Mafia Puppet

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07 | a moment of peace

I WAS BORED. Mya barely talked to me without quivering and no one else was home. For the past few hours, I was answering the calls of congratulations from my cousins and fellow wives of the society. And then I got bored so I ignored some of the calls that weren't really necessary. It was a mean thing to do but I felt nothing good about this alliance. The congratulations were like a slap to the face.

The house was big and well designed with the key colours as gold, white and black. It reminded me of my house but this was bigger. There were two dark stairs that connected at the top. At the bottom, where they were separated, there was a small glass round table in the middle with fake flowers on top in a vase. A little ahead were the double doors that led outside.

From the top, I could see parts of the living room and the halls leading to the kitchen and basement. I decided to check that out later. I wanted to see my new house better. So far, nothing seemed too appealing or different. Growing up in a rich family, all these prestigious things weren't new.

The upstairs was also filled with multiple living rooms and glass walls. Everything was placed perfectly and seemed close to unused. I could see the Don and I's room in a dark corridor. It wasn't anything different but it was away from the other rooms which meant more privacy. I wasn't sure if I wanted more privacy with a stranger.

I figured that he liked everything simple but beautiful because all the walls were a nice beige colour and many of the couches were just plain or black. The floor upstairs was a cherry colour just like the bedroom and filled with light, fuzzy carpets on top.

I rubbed my hands together as I kept walking. I was yet to explore the other side because this one was already big. I nearly paused when I spotted another room. Even from the outside, I could tell it was a big room. The door was wider.

Complementing whether I should go in or not, I finally decide to do so. This was my house too, right? I should know my recourses. I should be more aware.

Pushing the oak door open I came face to face with the sight of books. A bunch of them. "Oh, my gosh." I could barely hear my own voice as I stared at the mesmerizing sight.

The place was so tidy that it was instantly my favourite. I loved books. They made me forget the reality and, as of right now, I wanted nothing more than to do so. I loved the tales of romance. I loved the cliche. It made my life easier by imagining myself in their positions. I loved how there were mafia men who respected and cherished their woman in them even though it was a tale that held barely any truth.

Walls with big neatly placed books made me not want to ruin it but they looked too inviting. I grabbed a random novel and wandered into the spacious seating area with glass walls surround it. It was so peaceful. I could see the view of the green forest outside.

It didn't take long before I was engaged in the novel, Maze Runner. But something had to ruin my peace.

Sophia. The caller ID read.

I didn't pick up. It was for her better. She didn't know where I lived or even who I really was. She just knew my name and one day, she'll give up just like everyone else did. I needed to move on from my old life. That was the promise every girl made to the Family.

Bitter thoughts clouded my head, stopping me from reading further. I had to read each line multiple times to finally understand it. My happy mood was gone and I was back into the world of chaos. I was back into reality.

On the couch beside me, there was a drawer. Hoping to find a bookmark I opened it only to find a gun. I wasn't surprised. This was the head Family. Guns would be everywhere.

I quickly shut the drawer and opened another one. It had papers and pencils. I sigh of relief left my lips. I didn't want to see another weapon.

• • •

My phone rang again making me stop my sketch. It was the same person. Sophia.

And I still refused to pick up. My finger wavered over the blocking button but I chickened out. I was pathetic. I still didn't want her to give up on me.

But her call also reminded me of the time. It was a few hours before the dinner and considering that a lot of people were coming I had to organize the tables and cook the food. I didn't want to make a bad impression in front of the Family, especially since Antonio didn't allow us to stay for the after wedding rituals and reception.

I placed the sheet of paper back inside the drawer. I would finish it later when I was bored. With a last glance at the place, I left the isolated room. The halls were dimmed with the evening dawn.

I remembered a time when Father had guests over. I was eighteen. I was specifically asked to cook a proper, exquisite meal. The guests had to love it. At the time, I didn't know the guest was the Don's father, Raffaello Giordano. I didn't know that he was there to find a suitable match for his well-groomed son and me, he thought, was the most suitable candidate. I didn't understand why though. Father wasn't a big man at the time.

I remembered him calling me sexy. Then, he had called my food even better than me. He had told us that he wanted me in his family.

"She is who I want for my oldest son," he had said. It wasn't anything fatherly. It was as if it was his duty. After all, our Family's weddings were always arranged. Love marriages were a sin but they happened once in a while.

The lights were on in the kitchen, telling me that Mya was already set to work. I cleared my throat when I saw her taking the pans out of the cupboards. I must've surprised her because she almost dropped it.

Just like before, her hair was tied in an elegant bun and her face was clear of any makeup. "Do we start now?" I asked her. I didn't want the food getting cold and then getting scolded for it.

"Yes, ma'am." Her hands were quivering.

"What are you planning to make?" I felt like I was interrogating her. I wasn't usually like this.

"Everything. I mean, when the Don hosts such dinners he expects me to have vegetarian and meat ready with some desserts in the end."

I clapped my hands together in an overly cheery manner that even I had to hide my cringe. "Well then, let's get started."
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