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Chapter 5

Ryan pov

A month pass from my first date with Danielle and everything is as I expect it. Danielle is still little shy but she starts open up to me. I take her every day from work and spend time together but I can’t get enough of her. She also came in Laura engagement party as my date.
We don’t have a place to be just the two of us. I must start looking my own place. I already spoke to my superiors about my departure and everything is going great. I talk to Joshua and the procedures for our company are start. So I must soon find my own place, I need to be alone with Danielle. I see her every day but we never be alone. The things I want to say and do to her.
‘My last appointment canceled. I’m finishing at five. I will go buy some things and I cook tonight. Be at my place at seven’ Danielle text me
‘Ok baby. Alexis?’
‘We’ll be alone. Alexis will be sleep at Carol’s.’ Yes , what a good news.
‘I will be there. Do you want to bring something?’ Fuck I’m so excited
‘Just yourself. I will cover everything’ she says after I see her more relax and open to me and I’m glad for that. It’s still morning how the hours will pass. Maybe I should go take her something. A present. I get dressed and I go to the mall. I take a few things for me and then to jewellery store. She doesn’t wear much jewellery so I will take her something simple. Earrings, she likes earrings. After a lot research I pick a Gem Heart Earrings in rose gold. I should write and something. I will think at home something. I take and a bottle of wine and I left for home. I eat lunch with my parents and then I walk to my room. After a lot thought I decided to write

