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Chapter 23

Ryan pov

“I want cheesecake” Danielle says pleases
“Ok baby. I will go take you cheesecake”
“I love you” she says smiling and I giggle
“Stop playing the show. You will see it together”
“Ok. I have to go to pee anyway” she say
“Yes again” she says little annoying
I drive to buy cheesecake. Thank God we have only one mouth to the baby come. I love Danielle and the baby but those appetites she haves, my God.
I take the cheesecake and I return home. I find Daniel on the couch drinking water. When she sees her face lights
“Yeah. Thank you baby you are the best” she says excited and she kiss me.
“You don’t have to thank me baby. My daughter asks a cheesecake. I have to bring cheesecake.”I say
We start the show again and she start eating her cheesecake
“You want some?”
“I’m good baby” I say and we return our focus to the tv. When she finished her cheesecake she comes to my arms. When she is comfortable she stops moving
“Good?” I ask
“Yes. Sorry with the belly is hard to find a good position “
“Don’t apologise baby. I understand”
“You are so patient love. Thank you”
“Baby don’t be silly. You are pregnant to our baby girl. I will do anything to be as much comfortable you can”
“Thank you” she says again lifting her head. I kiss her forehead. We watch two episodes on Netflix when I pause it
“You hungry? I’m thinking start making dinner”
“Yeah. No much but until you cook something I will get hungry” she says and stand up
“Bathroom?” I ask
“Yes. Again” she says and I stand up to go to the kitchen
“Yeah sound good. Make and the sauce”
“Anything for my babies” I say and she giggles. I enter the kitchen and I start preparing the food.
“You need help?” I hear Danielle asking
“No baby I’m good. You sit...”
“Aaaa” I couldn’t finish. I turn around
“Are you ok baby?” I ask worried and move close to her
“Yes love. She just kicked, hard” she says
“Go lay for while and I will call you for dinner” I say going close and I caress her cheeks
“Ok. I will be in the living room” she says giving a kiss. After about an hour I served and the food and I take two plates and I walk to the living room. Danielle has fall asleep
“Baby?” I say shaking her arms gently
“Food is ready” I say and she slowly open her eyes
“I go bring the rest” I say walking to the kitchen. I take the salad and the drinks and I go to the living room.
“Love it’s so good “ she says and moan with the food. Is it bad thing that my cock twist in my pants. I start eating too, difficult all my focus is on Danielle. Moans and how good is the food and she doesn’t stop.
“Baby can you stop doing that?” I say and she frowns
“You know, you moan and sometimes you moan my name” I say and she giggles
“Sorry. I really turn you on?”
“You never stop” she blushing and I like that
“I’m eight months pregnant. I’m bigger from when you met me”
“You are pregnant in my daughter. There isn’t sexiest thing” I say and I mean it. I lean and I kiss her. I take her plate and I leave it to the coffee table.
“Let me show you how sexy you are and you eat later” I say and I lay her down. I kiss her and then go lower and lower. I lift her dress and put aside her panties
“Fuck I love that tight pink pussy” I say and I lean and I lick it then I look at her. She gasp and whisper my name. I touch her, already wet for me.
After a lot teasing, licking, sucking and play time with my finger she came in my mouth.
“Fuck Ryan”
“Yes baby” I say and I look at her with a goofy smile. She giggles
“You are so silly sometimes. But I love you” she says and she pull me closer to her. She kiss me
“I love you too” I take I take a sit position on the couch and she comes in my arms.
“Soon we will have a baby girl walk in here. Isn’t amazing?”
“Yeah it is. I never believed that I will find a girl to start a family with. To want to start a family” I say and I kiss her head
“I never thought that I will find a man that he want all this with me” she says and I pull her closer
“I will not choose anyone else. You are my everything Danielle” she lift her head and smiles. Suddenly her face fall and touch her belly
“Something wrong” she says and she sit on the couch
“What’s is it?” I ask
“Aaaaa. It’s hurt.” I take her hand trying comfort her
“It’s the baby. Something wrong with the baby.” She says and she look her feet. I see waters and there is a blood line crosses her things
“Fuck. Baby everything is going to be fine. I will call the doctor and then we leave for the hospital” I stand up and I run upstairs
“I’m going to take the bag for the hospital” I yell and I go to the bedroom. I called the doctor and she says to go as fast I can, she is already at the hospital. I go downstairs and Danielle already walk slowly to the car. I lock the house and I help her get in the car
“The doctor is already at the hospital. She wait for us” she nod, clearly she is in pain
“Ryan if is something serious?” she says as I start the car
“Baby stop”
“Save the baby” she says and I sigh
“I can’t leave without you. The doctor has to save both of you” I say seriously
“You don’t aaaa” she scream in pain
“Don’t talk we are almost there”
“Promise me” She says
“Ryan please”
“Baby everything is going to be ok” I say and I hold her hand.
“Ryan I have to know” I sigh. I don’t want to upset her right now
“Ok baby. But I don’t have to choose because I will have you too to rise our daughter together” I say and I kiss her hand. In five minutes we are to the hospital. I help her inside and the doctor with the nurses take her to the exam room. After I calm down a little I call my parents and Alexis to inform them.
“Son” I hear my mom. I lift my head and I see my parents and behind them Alexis and Sean running to me.
“What happen?” My mom asks worried
“I don’t know anything yet. She feel pain and we see blood. I bring her here and the doctor take her in. I don’t know” I say sobbing. If something happens I don’t think I will survive. My mother hugs me and I let myself.
“They will be ok. Danielle is strong” she says.
“Ryan?” I hear Dr. Harrison call me. I turn around
“How are they?”
“We control the bleeding. Is good that you bring her right away. We had to do Caesarian section and the baby has to be in incubator for while after birth”
“So everything is going to be ok?” Alexis asks.
“Yes. Danielle will afflicted but she is strong, she will do fine. For her and your daughter” I smile but inside me I feel still worried. When I will have then in my arms I will be ok.
“Relax son. You have to be strong for them to” my dad says touching my shoulder
“They will be ok. You hear the doctor”
“They have to be” I say and I sit down
“Hi” I see Laura and she sit next to me holding my hand. They all came and I give them a smile. Alexis and my parents inform them for Danielle’s situation.
“What time is it? How long has it take?” I ask
“Patient son. When she finish they will inform us” my dad say comfort me. This waiting is torture. How badly I want to hold them in my arms. After long time I see the doctor come towards me but she is not look happy. Oh my Lord what now??
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