Mafia Puppet

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The Codes of Ours


"mafia is family." — mafia puppet


uno | "he who is deaf, blind and silent shall live a hundred years in peace." follow Omertà, the code of silence, if one shall will to see the next dawn.

due | one should not interfere in another brother's business. to do your own thing.

tre | one shall not engage in a battle they cannot win. play beside the Family or face the doors of hell.

quattro | be a man of honour. do not touch, see or feel another brother's women. respect the elders.

cinque | keep the ears and eyes open but the mouth shut. don't sell your brothers or enemies out. face the punishments like a man of honour.

sei| have class and independence. do not beg.

sette | one shall see the doors of hell before betraying the secrets of ours.

otto | one must never become involved with narcotics.




one shall be one of us with a prick of a needle on the base of his thumb, conjoining the blood on a burning card passed around to all.

we are men of honour and he will be our brother.


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