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Chapter 21

Ryan pov

“Baby are you ready? Brandon and Michelle will be here soon” I yell from the living room so Danielle hear me in the bedroom.
“One minute” she yell and I hear a car park outside. I go to open the front door and I see is Brandon with Michelle. They come to take us to the lake house. We go with Brandon and Michelle. James and Penelope with Joshua and Emma. And my parents with Laura and Adam.
“Hey Ryan. Are you ready?” Michelle asks as she get out the car
“Yeah. Just a minute. I’m waiting Danielle come downstairs”
“No problem. The house is one hour away. And is still six” Brandon says inside of the car
“I’m ready” I hear Danielle says and she walk to us with her bag and a backpack. I take her bag and I locked the front door. Danielle and Michelle sit in the back sits and Brandon and I in front.
“How are you Dany?” Michelle asks
“I’m good. I still have few nauseas in the morning back besides that I good.” She answer
“Yeah. Penelope has them even in the third month.”
“They will have and Liam with?” Danielle asks
“Yes. James want him with them. To have and a little family time”
“Great. Yesterday say that might leave to her parents. I’m happy that bring him with” She love so much James and Penelope son. He is a cute little baby boy. The drive to the lake house was full of talking and singing when a song that Danielle and Michelle liked. We arrived around seven pm. I go out the car and I see a lovely two storey house, stone with wooden details. I think I fell in love with it. We the guys take the bags
“Come on I will show you inside” Brandon says and walk to the door. He open and the inside is ever more beautiful. When you enter you see a large living room with a fireplace from stone. To the right there is the stares to go up.
“To the left there is a office with library” Brandon start says.
“Here is the living room and the beautiful view to the lake house” and he points out the large windows.
“As we walk to my left there is the kitchen and behind the fireplace you see the dining room. To the right to the hall there is the laundry room, a bathroom and the first guest bedroom with bathroom.” Brandon continue the tour.
“It’s beautiful. And my God that view” I say
“I know right?” Michelle says. I walk to the windows and I see a gorgeous back yard. The wood porch with sitting area and stairs lead you downstairs to the yard with grass
“You have and a pool?” Danielle asks
“Yes. Imagine all the back full with your guest. And down there to the shore of the lake to have a becoration for the ceremony” Michelle says. I start imagine it. Danielle walk down there and I see waiting for me. Flowers everywhere
“What do you say baby?” I ask and I hug Danielle from behind.
“I fell in love with this place”
“It’s perfect. Simple but at the same time wonderful”
“I know. I think this is the place Ryan.”
“You sure? I want to have the wedding that you dream”
“And this is a place taken from a fairy tale”
“Ok. You will do it here. The only that left is the date.”I say return to Brandon and Michelle
“I’m happy that you like it” Brandon say
“Come on I will saw you your room. Fresh up and the rest of the people will come soon. James and Adam texted me. In a half hour will be here” Brandon say and you go upstairs. The room is beautiful decorate. When you enter at right there is the bathroom with shower and left the closet. I walk in and wood bed at the centre in my right. A stone fireplace few feet next to it. In front the bed large windows to allow you to see the gorgeous view of the lake. Next an floral armchair and outside a small veranda with sitting area.
“Oh my God Ryan is perfect” Danielle say when Brandon leaves the room
“I know. I could leave here forever” I say and we look outside
“Me too. It’s so much beauty” we fresh up and we went downstairs. We see Michelle at the kitchen
“Do you need help?” Danielle ask her
“No sweetie. Why don’t you go a walk at the lake. The food it going to be ready in an hour.”
“The rest people came?” I ask
“Yes. They settle in their room” Michelle says
“Ok. We will be back for dinner. Come on baby” I say and I take her hand
“Ok. Have fun” Michelle says and we walk outside. We cross the back yard and we reached at the lake
“It’s so beautiful” I say and we sit down. She’s in front of me resting her back to my chest. And my arms around her.
“You like it here for the ceremony?” I ask
“Yeah. Imagine you standing here with the priest decorate with flowers and the guests here” and she point the spot
“I really don’t care where I’m going to marry you. I just I want to marry you” I say and I she giggles
“What do you say in a month from now” she says. I look at her suprised but with a smile
“Really. You want so soon?”
“I think is better before my belly started to show so much. I want to enjoy the honeymoon after” She says with a smirk.
“In one mouth then. We don’t want a much preparations. It’s just us and our friends” I smile and I kiss her. We sit there and chat for a bit. Danielle called Alexis to tell her for the wedding. She is the first person that she want to know.The time pass and we go inside.
“Just in time. We served the food” Laura says and I hug her. We sit all the couples down.
“We decided the wedding will be here” I say
“That’s great” Emma says
“In a month. At 20 July” they all gasp
“Congratulations” they all say
“Oh my God we have to go for the dress. This week we go for shopping” Laura says excited. My sister is born for shopping. My mom and dad all time they have a huge smile on they faces. After dinner we go outside the porch for a drink. James make cocktails and without alcohol for Danielle
“Oh my God is good James. You don’t understand that doesn’t has alcohol” Danielle say and James looks proud. The girls talk about details for the wedding. Michelle as wedding designer say her ideas to Danielle and she was excited. The look at the internet ideas for the wedding dress. I don’t see anything, they don’t show to me. I talk to guys when they can to go for the tuxedoes. I still haven’t decided who I will for a best man. With all of them I’m closed.
“Man don’t stress ok. You can decide to choose whatever you want. We all love and will be happy be there for you whatever is our position” Joshua say and I smile.
“Well what about Brandon? He never was best man before. It’s fair” I say and Brandon has a huge smile on his face”
“Thats good thought. What you say Brandon?” Adam asks
“I’ll be really happy man” he says smiling at me. For Danielle is was easy. Alexis as maid of honour. And the rest of the girls as bridesmaids. It’s late and we go upstairs. Danielle was tired and we sleep as soon as we lay on the bed.
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