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Chapter 1

Ryan's pov

“Ryan over here” I hear my sister and Judy yell and I turn around. I had just arrived at the airport. I was on a mission to Middle East. I’m thinking that maybe this is the last one. Fifteen years in the military I have seen enough. I think maybe it is time to settle down and start doing something else. I’m staying for two months and until then I have to decide what to do. My little sister Laura is getting married this summer and I want to be here. I have lost so many years with my family..
“Hey little flower” I say and I hug her
“I missed you big bro”
“I missed you too. All of you” I see her fiance and my friend Adam.
“Welcome back Ryan”
“I’m glad that I’m back” I say and we do a man hug. We walk to their car
“Mom and dad are at the hospital. They couldn’t change the shift. They will be here for dinner”
“It’s fine. I need a shower and some sleep so it’s perfect timing” the way home they tell me their news about the engagement party and how they fixed the house that they’re living in together. Laura looks so happy with Adam. She has crush on him since she was a teen. When she was twenty one she made a move on him at his birthday and after five years they end up getting married. I didn't like it at first, Adam was a huge player and I was afraid that my sister will end up hurt. But Adam proved me wrong, he adores Laura and I’m more than thrilled about that. The previous years I don’t mind much. But as the years passed I wanted a family. All my other friends already have kids. Adam is the last from our group that is getting married. And the only single one will be me.
“That’s the beauty salon that my friends have” Laura says and she showed me the building.
“There’s Danielle” she says and Adam presses the horn. The girl waves and smiles and continues to talk with a old lady. I keep looking at her until we are far away. What a juicy girl. And that ginger hair, wow. My cock twisted inside my pants. You will say that is normal, three years without woman. But she is the first one I see that makes me feel like that.
“She is such a good girl. So is her friend Alexis.” Laura says
“I have never see her before” I say
“They moved here three years ago after a while that you left. Mrs Emerson is Alexis’s aunt so they moved here and they have the beauty salon together” interesting
“I have been going to them since the first day they moved in town” Laura talks with real extiment for them. Apparently Danielle has been single for the last three years since her ex boyfriend leaft to study in Canada. Men we are really jerks sometimes, she is a beautiful woman and she is still single. Maybe that’s good for me. We arrived home and after the shower we ate and I go the bed for sleep. I was thinking this curvy gorgeous girl I saw before. How my hands will caress her juicy hips. How her lips will feel on mine. Fuck what she does to me. It’s the first time in my life I feel so attract to her. I didn’t have many girlfriends because of my job but until now the affairs I had were slim. Not that I have some problem with curvy girls. Just happen to approach me those girls. I didn’t want something serious in my life. I’m gone for months and years. To have a woman wait for me I see it little selfish so I never sought a serious relationship. But that girl woke up this feeling inside me. That smile I want to see every time I return home. Maybe I will find a reason to return home for good. After my nap I get dressed and go downstairs. My parents are back and we eat dinner and for the rest of the night we talk and spent the time together. The next day I decided to take a walk in the town and see old friends. I had lunch with my friend group and they keep asking when I will be back for good. Joshua told me to start a business together. He also joined the army for a few years and he thinking’s to start a security company. I found it a good idea and that will make me stay home. A flash came to my mind, me and Danielle living together here. Fuck what that woman does to me. Only one look at her and she makes me think of a future with her.
“Think about it man. It’s a good deal and I’ll be start this business with you” Joshua says as we stand up to leave the restaurant.
“I’ll think about it. I was already thinking to return home and you gave me a good reason to do it. I just want something to do here. You know I can't stay without doing anything”
“I know and you will be great help” we leave and I decide to walk home and see the town. My steps lead me to Danielle’s salon. I see her from outside cyttingthe hair of a girl. They chat and smile. My God she is so beautiful when she smiles. I sit at the coffee shop across the salon and I keep staring at her.
Nice work Ryan, since when did you became a stalker
I say to myself. She makes me do things and feel things for first time in my life. I don’t know how the time passes when my mother calls and ask me if I will go for dinner. I pay and walk home but not before I look over fo ther last time at Danielle who closees the salon. She left with her friend and I walk home. We eat dinner and I decided to go for a drink with Adam.
I change clothes and I take my mother car and I parked outside the bar. I was looking the time on my phone and then a woman falls on me. I hold her and I lift my head and there she is , in my arms. Danielle is crying and her eyes locked with mine. What asshole made her cry. I hold her with one hand and with the other I wipe her tear from one cheek. My thumb runs her soft cheek and the only thing I want is to kiss her and make her pain go away. She blinked her eyes
“I’m sorry. It’s my fault” she says and she leave my embrace. Suddenly I feel empty.
“It’s fine. Are you ok?” I ask her worried
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I have to go” she says and she runs away. She enter to a car and she drove away and before she goes she gives me one last look. The most beautiful honey eyes I ever seen. I sure I will dream her again tonight. I walk inside and I find Adam at the bar.
“Hey” I say
“Hi. If you had come five minutes earlier you would have met Danielle” he says
“I saw her outside. She left crying.”
“Well maybe that jerk has to do with that. I saw her return from the restroom and he was talking on the phone. She said something said to him and she left”
“Who could make a girl like her cry” I say and I order a Scotch
“You like her” Adam say with a smile. I’m not answering
“Oh man, you like Danielle. You are so lucky. She is great girl”
“I don’t know what happened to me. It’s the first time I feel like that. I even stalked her all afternoon.” He laughs
“I never thought this ever happened. You were more a player than I was. You found the one. And trust me, she worth it” he says and I smile drink from my scotch. I ask him few things about Danielle but he says if I want something more I should ask Laura. As a friend of Danielle she knows more. After one drink and a lot talking for Danielle and Laura we left for our houses. At home I find Laura in the kitchen and I ask her about Danielle. I never hid anything from her. She looked excited that I was interested in Danielle. Well if and Laura she talks with so good words about her then I make a good choice. She texted Danielle that she will call me on Monday for a haircut and I will make a move. Until Monday then.
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