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Chapter 24

Danielle pov

I woke up feeling thirsty and dizzy. What happen? The last I remember is the anesthetist do me anesthesia. My daughter? I look around and I see Ryan siting on a chair and resting his head on the bed. I caress his hair and he lift his head
“Baby? You wake” he says smiling
“Yeah. The baby?”
“First how you feeling?”
“I’m fine. I want little water.” I say and he gives a glass of water.
“The baby?” I asks and drinking the water
“She ok. She is in the incubator but she is ok.” He says and I sigh. Good that good
“I will call the doctor” he says and he goes to the door. Then he comes back.
“Everyone is outside for you from last night” he says and he sits next to me
“What happened?” I ask and he sighs
“I almost lost you” he says and I see he eyes is ready to cry. I never see before Ryan crying.
“The baby came with Caesarean section but you lost a lot of blood. The doctor say at some point your heart stop” he says and his voice cut.
“She tried really hard to bring you back and I will forever grateful to her.”
“Danielle I’m so happy that you are with us” Dr. Harrison said and she walk in.
“I’m happy too. When can I see my daughter?”
“Wherever you want. You are the mommy. They will allow you to see her and if is possible to hold her for while” she says and starts Medical examination. We talk for a bit and then she left.
“Help me stand up.” I say and I make move to sit
“Stay down for while”
“I can’t. I want she my baby” I say
“Or you will help me or I will go alone” he sighs and then he takes my hand and helping me up. We walk to the hall for the room with the incubator. On the way there I see Alexis
“Oh my God Dany” she says and she is hug me.
“It’s good to see you too” she looks at me and start crying.
“I’m ok now.” I say and all came to hug. I’m so grateful for my new family. After while I managed to go in and see my daughter. The nurse let me hold her and it is the best time of my life.
“Did you pick a name?” The nurse asks me and I look at her
“No. We keep delayed it. I say at some point I told to my husband I will just look at her and I will know”
“So what your heart tell you now?” She ask me and I look my daughter again. She is so beautiful, pure, innocent, the light of my life
“Beautiful like her and unique” yes like her
“I hope also like and to my husband” I say giggle
“He will. Is beautiful name” she says. She leaves me for while alone and I look outside the room. And I see my family and new friends wave at me. I smile and wave back. I look my daughter, my feelings are so overwhelming right now. I’m a mom, soon than beautiful little baby she will call me mom. If that, there isn’t the greatest feeling of the word I don’t know what is it. It’s time to put Phoebe inside
“You can come anytime you want. It’s good for the baby girl to connect with her mom”
“Thank you”
“I’m Amy”
“Thanks Amy. I hope you have good luck with the rest of your shift”
“Thank you” I walk outside and I see Ryan
“How is she?”
“Perfect” I say to him and I hug him
“I found a name. I hope you like it “
“Tell me”
“Phoebe” he looks at me
“It’s unique.” He pauses
“And beautiful” he continues. He look inside the room
“Like her”
“So you like it?” I ask
“I love it. It fits her perfectly”
“I know “
“I love her, and I love you” he says and he kiss me
“I love you too” I say and he takes my hand
“Where are the others”
“The go for a coffee. When you have your lunch and feel better they say to call them to come and see you”
“Ok” I say and we walk to my room. Me and Ryan start talking about us the baby as we eating together.
“Can we come in?” I see Alexis’s head again at the door.
“Come in” I say moving my hand. She comes sitting next to me and behind her are Sean, my parents in law, Laura and Adam, James and Penelope, Brandon and Michelle and Joshua and Emma. All they are here for me. They all hug me and congratulate us about our girl.
“She is so beautiful.” Emma says
“I know. She is so cute and tiny” I say
“How is to hold her? It’s amazing feeling?” Penelope asks
“You know it is. Is the most beautiful feeling” I say and she is nods
“Ok. I think is time to go. Dany needs rest. We will come tomorrow” Joshua says and they all say goodbye
“I will come with Liam tomorrow. He want so much to see you” Penelope say and she hugs me.
“Ok. I will wait for him” I say and they all leave. It’s me and Ryan in the room. I smile at him and he comes closer.
“They all love you so much” he says to me and I rest my head on his shoulder
“I love them to. They are my family.” I say and I mean every word. I grow up only with Alexis but now I take back all this years. I have people that love for who I am . I’m not pretending, they love me and I love them.
“I’m happy that you see them like that. Because they are your family” he says kissing my head.
“What do you think about our little girl?” I ask
“I told you. She is gorgeous. Just like her mommy” I giggle
“I hope her eyes stay green like yours.”
“Mine are boring brown”
“There is nothing boring to you baby” he says and he holds me closer.
“I love you so much” I say and I lift my head. He kiss me and that time I hear a clear throat
“I’m sorry. I came check on you again” my doctor say and I smile at her
“Of course” Ryan says and stand up.
“I go take a coffee. Do you want something?” he asks
“An ice tea” I say and he nod. He walk outside and I’m with the doctor.
“Everything is good now. You scare us” she says
“It’s good that I have a doctor like you. Ryan say that you try really hard to keep me alive. Thank you”
“You don’t have to. It’s what I do. And Patricia is my best friend, she will never forgive me is something happened to you or her granddaughter.” She says and we laugh
“Well whatever reason you do it. Thank you” we chat a little until she has to go to see an others patients. I take my phone and I call Amanda. She didn’t answer, I guess she is at the theatre. I leave her a message, she will call me when she hear it.
“Your ice tea baby” Ryan says when he walk in.
“Thanks love” I say and I take it
“I leave message to Amanda to inform her. She will call when she can”
“She will excite too”
“Yes. She arranged to come in a month but our girl came earlier”
“It’s fine. She will see her later” he says and he sit on the chair next to the bed.
“What Dr. Harrison said?” He ask
“Everything is good now. I will stay few days and then I can go home. The baby will stay a few week to watch her”
“We will take her home soon baby” he says take my hand in his. She has to be strong, I can lose her now.
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