Mafia Puppet

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16 | a late night conversation

HE RAISED AN eyebrow making me question my choice of words. Embarrassment creeped up neck and I couldn't meet his eyes. "I mean I have to tell you something."

He nodded his head for me to continue as he wore a pair of sweatpants and threw on a baggy T-shirt over to cover his muscles. I liked him naked though.

Shut up, Franci!

"My friend Sophia called and I picked up," I started. I knew that if I looked into his eyes I'd start trembling. I didn't want to see my ultimate death either after I tell him this. "I didn't pick up her calls at first but then I accidentally did and found out that her dad's an officer. She's going to get him to investigate on me if I don't go have dinner with them. Or, at least, meet with her and console her that there is nothing wrong. She doesn't know about this or us."

Fear spiked my nerves when I saw him reach up but relaxed when he just fixed his shirt. When he didn't say anything I fought my fear and looked up only to find him taking his watch off without an ounce of care on his face. He wasn't mad? He didn't even look like he cared.

I waited for him to speak. He did after throwing his watch somewhere. "Do you want to go?" He asked, looking at me.

I quickly shook my head. "No," I lied. He probably wanted me to say that.

I didn't even have time to move away when his hand reached up in speed and fisted my long hair, dragging me incredibly close. I held my breath and if I moved an inch his lips would've touched mine. I really didn't want that right now. My body hit his chest as I held onto him for balance. One of my hands grabbed his wrist out of reflex and tried to pull his hand off.

I stared at him in fear but he still didn't seem to care. "You don't lie to me, Doll." His voice was deep and controlled. It was the type of voice that dominated everyone and I was no exception.

I swallowed and quickly nodded before verbally replying. "Yes, Do-Antonio."

"You didn't answer my question right." He raised a eyebrow, daring me to lie again. I didn't. I wasn't that stupid.

"Yes. I do want to go," I mumbled. He loosened his grip on my hair but didn't let go. Thankfully, the sting started to fade a bit.

"Meet her tomorrow at eight. I'll have our men escort you." He let me go before making his way to the bathroom. A shaky breath tore out of me.

I didn't expect anything different but it still hurt. At least, he was better than Father so far. I quickly grabbed my nightie that was far too short for my liking before heading to bed and pulling the blankets over me in an attempt to protect myself. I knew it was futile if he really wanted to have his way with me but it gave me a sense of security. I felt less...naked.

I felt a sense of surprise that he was actually letting me go. He was allowing me to go meet her. He wasn't going to kill her or forbid me from saying good bye. Despite him being harsh on me minutes ago, I felt thankful. A man like him allowing me to meet my friends was a big thing. It was not the most normal thing in the whole world but in the Giordano Mafia Family, it was bigger than clipping someone out without the word of higher authority. It was giving a woman some freedom.

Old friends had never been allowed for women. We were seen as the weak who would get influenced to snitch. But despite that, Antonio allowed me knowing that Sophia's father was an officer. He trusted me and I wasn't going to break that trust. Ever.

• • •

The next day didn't pass any differently. I sat with the brothers for breakfast. They left for either school or work and I spent my day in the library. I hadn't forgotten to check the top floor. I had and the place was more intimidating than any other place I've ever been to. I had felt like a mouse in a lion's den. Though the place was neat and tidy, there was a claustrophobic edge to it. It wasn't filled with big windows and the lights were dimmed. The room practically sent off dangerous vibes. The curtains were all closed.

I applied my make up. It was light because I was going to Sophia's house and I didn't want her to suspect anything so I dressed the way I usually did. The dress was pretty that fell inches below mid thigh and was short sleeved with a decent v-neck. It was tight before it loosened up a bit at the bottom. The floral design and black heels finished the look with a light tinge of makeup. I looked like the rich girl I was.

Since I was going to an FBI's house, I quickly used foundation to cover up the tattoo—a drawing of a triangle with a circle overlapping it and black rose in the middle—behind my ear. It was the Family symbol. The symbol never gave away one's rank but it told them to back of if shown. Everyone knew what it meant and no one wanted to mess with the mob, especially the Giordano Family. We were notorious for trafficking and racketeering. Police wanted us down more than any Family and I, honestly, didn't blame them.

The reputation wasn't built by Antonio. It was only fuelled by him. It was built by Rafaello and his unhealthy love for women. He had always kidnapped them before selling them off. From rumours I've heard, Antonio had just strayed the police's attention away from the mob for a while—well enough for him to hide all the evidence before the cases on Raffaello even begin.

Despite not experiencing it first hand, I was quite familiar with rape and the events almost brought a bile up to my lips. The memories was too real and horrifying.

The door slammed open making me jump in fright. A frightened gasp left my lips at the sight of my husband. His eyes were narrowed into a glare and his shirt was bloody. I was too familiar with the sign and knew immediately what to do.

When he started discarding his clothes I immediately picked them up to cover the red trails before wrapping the shirt up together in a way the blood wouldn't touch me. He was pissed and the thought was confirmed when he slammed the washroom door shut and started the shower. I was confused on whether I should stay or go as I was really getting late for dinner. Would he want me to stay?

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