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Chapter 6

Danielle pov

After dinner we watch a movie and then we go for second round love session in bed. Then in the shower, I never have done it in the shower before. With a quick move he turn me around and he start thrusting. And after shower again. The stamina of this man. But if you think about it he wasn’t with woman for long time so maybe this was it. We lay in bed now is one in the morning and I’m thinking how fucking lucky woman I am that a man like him is in the same bed with me.
“What are you thinking?” Ryan asks and he cut my thoughts
“Hmm? Nothing just how lucky I’m that I have you” I say and I lift my head. I turn my body a little and I put my palm on his chest also rest my chin on it.
“I’m lucky too. I find the most amazing girl” he says with a smile.
“Ask me?”
“What?” I say
“You want to ask me something. What is it?”
“Why you say that?”
“Ginger you have a face that it what to know something. Ask me?” I frown
“How you know me so good after so little time?” I ask
“Im good to read people” he says
“Ask me”
“Why you love me? I know is weird question. But I have to understand. What is that you like about me that make you love me”
“I will tell you but then you will tell me why you love me”
“Ok” he thinks little
“I love your eyes, in which I see the ocean. I love this perfect smile, which comes out so spontaneously sometimes. I love your breath, because I take life from it. Don’t ask me again why I love you. My love for you has no logical answer. I do not love you for anything logical, since love itself has its reasons, which the mind, but also the heart sometimes, can not understand. I love you because it's you, just you” I smile. He has right, love his no logic
“Your turn”
“How I’m going to start after that” I say and he giggles
“You were in my mind when I woke up this morning. Funny how I just can not stop thinking about you. We did not meet one month ago, and now you are the most important person in my life.” I say and he smiles
“I have loved you since the first time I saw you, yes that night I stumbled upon you, and when I turned to you to apologize you smiled, I have really loved that smile ever since. You love me for that who I am and thank you for that” he smile and he pull me and kiss me again.
“I never felt like that before Dany. I look at you one time and since then I’m dreaming a family with you. I know is so early. I know that, this is how I really feel” oh my God , family?
“You don’t have to say something, really” he pull away my hair from my face.
“I have to tell you something”
“Should I be worried?” I ask
“No its good.” He takes a deep breath
“I’m buying a house to leave from my parents house. Now that I staying and I start a new job.”
“Okay. That’s good for you”
“For us. The main reason is I want to have a place for us.”
“I really want to ask to come live with me but you will say it’s to soon” oh my God, Ryan, the Greek god Ryan wants to live with me.
“But the offer is open. Whatever you want to move with me I will wait for you” I stay still to look at him
“Ginger?” He says worried
“Wow that’s was unexpected. Oh God” I say and I sit on the bed
“Ginger? Listen I...”
“Ryan it’s fine. I’m really happy that you feel like that. And it will be great to live with you. I think we should wait a little. It’s been one month that we know each other and we are together. Lets try sleepovers and we see where all this thing going” he smiles
“It’s fine. I told that you will say it’s soon”
“Ryan believe me. I really want to end up living together and start a family. But do not rush things, it will come by itself.” He kiss me and he push me on the bed and comes on top of me.
“If you want slow, I will go slow. But I want at least four times in week to sleep with me.” He say and he kiss me. He holds my hands and our fingers become entangled on top of my head, he don’t break the kiss.
“Well?” He asks and kiss my neck, I moan
“Say yes” he says and he kiss the spot on my neck that I can resist. I bite my lower lip. His other hand go down and his fingers play with my clit.
“Say yes”
“You.... aaa.... not play fair.... oh fuck” he return to my lips
“Say it”
“Ok ok you win”
“Say yes”
“YES” I say and he bite my lower lip. Fucking teaser
“Good girl” and make me climax again. I open my eyes and I look at him. He has a smirk on his face.
“You are jerk. Whatever you want something for me you will take like that? Is not fair” he laughs and lays beside me
“Life isn’t fair baby and as if I’m jerk.” He turns his head and looks at me
“I’m your jerk” he says with a stupid smile on his face. I show him my tongue and he open his arm and pull me close to him. I like when he holds me on his chest and I hear his heartbeat.
“You know you are the first one I met that make laugh and I can make jokes without getting mad. It’s something else I love about you” he says and squeeze me closer kissing my head.
“Expect Alexis you are the first one that I am me. You have take away my shyness and I am me naturally”
“You don’t know how happy that makes me. I want be you self with me. And I know you need time, but I don’t want to be shy neither with my family. She love you before I came back and start dating. My mom and Laura they talked about you and Alexis when I communicate with them”
“Yes. They love both of you and the talking with the best words about you two. So I want to through away your shyness and be yourself with them to.”
“I try.” I lift my head
“You will there to hold my hand?”
“Of course baby”
“Then I will be happy to leave my self free” he smile and he lean to kiss my lips.
“Ok sleep now. I tired you tonight”
“I don’t mind.” We giggle and he kiss me.
“Goodnight baby”
“Goodnight love”

The next morning I wake up on an empty bed, I was little nervous but when a delicious smell fill my nose I understand that Ryan is in the kitchen. I go to bathroom to do my business and when I wear a black dress until my knees I went downstairs. I enter the kitchen and I see my Greek god shirtless, he is only wearing his pants. Like commercial, he cooking and he hear music from the radio. Fuck how I get so lucky and this sexy man is all mine. I lean on the door frame and I keep staring at him. He move his hips like a pro. What a cutie ass. Suddenly he turn around and I smile at him. He smile back
“You like what you see?”
“You know I do” I say and I play with my hair.
“You have nice moves. And that cutie ass you have. Wow” I say and he laughs. He put the pancakes on the plate and he brings and the eggs.
“You make too much. I eat less for breakfast”
“I tired you last night. I want to eat good” I smile and I walk to him. I pass my hands on his shoulder and I give his a kiss. Soon the kiss becomes more heated and passionate.
“What if I’m hungry for something else?” I say seductive and my one hand goes to his waist and the other lower.
“Fuck Dany, you don’t play fair” Ryan says as I touch his hard cock.
“I don’t play fair? I come to the kitchen and I see you shirtless moving that tight cute ass of yours and I’m not play fair?” He smile and he cup my face kissing me. I keep move my palm up and down on his cock. His eyes are closed and I go down on my knees.
“Fuck baby.” He says as I lower his pants and boxers I take his cock in my hand. I run my tongue from the base to the top and then I put him inside my mouth. I try to go as deeper I can. God he is so big. I touch his balls and he groan. His hand pull my hair back and he holds them on my head. I keep eyes contact with him.
“Baby I going to come” he say and his head falls back. I go faster and soon he pours inside my mouth groaning. I swallow and I clean him. He help me stand up
“Wow” he says and I smile
“That is a good breakfast” I say and he laughs.
“Ok let’s eat. I will have mine later. I want to feed you first” he say and he did it. After we eat and I place the plates in the sink he came from behind. He lift me to the counter and he eat me hungrily. Later I go to work with a huge smile on my face. All day Alexis didn’t stop teasing me.

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