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Robert - Rob for short, CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in New York and the world as well. Billionaire as well as a gift to women. Voted every year as one of the sexy men in the country and a bachelor. He may be seen with different women for every event that he attends but he never settled for one. Ruthless and authoritative in terms of business but no one knows behind that stoic and nonchalant personality. There's a deep longing that the heart desires. Veronica - Roni for short, smart, loving, and confident. A college student and dreams of a better future for herself, her grandma, her big brother, and her only nephew. All she ever wanted was to have her own business and finish school - Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur. Despite the responsibility, she tends to go with the flow of her life - to strive for her dream but love was just forgotten. [Author's note: Cover design is not mine. I would love to find the creator of it. Discover it in my Pinterest feed. Hope you enjoy my first chapter. Let me hear what you think. Thank you.]

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

November 27 Saturday

Silver Cufflinks - Check

Black Bowtie - check

Armani Black Suit with vest and a white shirt underneath - Check

Armani Black shoes with socks - check

Cutout One-shoulder Crepe Gown with Skirt Slit - Check

Added with a silver clutch, diamond bracelet, and hoop earring - check.

Thank you Manager Jake and you know where to charge to, Roni said.

You are welcome, Ms. Roni. You know where to go for the next project. Manager Jake wink at Roni when he hands over the goods. Any news regarding Mr. Peterson date tonight? Jake whispered.

Roni just winked at him and said See you next week Mgr. Jake.

Frank let’s go straight to Ms. Cole to deliver her gown for tonight and directly to Mr. Peterson Penthouse afterward, Roni directed.

As you wish Ms. Vergara, Frank mentioned.

Frank, just call me Roni. We have been doing this for a year now. Will you please, Roni begged.

He looks at her through the rearview mirror and smiled - Will try Ms. Vergara, he said. Mr. Peterson provided the service of Frank to Roni whenever there’s a last-minute event that he needed to attend.

Ms. Veronica Vergara or Roni for short. 22 years old, senior student for Business Management and accountancy minor in Fashion Design. Youngest of 2 siblings and right now she is working her own business with her best friend Dessa as a Personal Shopper. At the moment they have 2 clients and they been working with them for a year now. So far two clients have been pleased with their works. And one of her clients is the multi-billionaire CEO of Peterson & Sons - Mr. Robert Peterson.

Mr. Peterson

The gown and accessories are been delivered to Ms. Cole. I chose black for your outfit tonight base on your event. And it is ready for you at your Penthouse.

We hope you like it and enjoy it.

Ms. Vergara

<Message Sent>

Mrs. Betty, are you here? Roni called.

I’m here at the kitchen, sweetheart. Mrs. Betty replied.

She is Mr. Peterson’s all around housekeeper. Mrs. Betty has been serving the Peterson when she was 18 and even before Robert was born.

How are you, sweetheart? care for a cookie? She offered.

I am good and glad for Mr. Peterson’s last-minute project. I really needed it. Roni answered and grab one of the cookies.

Roni went straight to Mr. Peterson’s master bedroom and prepared the necessary items. She set-up the suit and other accessories that he needed - Cufflinks, a watch, and a handkerchief.

Mrs. Betty, Mr. Peterson’s suit is ready for tonight and if there’s some problem please let me know. I need to leave now since my Lola (translation- grandmother) and baby drew is waiting for me. Bye, now and thank you for the cookies. Roni walked out as she grabs one more cookie.

Bye, now sweetheart and I will see you next time. She replied.

Roni is half-American and half-Filipino. Her family moved to the US right after her father retired from the military. Her grandmother from her mother’s side is living with her and her 2-year-old nephew Andrew.

<ding> Message Notification

Ms. Vergara

thank you for the suit tonight. Expect the payment tomorrow with extra bonus.

Mr. Peterson


Your Welcome Sir. and thank you.

Ms. Vergara

Perfect timing I will be needing that for my online class for this coming semester. One more semester and I am done. I still need to finalize the report for the Burner Accounting profile, that is almost done and I will submit the report by tonight. And if things go well I can add an extra load of work for me and Dessa for Personal Shopper. Roni’s line of thoughts as she heads back to her house.

She arrives just in time for Dinner. Her grandma was preparing dinner when she went in. Hearing from the back was small tiny footsteps and some stomp on the floor. He was dragging his fire truck with him. Baby Drew, her nephew from her Older brother John. He heard Roni’s voice and just went running towards her- grabbing her legs.

Mommy Roni! Baby Drew called

Dinner is ready Roni! go wash and join me. Lola Esmeralda said.

Yes, I will Lola. baby Drew and I will get ready. How are you, big boy! As she carried him towards her. I am good, he said.

He may be 2 but he is the genius one - he learns to walk at 6 months and started conversing with them at 1. Now his two he is able to read and write. But despite his genius, he is still a child.

Where is Kuya (big brother), John Lola? I haven’t seen him since yesterday. Roni asked her.

I don’t know Roni. I tried to call him and he didn’t answer. I am worried about him. He’s getting worst and neglecting his son. Lola Esmeralda explained.

Don’t worry Lola, I will check on him later with his friends. He might be looking for a job. Roni comforted her Lola.

Roni knew what’s going on with her brother. She didn’t tell her grandma for she doesn’t want her to worry too much. Her Brother has been depressed and grieving for the past 7 months since his wife and their parents died in the car accidents. He took it hard especially when he found that his wife was 4 months pregnant with their second baby.

John Vergara Jr, Roni’s brother was in the military too. He followed their father’s footsteps. He was assigned overseas - the Philippines was his last destination. Likely he grew up there and he still had some relatives. He was on his way back to New York after his military assignment when the accident happen. His mom, dad, and wife planned to surprise him at the airport. Baby drew was sick at that time - Roni and her Lola decided to stay home to watch over Drew.

It was raining hard and the road was slippery- a Drunk driver loose control went in the opposite direction. Head-on collision and dragged the car that hit a barricade that impacted the back of the vehicle, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr. and Mrs. Vergara was DOA. Mia his wife was trying to fight for her life and the baby. The impact was unthinkable - Doctor’s tried to save her but it was too late.

Roni and her Lola pull themselves together for the rest of the family. But the grief is taking a toll on her brother. There are only 4 of them but she manages to put them together. She almost opted to go back to Manila and start a new but that will not do good for the support and pension that they are receiving from the military - plus New York found a place in her heart as the fashion designer.

Roni went out of their back yard and enjoyed the spring night, looking up the sky there were stars.. blinking and twinkling towards here... “Tomorrow will be another day and new adventures await”, Roni whispered.

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