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Ryan pov

Five years later

“Phoebe she is really close with Liam” I say to Danielle as we cut Phoebe’s birthday cake. She is five today. After one month in the hospital she came finally home with us. She grow up to a beautiful little girl, with honey hair like her mommy and mine emerald green eyes. She is so beautiful that make me feel nervous sometimes. Alexis daughter, yes she and Sean have a little girl too, Isabella is best friends with Phoebe like Danielle and Alexis. As I was saying Phoebe and Isabella has a lot fans. Phoebe one specific Liam my friend’s James son. He is a year older and he is always around Phoebe.
“They are friends love. And it’s her party, she wants to play”
“Don’t you think that they are to close?” I ask and she laughs
“Why you laughing?” Penelope asks and Danielle look at her
“Ryan like overprotective daddy worry about your son is very close to his daughter” Danielle said, Penelope looks at the kids and she laughs
“They like each other, right?” She says and looks Danielle
“They are kids.” I say and they laugh
“Take this honey and give to our guests. And let the kids play” Danielle says to me and I take the dishes with the cake. After everyone was served Danielle and I sat down with our friends. I looking Phoebe with Liam. They eating their cakes and they talking. He feeds her. That boy is crossed a line
“Where are you going? Sit down. "You will make Phoebe cry," says Daniel. touch my hand
"She is fed by her mouth," I whisper
"And? She's having fun. Leave her," she tells me
"What's up?" Joshua asks and looks at us
"Ryan is worried because our son is too close to Phoebe," says Penelope, touching James and everyone at the table laughing.
"You do not have a daughter, you do not know how it is"

“We have a daughter but we don’t do like that” Sean says
“They are kids now. But think this. When he is old enough to go out on a date and have a boyfriend do not want to be with someone you know? Alexis asks
"I try not to think about it" I say and they laugh
"Well, the time will come, so get ready," says my dad, pointing to my pregnant sister, Laura.
"It simply came to our notice then. But there is nothing you can do about it. They grow up very fast "he continues and I look at Phoebe. Then my ginger smiles at me.
"I will leave her okay. For tonight "I say and he gives me a kiss.
"So, are you all ready for the weekend?" Michelle asks
“"The lake house is waiting," Brandon says excitedly
"Yes, we are so excited that we will take two days off work," says James. Every year we all arrange to take a few days off from work and go on a trip to Lake House. What I married the love of my life.
"Yes. I've been waiting this weekend for a long time." Danielle says and the others agree.
"Mom" I hear Phoebe shouting and running to Daniel
"Yes baby" he approaches and shows her a bracelet
"Look mom. "Liam was giving me this," he says and I stop. Does he make gifts now?
"She is a beautiful baby. Did you thank him? "
"Yes mom." Daniel bends over and Phoebe whispers something in her ear.
“"It's wonderful honey. Be careful not to miss it. Do you want me to keep it while you play? "
"Yes. I do not want to break it or lose it," he says in that cute little voice.
“Don’t lose it” Phoebe warns Daniel
"No, sweetheart, I will have it in my pocket. I will give it to you later "
"Okay. I love you mom", the little one tells me and gives her a kiss. And she returned to her friends
"He made it himself," says Penelope
"The bracelet?"
"Yes. Watch videos on the Internet. How to make a bracelet. It took a week to make it."
"This is so sweet" All the girls at the table say at the same time and the men laughed
"Do you think Ryan will continue?"
"Think of Liam as the groom and I have Phoebe as the bride." James said. I get up and go into the kitchen. I put my palms on the bench and started taking long breaths
“Love? Are you ok?” I hear Danielle says and she hugs me from behind
“I don’t want to lose her” I say
“Ryan, Phoebe is only five. And I’m sure when she is old enough to date, we will not lose her” I turn around
“What if she get hurt?” I ask
“Are you worried about Liam hurting her or all the boys? she asks
"She is my little girl"
"It is and will be forever. Just because at some point she will find a partner in her life does not mean that you will lose her "I take deep breaths
"Love. Relax is still five. Try to enjoy the coming years and when the time comes we will face it together. Okay?"
"Okay. But do you like Liam?"
"I agree with Alexis. When the time comes I want to be with a boy I know. And I know Liam. You did not see it, she made her gift. "He says with a smile
"Think Liam always makes her smile"
"This is true," I say and kiss her
"Mom, Dad" I turn and see our daughter
"When will you give me my other birthday present?" She asks and Liam is behind her.
"Coming soon baby. You know it's a surprise for everyone," says Danielle and takes her hand.
"Are you ready?" He asks me and I nod. We're going out. Liam approaches his parents and Phoebe is sitting next to him at my mom's feet.
"Phoebe and I have another surprise," I say and hug her from the middle. I look at her and I nod
"I'm pregnant." She says and first Alexis jumped from her seat and ran to hug her. Then Phoebe ran to her mom

