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Chapter 4

Danielle pov

Well, I’m officially stupid. The sexiest man on earth asks me out and I say no. Did I have another choice? No that was the only way. He deserves to know a model like Kate who was talking in the park. Everyone will laugh with him if I go on a date with him. I think he was honest when he said he liked me. But I’m not for him, he ’s a sexy god and I’m not. I send a message to Alexis if he wants me to make dinner. He sends a message that he will go out with Laura and if I want to go with them. Ryan and Adam will be there. I say no. Maybe Ryan will change his mind and ask Alexis for a date. This is a much better choice than me. It is the perfect choice. I make a chicken salad for myself, my favorite. I eat and go back to my bedroom to watch my TV show.

“Daniii ...” I hear Alex shouting from below

“In my room,” I shout back. Then, while I see her in my room, wild

“What the hell are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” She looks angry

“You have a sexy man interested in you and you said no. Really?” “Oh this”

“Yeah that. What the hell are you thinking? I met Ryan tonight but I trust Laura in that.”

“Okay, what did he tell you?”

“Ryan saw you the day he returned. They passed by the living room and saw you. Then the next night he saw you leave your date crying and hit Alan after you left. ”


“I have not finished. Arrange a haircut appointment to see you again and ask you out. This guy is a keeper and he wants you. And you say no. Really?”

“Alex this guy is a lot further out of my league. Have you seen him? We went for a coffee and I saw how people were watching us okay? He should go out with someone like you or a Victoria Super Model. And I am not “, he sits on the bed

“He does not want a supermodel. He wants you for the loveof God. This is the first time I have heard a man talk like that about a woman. You are so lucky and you miss the opportunity. ”

“What do you want from me Alex?”

“Talk to Ryan. Give him a chance. A date to tell you how he feels. In fact it is the only thing I ask. “ She gives me a small piece of paper from her pocket

“This is his phone number. he really hopes you call him. You have to get out of your shell. If you start to see yourself as we are, you will understand,” she says, giving me a kiss on the cheek and leaving my room. I stay looking at the paper. What am I going to do; Is it worth it if I get hurt? At least I should give him a chance to talk to me, right? Alexis looked very angry, if I do not give him a chance she will kill me. I will call him tomorrow, now it’s too late. The next morning we eat breakfast and leave for work. Alexis keeps telling me to call Ryan. At about ten in the morning a delivery man came with a bouquet of flowers, red roses. Alexis looks and smiles. I read the note

“Let me show you what I can do, what I can offer you. I want to be your support, your friend, your love. I want to be everything to you. I ask for a lot, I know. But this is love, it is not enough in a few. “ He writes love? What does the man do to me? Who would have thought that this big, muscular man is inside and soft. I look at the clock, I have ten minutes until my next client. I go to the back room and dial the number. With the second ring he answers “Hello?” Fuck even his voice is sexy. It is not fair



“How do you know it’s me?”

“I know your voice” I think I start blushing. Even if the phone makes me blush.

“Thanks for the flowers”

“Did you like them?”

“Yes. Roses are my favorite”

“I know. I asking Alexis. In fact, last night I got tired her asking about you.” I sit in the chair. My knees are shaking.

“Really! What is my favorite color?”


“My favorite actor;”

“Jennifer Aniston. They are more. Do you want me to tell you personally? “Silence


“I have a question first.”


“Why do you want to go out with me?”

“I like you”


“What do you mean why? I do not know. I saw you and something changed. Can we speak in person? “He says and I sigh

“Sure tonight?”

“Yes. What time do you finish?”

“About six p.m.”

“Okay. I’ll be out”

“Don’t ...”

“See you at six,” he says and closes. The rest of the passage as a blur. This is my first date so excited.

“It’s six ten. Go outside.” Alexis says and pushes me out the door “Can I get my things?” I ask

“Quick,” he says, and I run to the back room. I take my bag, say goodbye to Alexis and leave the living room. Ryan is already waiting. He leans in the car behind him. When he sees me walking closer and gives me a red rose. He smiles and accepts the rose

I’m not good at this. He will sooner or later realize that I am a boring person.

“Do not be nervous. Okay;” I shook and he gave a kiss on my red cheek. “I like it when you blush. You are one of the most honest people I have ever met,” he says and opens the car door. I get in and he goes around the car and he gets in the car too.

