The Kiss

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Elizabeth "Liz" Cranston is down on her luck. A series of ridiculously terrible events lead her to a terrible place in life; behind the local Starbucks next to the dumpster surviving on the scraps the generous manager bestows to her. One day that luck changes when an accident, a very fortunate one for Liz, changes her life forever. Follow Liz on her journey from gross dumpster chick to the Gem Sisters personal.............partner?

Romance / Humor
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Character Backgrounds


Elizabeth Cranston
Age: 22
Golden Brown Eyes
Light Brown Hair
She has a very light dusting of freckles on the bridge of her nose and a 4.5" long scar from her left cheek down to the back of her left ear. She had ambitions to be a musician. She is half Puerto Rican and half American.

Emerald Dupont
Age: 26
Silvery Blue Eyes
Chestnut Brown Hair
She is the oldest sister and the most hard-working of the four. She definitely has wisdom beyond her years and her three sisters look up to her diligently. She is a natural-born leader and like her biological mother Angelica, has a natural knack for business. She is hyper-protective of her siblings.

Ruby Dupont
Age 25
Crystalline Blue Eyes
Natural Platinum Blonde
She is the second oldest daughter and the best with numbers. She took over as the head of accounting for the family business. She is much more laid back than Emerald, however, when she is in work mode she can be a bit of an asshole to those around her without meaning to. Her biological mother is Christina.

Topaz Dupont
Age: 24
Seafoam Green Eyes
Raven Hair
Doesn’t Use a Label
She is the second youngest daughter and the best when it comes to speaking. Her charisma has won over many clients for the family business, half of which she didn’t even want. She is the most playful of the sisters, often pulling small pranks on the others for fun. She was adopted when she was 4 months old from a small city in Britain.

Sapphire Dupont
Age: 23
Heterochromia Eyes, One Bright Blue and One Dark Green
Fiery Red Hair
The youngest sister and the laziest of the bunch. She works hard when it comes to the business, where she manages I.T. She is an avid gamer and nerd and spends a lot of time watching anime. She was adopted when she was 7 months old from Paris.


Angelica Dupont
Age: 51
Brown Eyes
Chestnut Brown Hair
The founder and creator of Dupont Industries, a large company that deals with Make-Up, Fashion, and Modeling. She was with her husband from the ages of 18 to 26 where she eventually left him after years of abuse. She ended up pregnant because of this but refused to let him see his daughter. Through this ordeal, she met Christina Dupont, her at the time lawyer and now wife, and turned her life around. She has one biological daughter and three adopted children.

Christina Dupont
Age: 48
Sky Blue Eyes
Platinum Blonde Hair
She was Angelica’s lawyer when she was divorcing her husband, and throughout the process fell in love with Angelica. She is a sweet, kind, and caring mother and partner. Everyone around her looks up to her, especially Angelica. She quit her job and joined Angelica’s company as an in-house representative lawyer. After a couple of years of marriage, she gave birth to her and Angelica’s child, Ruby.

Madaline Richards
Age: 25
Dark Chocolate Brown Eyes
Raven Hair
She is the sibling’s best friend, as well as an occasional hookup. She loves them all dearly and would take a bullet for them. She considers herself straight even though she quite often has romantic and sexual moments with the sisters. She claims she has always been drawn to them, but no others. She is head of security at the company. Women and men drool over her looks with her toned body and her chocolate skin.

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