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Chapter 2

Danielle pov

I’m with Scott's friend, Alan and we're eating dinner. Until now he seems like a nice person and he doesn't look tohave problem with my body. We talk about our hobbies and our kids. Before dessert comes I excuse myself and go to the restroom. Alexis send me a text to ask how the date is going. I text her back that so far so good and I finished freshing up and I left the restroom. On the way back to the table I see Alan talk on the phone so I decide to chat a little with Adam, Laura's fiancé. He says he will meet with Laura's brother, who came back from Middle East yesterday. I say goodbye and walk to my table and the I hear Alan who has his back on me.
“I can't wait until this date is over. If I knew Alexis friend is a fat cow I wouldn't bother to come. Thank God that waitress is cute and the night flies quickly.” I feel my eyes watering but I hold my tears back, I walk inform of him and I sit down taking out some money.
“I think it's time to go. You are not having a good time and I don’t want to ruin your night any more. I'm paying for me, I don't consider this a date anymore so I’m paying mine. Goodnight Alan.” I stand up
“I hope you have a date with the waitress soon. Since you think she's cute maybe you can ask her out” I say a little angry and I walk away. I wave to Adam and I run outside fast so no one sees me cry. When I make it to the door my cheeks are already wet. If he didn't have a good time why didn't he say it. Instead, all me do is say all these mean things about me. Suddenly I fall to a hard wall and in seconds I feel two arms around me. That hard wall is a guy, great. He will insult me too. I don’t even see where I’m going. I lift my head to apologise but my eyes fell to the most beautiful emerald green eyes I have ever seen. A man with light brown hair and that gorgeous eyes. He leans in and he touches my cheek with his thumb. I close my eyes and I take a deep breath. I have to go. This guy is way more out of my league. Im taking a step back
“I’m sorry. It’s my fault” I says and he answers smiling
“It’s fine. Are you ok?” He asks looking worried and my heart jumped. No Danielle he is just a kind person who wants to help, nothing more.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I have to go” I say and I leave quickly. I run to my car crying and I leave but first I look at him one last time. On the way back home I was thinking the words that Alan said and all the others words that I have heard over the years. Why does that criticism to people like me happens, and generally why. I never harmed anyone why does all this have to happen. I knew it that I should have stayed home. But Alexis doesn’t take no for an answer. I arrived home and in my mind came that gorgeous man I saw. That emerald green eyes and those muscular arms that held me tight on his hard chest. I will never be with a guy like him but a girl can dream. And a guy like him always stays in my fantasy. I walk inside and I see Alexis and Scott on the couch.
“Hi. You are back early. How was your date”
“Hi. We will talk later. Continue with your movie night” I say and I go upset to my room. I undress and I get in to the shower. I try to hold my tears but they fall again. It’s happening every fucking time. My date goes awful I’m sad for a couple of days and then I’m fine again. I hear so many words like this and they still affect me. I finish my shower, I wear my pyjamas and I lay on my bed. I see that I have a text from my sister asking how is the date. Why I tell her I had a date. It was sure that it will end up like that. I text her but that he wasn’t into me and I leave it there. She text back
‘Don’t be sad and don’t worry about that jerk. You will find the one that he will see how perfect you are. My premiere is at 10/12. I’m waiting for you. Kisses’ I smile and I feel touched by her words.
‘Thanks sweetheart. I will be there. Goodnight’ I text back and return to my favourite tv show. As I was ready to fall asleep I hear a knock on my door. I see Alexis head and she walks in smiling and sits on the bed. I rest my back on the bed headboard.
“So? How was the date.” I want to tell her the truth but the she would get mad with Alan and then with Scott.
“It was ok. But we didn’t fit.” I say and I try to hold my tears as I remember how he called me.
“What. But he is a great guy what didn't you like?” She asks and I try to avoid the truth. After arguing about I don’t let anyone to come close I had enough
