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Chapter 7

Ryan pov

After I left Danielle at her salon I meet up with James to see the house of Mr Sean. I have see it already but I will see it with different eyes now. Soon will be mine to build a life with my Danielle.
“Good morning man”
“Morning James. Is Mr Sean in the house?”
“You are in hurry. Come let drink a coffee. He is at some work, he tell me he will be here around noon” we go in his house and his wife Penelope is in the kitchen.
“Good morning Penelope! How is the baby?” I ask and she turn around. She smiles
“Good morning Ryan. All good. Just you know, I’m eight months now and I’m getting more and more heavier. How is Danielle? Did you tell her about the party?” James birthday is Saturday and they make a party.
“Yes she will happy to come.” I say and James give me the coffee
“Great. We are so happy that you find someone and we will have you here Ryan.” Penelope says and James agreed.
“I tell her about the house. And I want soon to live with me” I say and James spits his coffee
“You? You ask from a girl to move in with you?”
“Danielle is not any girl. She is the one. I know it. I feel it. Just like you know it about Penelope”
“Yeah. But never before you where like that”
“The women I had met before wasn’t Danielle”
“Honey, Ryan he is right. Danielle is special, if make Ryan settle down is unique “ Penelope says and we continue chatting. The time passes and Mr Sean came. I saw the house again and we agreed about I buying it. I tell him to prepare the papers and call me about the signing. Then I go from the salon to take lunch with Danielle.
“Hello” I say as I enter and Danielle and Alexis and few customers turn the heads. I go closer to Danielle
“You have time later?” I asks her
“Yes. I’m finish with Mrs Tomson and I free for half hour. If you want go to wait in the back room” I nod, I give her a kiss on her forehead and I go to the back room. I take the food out of the bag, is not much, a turkey sandwich. After ten minutes Danielle enter and I stand up. She come closer and give me a long kiss. We break the kiss to breath and she smiles at me.
“What is it?” I ask
“Nothing just I missed you” she says blushing
“I missed you too. I saw the house” I say as we sit down next to each other and I give her the sandwich
“I close the deal. Tomorrow I will sing, Mr Sean will call me when the papers are ready”
“That’s good” she says eating her sandwich
“Oh Penelope and James are excited that you will come at the party. Alexis can come to, if she hasn’t something else to do” I say and she nod
“Sure I will tell her. How is Penelope? This week she had a appointment with her doctor”
“Everything are good. She complained about getting heavier”
“I guess is normal. She has a big boy as the doctor said to her” as we chat she has a text. She look her phone
“My sister to remind me her premiere next weekend.”
“You will go right?”
“Of course with Alexis. She already excited to go to New York. She will take me with her to all the stores for shopping” she says laughing
“You like shopping”
“I do but no with Alexis. She capable to every store to try all the clothes. I go see what I like, try on and if is good I take it”
“It’s the first time to see a woman to not like shopping”
“I told you I like it but no shopping for hours. And I’m not the only. I’m sure there are more like me” I kiss her lips and I rest my forehead on hers.
“Hi guys” Alexis enter inside and we put some space between us.
“You continue. I will drink little water”
“I have bring a sandwich and for you if you hungry”
“You try a lot to impress me for your benefit Ryan.” She look at me and she drinking her way. Then she says
“Well Danielle is happy so you are good for know” I breath relief and we laughing. I have Alexis approval so I’m good for now.
“Thanks for the sandwich. I go out my aunt is here for her nails I will eat later” she leaves the room and I return my focus on my Danielle
“You will help with the house?”
“Sure. What do you need?”
“Nothing much, to help me pick furniture, bed” I say with more meaning the word bed and she smiles
“Okay. We should try it first” she says blushing
“That’s for sure” I say and I kiss her again. I pull her on my lap and we continue kissing. My hands caress her back and hers are in my hair.
“I mean what I say last night”
“Which of all?”she asks
“About living with me. Take all the time you need. And about your help at the house. I want to decorate as you like. As some day you come live there. Because one day you will come live with me. I know it” I say and she smiles.
“I will think about it. I told you last night let’s live the moment for while. And when the time is right I will move with you” she says and she kiss me.
“Dany, Mrs Harles is here” Alexis says from outside
“I’m coming” Danielle says, she give one last kiss and she stands up.
“I will see you later?” She asks and I nod
“Sure. You finish around six right?”
“If change something I will call or text you” she says and we go out the room. I say bye and I’m leaving. I will meet Joshua for see place about our company. He know a building few minutes from downtown. I so excited my life is going so much happier and dreamy. I own to my self and those friends I lost in war zone to love and live a happy life..

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