Mafia Puppet

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08 | a white dress

WE WERE DONE before anyone came. It was an hour before eight and I didn't hear or see Antonio. I was getting worried. Did he forget about it? But that was unlikely. The Don was never careless. Or so, I've heard. And because of this assumption, I was merely surprised when I saw him in our room fixing his belt. He had changed from a white shirt to a grey one with black slacks.

My eyes widened when I saw him. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were home."

I quickly lowered my eyes. It was disrespectful to talk to him like that. He was my father's boss as well as my boss too. He ran the Family. His word was law.

"I just arrived," he spoke. His voice didn't give away his emotion but I could feel that he was tensed. It made me question his relationship with his family.

I was surprised he answer me. My cousins had told me that their husbands would sometimes give them a lesson for asking such absurd questions or at least taunt them. I didn't ask. I gave a statement so he answered himself, right?

"Oh." I shut the door behind me. I didn't want to seem rude and go into the closet to avoid him.

"Get ready and don't wear anything revealing. We have Nonno coming." He gave off a vibe of not liking the man. But why? He was the Don's grandfather.

Every Mafia Family had their own problems. There were many people we didn't like but we had to be friends with. One had to be on the top to control everyone. That one person was my husband so how was Nonno his enemy? They should be allies at least. Or was I just thinking too much?

I nodded before thinking better. "Yes."

He moved away from the closet and sat on the large king-sized bed in the middle. He didn't spare me a glance and I was glad. My luggage was still unpacked and I felt stupid for not doing it earlier. What would he think of me now?

I carefully placed the luggage down on the wooden floor before zipping it open. I knew that that was the one with all my dresses and jewelry. I had specifically placed them differently. I had plenty of outfits. Even new ones. I chose few new dresses to pick from.

There was a large mirror and dressing table here. I quickly took my cosmetics and the few dresses out. It didn't take long for me to decide. I took the one that made me look appealing yet decent. It was a white off-shoulder, long-sleeved dress that hugged all my curves and fell just below my knees. I remembered it looked good on me when I had bought it a few months ago.

I was glad that the bathroom was connected to the closet because I didn't want to see him. I quickly escaped to the bathroom and locked both doors before getting out of my clothes.

The warm water cooled my frightened heart. I felt myself relaxing even though it was just for few minutes. I needed it.

• • •

IT WAS FIFTEEN minutes before eight and no one was here yet. It gave me more time to prepare. I didn't know if the Don was still in the bedroom but I didn't bother checking. From the bathroom, I went straight into the closet and started getting ready.

As I stared at myself in the mirror I couldn't help but feel trapped. I never had any freedom and I never will. I was dolled up in a house I was supposed to call my own but I couldn't even rule over it. I had a strong belief that a man rules the world but a woman rules his house. My beliefs were never replicated. Instead, men ruled everything in my world. I didn't care how my husband behaved outside but I wanted him just as my lover inside the house.

I twirled a piece of my curled light brown hair. I was lucky that I had natural golden highlights otherwise the curls would've looked very dull. My hair was clipped back with few layers framing my oval-round face. My lips, which were naturally plump with a tinge of pink and red, were coated with a crimson colour today. It made me feel bold and superior. Dark strips of eyeliner coated my eyes, making them sharper and more alluring.

I looked beautiful.

The makeup hid my emotions. It made me feel like I could take on the world all by myself. It gave me false hope that I could, just maybe, escape one day. But I knew that was not possible. I was never able to leave my father. How would I be able to leave my husband? He was the Don.

I wore my pair of red stilettos, knowing that it would look good with my white dress. Even though the shoes were painful if worn for hours, they were my favourite ones and I always wore them on special occasions. I was dressing to impress today.

My heels clicked against the wooden floor as I softly pulled the closet door open.

He wasn't there.

Relief fell upon me. I didn't have to face him and I had just about ten minutes left to analyze everything one last time before people would start to come.

For the first time, I was glad for the classes Father sent me to proper my walking style and my way of talking. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me but after I was betrothed to the Don, Father wanted me to be more than just perfect.

The halls were bright with light and decorated with red flowers. I wandered to the dining hall. It looked even posher than before with the rich and exaggerated stuff placed. The table was long and looked about fit to twenty or so people. No wonder the Don didn't sit there. It was just too gloomy and lonely.

My phone rang once again, bothering me with its constant ringing. I cut the call without looking. I knew who it was from.

Or at least, I thought I did.

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