“Dany you have to stop pushing everyone away. I set you on dates and you come back alone without arranging a second date.” She is blaming me. But she doesn’t know that every date she sets me up for ends up the same way. These men don’t like fat girls and the most of them say it to me with mean words. I stand up and walk to bathroom
“Oh now you running away again not giving a simple answer. Why do you push every one away?” my blood is boiling
“I don’t push anyone away. The dates you set up for me they don’t like fat girls and the most of them they say it to my face with mean words. The same with that great guy Alan. He was talking on the phone when I was returning from the restroom and he said that he can’t wait to finish this date with that fat cow girl.” I start sobbing
“I don’t push anyone away. They done want to be with me” she looks sad
“You know. I don’t need to date. I’m fine on my own. I like it. So no more dates ok. If you want to go out as couples you can take Laura or someone else. I like the way I am” I say and I locked my self in the bathroom. I fall on the floor and start cry again. I hate yelling to Alexis and fight with her. I didn’t want to say anything, she will fight with Scott now. But I can’t take it anymore. Every time she blames me when I don’t continue dating. Because she sees me as a great person she thinks that men see me like that. When I’m done crying I wash my face and I go to my bed. In minutes I fell asleep. The morning came and I fresh up to go downstairs. The kitchen is empty, I guess Alex is still sleeping. I make a bowl with milk and cereals and start eating. I see a text from Laura from last night and she wants to come tomorrow with her brother for a haircut. I text her that she can come after five the afternoon. At Five I have my last appointment for tomorrow. She texts me see you tomorrow and I finish eating my breakfast. I hear the front door close loudly and Alexis walks into the kitchen. She looks angry. First time I see her like that.
“Good morning” she says
She rest her palms on the counter across from me.
“No. I have to say something. You should be honest with me every time.”
“I know. But I didn’t want to bother you and I know you will fight with them. You've doing it since kindergarten”
“Of course. You are my best friend. You are a wonderful person and you deserve respect.”
“It’s fine Alex. Where is Scott I thought he was sleeping here last night” I try change subject
“He didn’t slept here and he never will again.” I frown
“Dany leave it”
“No. Tell me what he did to you?” She takes a deep breath
“He insulted my best friend and I don’t forgive that.” She says with cool tone and she starts making coffee
“Alex? What did he say?”
“Leave it Dany”
“I have heard the worst Alex I think I can handle anything” she takes a deep breath, her face looking at me. She turns around and she looks at me.
“When you told me everything I came downstairs and I talked to him about what his friend. And his answer was.
‘What did you expect? I told you that she will not like Alan. And he insisted to set up a date. Alan is not to fat girls’ and then I saw red. No one I mean no one calls you like that and I just stand there without doing something. “
“No Dany. I have your back and you have mine. Right?”
“Right “ I say smiling, if I didn’t have Alex I don’t know if I could survive all this years.
“Okay. Laura texted me. She will come tomorrow with her brother for haircut. If you have time she wants a manicure”
“What time?”
“After five pm”
“Okay. I finish at six so I take over after you. He brother? The one who is at the army?”
“Yes. He is back for two months “
“Cool. They say is great guy”
“Yes, I saw Adam last night. If I didn’t hear Alan talking at the phone I will have to meet him.”
“I’m sorry this happened to you”
“It’s fine Alex. Maybe you should talk to Scott. His friend hurt me, not him” she shook her head
“Not happening. If he can accept my friend I can be with him. The guy I am with he has to accept you in my life” I smile
“Maybe you should think more about that. I am not liked by anyone “
“Nonsense. You liked Erik and he is a great man. I’m sure he is not the only one. There are men out there that they can handle a juicy girl like you” she says and bite her apple. We finish breakfast and we go to the gym for few hours. most people there are kind with me and other ignore me. That’s fine. We finish and return home. After shower I cooked lunch. And the day passes fast. Scott called Alex many times but she ignores his calls.
“I am thinking you should answer”
“No.” She says serious and she turn her attention to the movie. Then we go for sleep. Tomorrow is busy day.

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