Mafia Puppet

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❝He was a killer and I was his darling puppet. ❞ ••• A sinner in the disguise of a smaller one. Antonio Giordano was a cold-blooded murderer. His intense gaze and sickening smirk was the last thing his victims saw before they were killed. He was a devil in the disguise of an angel's body. Or so, the world thought. They called him the Ace...or the Capo. She called him something entirely different. Francesca Lastra was his the moment she entered adulthood and she had made amends with the fact. It was her destiny and if not him then someone worse. But that didn't mean she didn't fear the outcome. After all, rumours were all she had of him. A newly wedded couple. A war ordered. A young girl to protect. And everything filled with strife and chaos. Possibly, what could go wrong? •••

Romance / Thriller
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Mafia Puppet

• E P I G R A P H •

"I never wanted to be a princess yet I was already the queen." ~ Mafia Puppet

• I N S P I R A T I O N S •

Don Amore (up to 17 chapters) by LittleRebelxo (from Wattpad)
Miss Perfect and Her Brothers by isabelas7 (from Wattpad)

• S O C I A L •

Wattpad: LittleVixenQueen



• C O P Y R I G H T •

© 2020 Copyright Infrigment. All Rights Reserved to LittleVixenQueen.

It is probhited to sell, use and copy (even a small scene) from this book. I, Vera Queen (LittleVixenQueen), retain all the rights provided by the copyright law which includes distribution, preformance and creation of my work. This book is only published on Wattpad and Inkitt. If found somewhere else kindly contact me through DM and report the story.

• W A R N I N G •

This book has dark and abusive contact. It is not all roses. Men are more vicious and dominating. If you cannot handle abusive and toxic relationships this is not a place for you. Murders, betrayal, rape, sexual content, blood, gore, etc., will most likely be involved. And, I do not condone any of it.

• D I S C L A M E R •

If there is any connection to living or dead, it is purely coincidental and I do not mean to offend anyone. This is just written for entertainment purposes and nothing else. None of the pictures, songs or headers I use are mine. They belong to their respectivable owners. I own no pictures that I use or will use. This book is a work of fiction. I do not know how mafia actually functions. Some rituals and content is solely based on small research I have done. Things would be exaggerated or sugarcoated for entertainment purposes. Also, not all rituals or scenes are researched. Some are just made up. If you have any questions don't hesitate to DM me.

• P L E A S E D O N ' T •

- Do not trash talk and be insensitive about things. I do not tolerate it.

- Do not criticize my book with the intent of hurting me. I'm not a professional and this is just for fun.

- Don't copy my book. I work hard and it's really self centred if you to do so. Ideas come within the heart, not someone else's.

- Don't judge my characters and their sexuality or colour. Every character is special and unique in their own way. Don't say bad stuff about them. Everyone is not like you.

• P L E A S E D O •

- Do help me with my grammar and edit my work if you can but if someone has already done it don't do it again. That is very discouraging.

- Do share your ideas. I sometimes get inspired or might do a bonus chapter.

- Do give me your honest feedback. I'm not saying to write an essay or anything but it would be nice for me to read feedback where it actually helps my writing skills.

• N O V E L S •

| Our Deadly Crimes |
Mafia Puppet (Francesca + Antonio; Giordano)
Mafia Psychopath (Arianna + Romeo Vitale)

• O V E R A L L •

The book holds sensitive content.

Not a prime romance story.

Past Tense + First Person Point of View. This books is solely on the MC's POV with occasional scenes in between written in Third Person POV.

• T I M E - L I N E •

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