“Will I have a brother or sister? "
"Yes baby. Is she excited? "
"Yes mom" turns and hugs Liam
"I will also have baby brother or sister," she says excitedly. Everyone congratulates us and my parents are very excited. The rest of the night goes smoothly and when all the children got tired they all left but before they left, everyone helped with the cleaning.
I say good night to my little girl and go to our bedroom. Phoebe always wants Danielle to tell her a story to sleep on. Then, while I am in the shower, I feel two hands caressing my back. I turn and see Daniel
"You're early," I say and kiss her
"Phoebe was so tired that she didn't need a single story to sleep on."
She says and kisses me. I push her against the shower wall behind her and squeeze her tits
"Oh Ryan"
“You do not know how much I like to hear you shout my name ", I say and push a finger inside her. She looks at me and I kiss her, a few minutes later she peaks on my fingers.
"I love how you know my body so well," he says breathlessly
"But sometimes I don't like it." She says
"Why?" I say laughing
"Because if you want you can make me say yes to everything," he says and caresses my chest
"That's good to know," I say and help her get to bed. We put on our pajamas and lie down on the bed.
"I love you"
"I love you too. You made all my dreams come true", she tells me and kisses me.

Danielle pov
“"Mom is so beautiful," says Phoebe as you see her sister. We have two girls now. Ryan said he wanted a boy, but when he looked at his daughters he melted.
"I know hon. Just like you ", I say and caress her cheek. She is sitting in the armchair next to mine and looking at me to feed her little sister.
"Can I hold back?"
"Sure. She loves it when you hold her." I say and a huge smile comes to Phoebe's face.
"She likes it?"
"Yes sweetie"
"I like her name. Jasmine is such a sweet name. "If my name was not Phoebe, I would like my name to be Jasmine," he says and laughs.
"How are the women in my life?" Ryan walks into the nursery.
“Daddy. Mommy will let me hold Jasmine again” he comes closer and takes Phoebe in his arms
“She likes it.”
“Mommy say that too” she says with a smile. Jasmine ate and I hold for while and then her sister hold her too.
“I’m going to finish dinner”
“Ok baby. I will stay with the girls” Ryan says and he gives me a kiss. I go downstairs and I see the food in the oven is almost ready. I make the salad and I start set the table. After while I hear Phoebe run in the kitchen
“I’m hungry mommy”
“Is ready sweetie. Where is daddy?”
“He put Jasmine to sleep and now he is in the shower”
“Ok. He doesn’t take long. We wait for few minutes ok? Bring the salad please” she immediately bring the bowl with the salad. We sat down and I mix a plate for Phoebe.
“I’m here” Ryan says
“Yeah” Phoebe says excited. I laugh and Ryan sits down and gives me a kiss on the head. He put the baby intercom on the table. We eat chatting and laughing. Phoebe tells us stories from school and Liam. Ryan doesn't like it, but he says nothing. They both help me clean the table and wash the dishes and then go to Phoebe bed. I help her take a shower and when she puts on her pajamas, I read her a story. When she fell asleep, I checked on Jasmine and then walked to my room.
"Hello Love"
"Hello baby. Are you all right?"
"Yes, they both sleep," I say and lie down next to him.
“"If I had a wish, all I wanted was for everything to remain as it is now," he says, kissing my head.
"The same. I hope everything stays that way. I want us and our girls to be okay and happy as we are now."
"I love you ginger", I laugh, I still melt when he calls me like that or touches me.
"I love you very sexy man"
"I like that you still see me sexy"
"Are you kidding me now? Are you still the sexiest, hottest man I ever met six years ago?"
"And you are the curved ginger girl I saw that morning outside the living room" he says and I raise my head I look at him
Although I did not think there was such a thing as a "soulmate", I feel it. I found it near you. You are my man. You know why; Because you accept me. You do not judge me but always advise me in good faith. Because you take care of me. Because you understand me. You believe in me. And most important of all? Because you make me smile. How many smiles have you offered me since I met you? Do you have an idea?” He looks at me smiling
“I have now lost count and this is the greatest happiness a person can feel.”
“Ginger” he sighs
“You have been given to me completely and that in itself is invaluable. You were left in my arms without caring if I would hurt you. You are not afraid of me. Because you see me, indeed, as an important part of you. Now, just a hug from you, a smile from you, change my mood. You cause me feelings that make me feel not just in love, because it will never stop. They make me feel complete and unconditionally devoted to you. And most importantly, they make me really happy with you.” We kissed with so much love and cared.
“You and the girls you are the most important persons in my life. Thank you for the beautiful family you gave me” I say and he kiss me again. I don’t know what the future will bring us but I’m ready to deal with everything and everyone with that man in my life.
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