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A mafia book with a twist... well a few twists.

Romance / Erotica
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Adelaide sat there on her stool, staring at the blank canvas in front of her. Covered in wet, white glossy fluid waiting for someone to express something onto it. It could be feelings, a memory, a landscapeor random thoughts. The canvas was dying to be... something that held meaning.

She sighed and placed all her painting supplies on the table next to her. She said while thinking about if it was really worth it? Was it really worth it to marry some random Greek man just to become leader of the Leroux mafia. Since she was a little girl it's all she ever dreamed of, everything she did up until this point was to prepare for it. Now, all of a sudden her father is telling her she has to marry to get what rightfully belongs to her?

Adelaide flopped onto the bed and blew out another puff of air. She turned her head to the side to let her face bask in the sunlight that was invited into the room through the window. She laid there enjoying the warm, she would soon be whisked away to some giant, cold empty mansion. She needed all the warmth she could get right now, she will savor and enjoy every drop of it.

Soon enough a knock came at the door. The door handle turned right after without waiting for a "come in", Adelaide then knew it was her father.

"He's here already?" She asked.

"Oui, come on cherie"

Adelaide groaned then rolled herself off the bed. "Papa, I don't wanna go"

He put his arm around her shoulda and pulled her in for a side hug. "I know you don't want to do this, but you have to", Michel said actually showing sadness which is a rarity, "remember you'll always be my little Laidey."

Adelaide sighed then decided to walk downstairs with her father. They walked into the conference room and were met with 3 attractive Greek men in suits sitting around the table. Adelaide and her father sat on the other side with them along with her mother. She sat between her parents in silence. Her mother gave her a knowing look as she squeezed her hand under the table. Her mother never liked the idea of marrying her daughter off to some random mafia don she didn't know. Her baby was only 21, the man she's supposed to marry is 32. Her mother, Amelie, freaked out when she heard about the age gap a year ago when the agreement was first mentioned, but there was nothing she could do. Amelie eventually calmed down and started to learn to live with it.

"So... this is the young Adelaide we've heard so much about" said the man in the middle, sitting directly across from Adelaide.

She immediately started to feel uncomfortable. "Heard so much about?" she thought. What had he heard about her. What did he think of her. She became anxious, but she didn't she it. She didn't want to let them know.

Adelaide assumes the man before her was the man that she was supposed to marry. He didn't look 32 he seemed a bit younger. More like 26 or 27. She didn't like the age gap between her and her betrothed. It kinda grossed her out, but it is just an arrangement. It's not a real marriage, so hopefully nothing to worry about. He had brown curly hair, blue eyes, and pink plump lips. She must admit he is attractive, but not her type. Adelaide was more into the tall, dark, and mysterious type of guy. The man before her is more boyish than she'd like. "I could deal with this" she thought to herself.

"Yes I am Adelaide Leroux, and I assume that you're Adonis Nikolou?" She questioned

"No", he chuckled, "The boss couldn't make it today... he had other business to attend to."

"More important than the biggest alliance in crime history and his future wife?" Michel questioned.

"He's... in the middle of something" the man in the middle replied with about her chuckle. Then man beside him nudged him. I'm pretty sure I knew what exactly he was in the middle of.


The black waves flew up and down his sweaty forehead, getting more damp with his very thrust. Adonis was in between some girls legs using his water gun on her. That's what he was in the middle of. Was he supposed to be meeting his future wife right now? Yes. Does it matter to him? No. He didn't really care about the marriage, Adonis was only focused on the alliance. He planned on divorcing Adelaide as soon as he got the opportunity to right after marriage. He never liked the idea of doting on some woman that would just make life difficult for him. Not only did he hate the idea of catering to someone's needs, he'd also knew that Adelaide was black. Adonis didn't necessarily have anything against black people, so he believed, it's just that black woman in particular scared him. He believed all black woman were the "strong black woman" stereotype. He thought they were so confident and bold. They weren't the type to take no bullshit from anyone. He didn't like that, he liked to have complete control over his women at all times. Adonis was very dominate and controlling.

Adonis was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the most obnoxious loud moan come from the blonde, Russian girl in from of him. He was displeased. Adonis stopped and tied off his bag of children then threw it into the trash. The Russian girl pleaded to him in her native language. He didn't pay her any mind, he just carried onto his business and walked into the shower.

By the time he finished she was still nagging in Russian. Adonis has gotten annoyed. He towered over her, blonde woman's lips stopped blabbing.

"Are you done yet?"

She couldn't even speak anymore. It was either because her voice was hoarse or the menacing aura of the man standing before her. She gulped and looked into his eyes as she nodded furiously.

"Good", he wrapped his hands around her throat. "Don't ever piss me off again. Now go."

The little woman hobbled to grab her clothes, she left the room as quickly as possible. Adonis smirked then took a sip of his water. His phone buzzed beside him. He scrolled through the notification until one caught his eye.

Boss, there's something going on with the Leroux. We can't secure the deal without you. Hit me back ASAP
- Wilson

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