
“I don’t know about you. But me I will still live with Alexis and I will still feel like I don’t deserve love. You make feel loved and important”
“You are important for me. I don’t think I can live without you. Fuck I don’t want it. You are my everything” he says and he kiss me
“I want all of you. Forever. Every day”
“You have me.” He lean to kiss me but we hear the bell
“I think is Adam and Laura” I say and I get off the counter
“They say yesterday that they will come for lunch. I guess they are here earlier” I say and we walk to the door.
“Why?” He asks dad and I giggle
“Come on don’t make that face. We will have time later” I say and I open the door.
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