‘My Girlfriend
Has a smile that makes me fall in love again and again, the most beautiful eyes I ever see, and the biggest heart in the whole world. You are everything I need and I hope too be everything for you too. I love you’
And I put it in the gift bag. I take a nap and around six I get up and start preparing. Shower and then I picked up my outfit. A jean and a blue t shirt and I start to go to her place. My phone ring
“Hey James”
“Hi. You are on your way for Danielle?”
“Yeah why?”
“I have good news. My neighbour across for me he selling the house. In really good price. Do you want to see it?” If that is not a sing what is it.
“Mr Sean sell?”
“Yes. I told him that you interesting to find your own place. He say to visit him tomorrow. For you he will do better price”
“Thanks man really. I will call you tomorrow. I arrived at Danielle’s”
“Ok Ryan. Have fun. Kisses to Danielle” and we end the call. I’m excited, all my friends and their wifes loved Danielle from the first day. I ring the bell and I wait Danielle to open the door. She open the door and my breath stuck in my throat. She wear a floral airy dress, rarely she wears dresses or skirt. She perfect in them.
“Ryan? Ryan?” I hear her say my name louder
“Yes baby?”
“Are you ok? I’m calling your name few minutes” she says and step aside to walk inside
“Sorry, you are so beautiful with that dress. I lost it for while. This are for you.”
“I told not to bring anything” she says and I give her a kiss after I leave the stuff. I hold only the present. I give her a long, heat, passionate kiss. I open my eyes and she still has close hers.
“This is for you” I say and she open her eyes look the present bad. She smile
“Why?” She asks and she take the bag
“What do you mean why? Can’t a boyfriend take a gift to his girlfriend?”
“I don’t need gift. Just you” she says and I kiss her on the forehead
“Open it” I say and first she takes the cart. She reading it and I’m nervous if she like my words. It’s the first time I confess my feelings. She lift her head looking at me. Her eyes have tears ready to fall on her cheeks.
“You mean that?” She asks trembling. I cup her face and wipe the tears that they just fall.
“I love you.” She close her eyes and more tears fall. I wiped them too.
“Dany if...” she shake her head and open her eyes
“I love you too” she says and she hugs me. Her hands around my waist and she rest her hear on my chest. My hand around her shoulder and I rest my head on her head. I kiss it. I caress her back and I wait for her to relax.
“I really do baby. Even for the first moment I lay eyes on you.” I lift her head to look at me.
“Day by day I fall for more and more. I thought is the perfect time to tell you my feelings” she smiles and she kiss me.
“Open you gift now” I say and she open it
“Oh Ryan they are so beautiful. Thank you love” she says and I’m suprised. Until now she only call me by my name.
“Love?” I ask and she looks at me
“You don’t like it? Do you want an other...”
“No no no. It’s perfect. I’m just suprised. You are always so shy to call me those names”
“I was shy at the beginning. You should feel proud that I talk to you like that. Only with Alexis I’m relaxed and comfortable” I smile
“Well I’m honour”
“Ok. The dinner is almost ready. I go check again. Feel like home. Put some drink whatever you want” she says and she left for kitchen. Fuck this closeness with Danielle make me hard every fucking time. And I can’t say anything, I don’t want Danielle think that I have only than in my mind. I walk in the kitchen too and I regret it immediately. She takes the food from the oven and then bends down to catch something. I gasp, fuck my cock is ready to explore. She turn around and I move a little to be behind the counter
“Ryan? Are you ok love?” She has to say that?
“Yes baby I’m fine” I say but she not believed me. She comes closer. No no stay back. She touch my face
“You are little hot. You have fever?” It’s one way to put it like that
“I’m ok baby. Finish the food I’m hungry. I will be in the living room” I say and as I walk out the kitchen she takes my hand
“Ryan?” She turned me around
“Sure are you ok?” Don’t look down don’t look down Danielle.
“Love? You don’t look good” she leave my hand and as she turn her eyes fall there. Her eyes wide and then looks at me
“Baby it fine. It will be gone soon. Don’t stress about that” I turned around
“I did that?” I hear her ask and I turn around. She has a smile on her face, oh my God.
“I’m not virgin Ryan. You know that.”
“Well you look little shock...”
“I never thought that I could do that without I try to do something. And I see even with the jean that...” she cuts and blush. I get it. I go closer
“What do you see baby?” She takes a deep breath
“You are...”
“What?” I look at her with a smirk
“Big” she smirk too
“To answer your question. Yes you do that to me.” I go closer and I caress her arms
“Every time I see or thinking about you” I lean on her
“Fuck” she gasp
“Yeah fuck” I giggle. She cup my face and she kiss me. So passionately and heated. I hug her from her waist and hold close to me. I lift her up, she squeaks by suprised and I place her on the counter.
“Ginger?” I say between the kisses
“Yes?” She moans as I have place my self between her legs and my cock touch her entrance. I look at her and my thumbs caress her cheeks
“I really want to have you. I want to buried inside of you and make you scream my name”
“Ryan” she says breathless
“Tell me you want it to. I can wait as long as you want. But I need you. Do you want me?” I say to her she put her palms on my ass and pull me closer to her.
“Ryan you don’t have to ask me. I’m yours. Please take me” she says I kiss her again. This is it
“Go to your room. I will put the food in the oven and I will be there with you.” I say and she gets down the counter with a smile and run upstairs. I put the food away, take a deep breath and go upstairs. I open the door and I see her sitting on the bed. I walk to her and I kneel in front of her. She smiles but I can tell she feel awkward. I stand up and I lay her on the bed, I stay on top of her.
“I don’t want to feel awkward baby. I love you and all your curves.” She smiles blushing
“Can I tell you something?” She nod butting her lower lips.
“The first day I saw you when I was in the car”
“I just saw you smiling and my cock twisted. You didn’t talked to me, you didn’t do anything.” I kiss her lips
“You just talking to an other person” I kiss her neck
“And my cock twisted” I kiss her cheek
“You’re there laughing with her” I kiss her lips
“I had to do a long cold shower” and I smile at her.
“You are so beautiful and I feel so lucky”
“If you feel lucky what can I say? I’m with the sexiest man on earth.” She says and I laugh
“Sexiest?” She caress my hair with her fingers
“Yes. Look those muscles and that face. And this gorgeous emerald green eyes you have” I kiss her neck and go lower and lower. She put her hands on my shoulder
“Stop.” I lift my head
“What is it baby?”
“You don’t have to do that. Really I’m good” I frown and she try to lift me up
“No. I want to. I’m waiting so long for that. You are mine now and I go all the way” I say and she breathing hard. In a few minutes we are both naked. She try to hide but I stop her
“Don’t ever try again to hide your self from me. This they are all mine” I say serious and she swallow hard. She nod and I kiss her. I kiss all her body, all her curves and I end up at her clit. She gasp when my tongue touch her entrance. I start play with my tongue, she already wet and she taste so fucking good
“Delicious” I say and she continues moan
“My God Ryan” she cum in my mouth and I clean everything. I kiss her again all the way to her lips. She moan in my mouth and she hold my head running her fingers in my hair.
“Please Ryan.”
“What baby?”
“Stop teasing me Ryan. I need you” that is only I want and I position myself and slowly I enter inside her. So tight
“Fuck Dany you are so tight” she moan and I start thrusting slowly I try to hold myself, I don’t want to hurt her.
“Ryan faster. Don’t hold it. I want all of you”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes faster” I thrust deeper and she gasp
“Yes” she moan and her hand hold my back. I keep thrusting harder and faster
“Oh my God Dany” I groan in her ear and she scratching my back. Fuck I like that
“I’m close”
“Cum for me baby” I feel her shaking under me. I’m close and I release that I don’t wear comdom. She understand too
“It’s fine. Cum on my belly” she says and one two three I cum on her belly. I try to breath and I lay next to her
“I’m sorry baby. I was so desperate to be inside you that I forgot”
“It’s okay. We are both clean and you cum outside. So no problem” she says and she comes to my arms. We stay like that for while and then we go for dinner.
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