“Movies and then dinner?”

“You definitely talked to Alexis. You know my ideal date ”

“And I want to know more” he says and start driving

“Why? I mean...” I start to say
“I have say to you again whyI like you? What more you need?” He sounds little annoying
“That I wanted to say is. You are in army. Maybe you leave in two months again. Why do you what to start a relationship?”
“Oh that. I already told you that I’m thinking to retire. You give me one more reason to do it” he says and I smile looking outside the window. You arrived at the cinema
“What you want to watch?” He asks
“Well I want see the new action movie. If you are fine with that? I’m sure you have see a lot actionable in your life” he chuckled
“No its fine. Lets go” he pay for the tickets, we take a medium popcorn and we go to the screening hall. During the movie he was holding my hand and sometimes kiss it. I’m feeling sparkles all over my body. I can believe that a man like him want to spend time with me. How I get so lucky suddenly?
After the movie you get to the car and he drove.
“I have to warn you. That restaurant that it belongs to one of my friends. He is the chef. Maybe he will say some embarrassing things about me. But I can’t take you somewhere else. I make the mistake to say about our date and he insists to go there” how cute
“It’s fine. I will love to meet your friend” I say and he is smiling.
“Good. His name is Brandon, he is friend from primary school. Actually all my friends are from school” that’s great. My only friend since I was kid is Alexis.
“That’s really good. That mean your friendship is strong. You care and love each other”
“We do. So you will meet Brandon, you know Adam already. There is James and Joshua. We are five. You?”
“You have other friends except Alexis?” Here we go
“No. Since kindergarten it’s me and Alexis. When we move here I met Laura and her friends. But if you ask who is closer to me. It’s Alexis. She is family, my only family. She is much closer to me than my sister”
“You have a sister?”
“Yes. Amanda. She is an actor. This year is in a theatre play in New York”
“That’s really good. You will go to see her?”
“Yes. She have send me two tickets to go with Alexis in premiere”
“I’m not ask is she pretty. If is like you she will be beautiful”
“She actually a lot better that me. Blonde, slim, tall if she didn’t want to be actor definitely she will be a model. She looks like my mom. I’m more look like my dad.“ who he doesn’t want to see his fat daughter. I look outside and try not to cry. I don’t want ruin my first and maybe the only one date with Ryan. He take my hand is him and squeeze it.
“You definitely fit me more” he kiss my hand
“I want you. And you fit more than anyone”
“You haven’t see her yet. That’s you say that”
“I don’t think so. You have to stop put all men in the same position” I look at him saying in serious tone.
“We are here.” He say and he come to open my door. The restaurant is not so fancy so I guess my black trouser and my mustard blouse is ok. Thank God I wear flat but no sneakers. We go in and a tall blond man coming to us.
“Brandon” oh is his friend. Relax Danielle if he is like Ryan he will like you.
“You must be Danielle. Finally, he can’t stop talking about you and I see why” Brandon says and he hugs me. Wait what? He talking about me?
“I’m Brandon” he say and smile
“Nice to meet you. You already know me” I say and we laughing
“I have kept that table in the corner. You will have some privacy” he say and he walk us there. Its beautiful restaurant. I ate here once with Alexis.
“I like your place. I have been here once. On my birthday last year with my friend”
“I’m glad you like it. But I doubt your taste a little. You date Ryan” he says and he laughs and I laugh too.
“Ha ha Brandon. Very funny” Ryan says
“I told you that he will start saying this things” Ryan says to me and I keep laughing.
“He not that bad” I say and we sit down
“I like her. Make sure you keep her” Brandon say
“That it does not depend on me“ Ryan day and look at me seriously
“You don’t like our boy? Man I told you not to show your true self from the first date” Brandon say and we laugh.
“What you have Brandon?” Ryan asks
“Ok. I get it. You want to stay alone. I recommend the steak”
“Ok. I will take that.” I say and Ryan order the same with salad and a good wine.
“He is funny”
“Yes he is the goofy of the group. His wife chose him for that” Ryan say and we start talking. About his friends and his family and how he missed them every time he leaves. After food and we wait for dessert he asks
“How about your parents? Don’t you miss them?” I froze. My parents they have one daughter that they proud of. Amanda. I’m the black sheep of the family. Well as my dad say one time I’m the fat sheep of the family.
“Danielle if you want we can talk about something else. Alexis also say that your family is red spot for you” he say and he looks at me with sweet, caring eyes. I sigh
“I love my parents. I really do. Whatever they had say or do to me I care for them. They have problem with me”
“What problem?” The dessert came and I look he still wait for an answer.
“They have problem about my weight. I have some health issues that don’t let me lose easy weight. And they have problems with that. I was eight when the doctors tell me and my parents just give up on me because they ashamed for me. That’s why after college return in my hometown wasn’t option”
“That’s no fair. They should support you. You were a child.” He say and I smile
“In the house they only see Amanda. I was the fat girl who just sleep in their house. Alexis was my only friend and she still is my rock”
“I don’t get it. You a beautiful woman and... and” he sigh
“They should be there for you. Is that the reason that you didn’t go out with me? You think you are not good for me?”
“I don’t think so. I know so” I say and I believe is true. Anyone that had see us tonight thinks the same.
“You wrong” I frown. Why he make it so hard
“Ryan.. I’m just realistic.”
“No, you will listen to me. I’m trying to hold because I thought is to soon but you don’t leave other choice” what is he talking about?
“I’m in army for fifteen years. I never make a relationship, serious relationship because I didn’t want leave anyone behind. And the other reason is that no woman before make feel that I want someone waiting for me behind. Before I saw you the first day I was thinking to leave army. Thinking I wasn’t sure. When I saw that morning talking to a old lady outside the salon I see a reason to stay behind and start a new life.” I think I’m going to cry
“I have flirted, gone out, talked and admired other women, but no one made me feel like you do without even trying. You make me forget everything and think only the moment I saw you. And you will not get a bigger compliment than that.
You create these butterflies that say in my stomach, you become a firework in my boring daily life. When you look at me, I think there is nothing else around me at that moment. You are clothed with insecurities, problems, anxiety and a thousand and two more. I want to know your every hidden desire, to alleviate your every pain, to banish your every anxiety, to fill every gap of your free time. Let me do this” I play with my fingers on my lap all this time. He looks and wait for an answer. I take a deep breath
“Okay? You mean that?” I nod
“Yes I mean that. I don’t want to think that we don’t work out. But I know if we don’t fit you will gentle enough so you’ll not hurt me”
“I will never do that.” And he reaches and hold my hand. We finish and the dessert, we pay and leave not before say goodnight to Brandon. He drive me to my house, he park outside and turns off the car. He touch my hand squeeze it and he turn his head to look at me. He lean and he comes inches from my face. His thumb caress my cheek and I hold my breath. Fuck he is so fucking handsome. He is rough and wild but I guess it’s become of the years he has spend in war zones. But that gorgeous emerald green eyes make me melt. I can believe that me I’m inches away from the most handsome and sexy man on this planet. He look my lips and I look his. Then I lift my head a little and he take the hit, his soft perfect lips touch mine. The kiss is soft and gently for starters but when my palms touch his cheeks he grab me by the back of my neck and deepen the kiss. His other hand pass around my waist. I’m surprised and I open my mouth. This invited his tongue inside my mouth. The kiss became heated and passionate. My God what is he doing to me? I want him so badly. He cut the kiss and we both take a breath but he not stop kissing me. He kiss my cheeks and then he attack my neck. I’m sure I will have mark tomorrow. He return to my lips.
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself” he says breathless and I smile
“Don’t apologise. I’m not complain” he smiles and he gives one last kiss.

“I should stop. I don’t think I can hold back anymore” he says and he return to him seat. But he take my hand and kiss it.
“We have time” he say
“Text me when you get home” I say and I open the door
“I will. Goodnight ginger” he say and I giggle
“Will you call me that now?”
“What? I like it”
“Ok maybe I will find one for you too”
“Something good I hope”
“Always” I say and I get out. I lower myself
“Goodnight” I say and I walk inside. Alexis wait inside and when she see me she jump
“So? How it go? You are late so I guess you had fun” oh boy, we not sleeping tonight. I say and I walk to sit on the couch...

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