Mafia Puppet

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17 | a game of faith

I WAITED FOR him to come out once I sent a quick text to Sophia. She had called me early anyways so we could hang out.

When he came out, he didn't give away anything when he saw me sitting on the bed. His face was the same as before—emotionless.

"Why aren't you gone yet?" his cold voice spoke. He was shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist. It was as if he hadn't expected me to be there. He may have come of as rude but he was far nicer than many other people. At least, to me. I, of course, liked it.

And why hadn't he used the door connected to the closet? I didn't want to see him without his clothes. I had somewhere to be!

"Um, I was waiting for you. You were tense when you came in." It was more of a statement than a question.

He turned around. His eyes hard just like before. "You were waiting for me?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, uh, I should go now then. Silvio must be waiting." I knew without even asking that he'd sent Silvio with me. He was one of the most trusted bodyguards in the Family and my personal guard for years.

His eyes raked over my form but he didn't comment. The dress was a bit shorter than usual but it was one of my favourites and it was very casual and new. I was a sucker for dresses and this one was from Sophia on my birthday. I wanted to wear it for her and I could take a spanking for that later. Well, I knew it would be much more than just spanking.

I waited for him to make a comment or see any resistance and I sighed of relief when I safely made it downstairs. He didn't run after me and beat me up, telling me it was all a joke and that I should wear clothes that didn't even show an ounce of skin or that I wasn't allowed to go in the first place.

Dante, Costanzo and Omero were in the game room. I could hear them from all the way here, especially Costanzo and his lovely swearing. I could swear that the guy could never say a sentence without uttering either 'fuck' or 'fuck you' and especially 'fuck me.'

I found Silvio waiting by the two large double doors. I smiled at him. The man wasn't ugly but he wasn't my type either. He had too many tattoos on for my liking and he was too muscular. His tall height added to his frightening stance and his stone cold face reminded me of a statue. He was harder to read than anyone but I still felt safe around him. He respected me.

Silvio was a rare blonde in the Family and would often be interpreted as not Italian but that wasn't possible because no one can join the Nostra Vita without at least being half Italian. It was a major rule in every Italian Family that everyone followed. Silvio was a made man. That I knew for sure and how he climbed the ranks so fast was still a mystery because he was so young, barely even in his thirties.

"Good evening, Silvio." I was happy to see him. After my wedding, I didn't get to seen him and it was like I lost my shadow. He was like the brother I never had but silent and stalkerish. The kind of brother who would beat up the boyfriend his sister could rarely ever snag. If only everything was that normal in my life.

He nodded at me before opening the doors and leading me towards an SUV. All the cars were the same and I wasn't the least bit surprised when three cars followed us behind. I watched as the large mansion got smaller and smaller until it was mixed with the forest trees. We lived in a secluded area with forests surrounding it. I wasn't surprised. It hid the screams and terrors of people in agony. What could I say, my husband took pleasure in killing.

Silvio was the one driving. He had already known the address somehow but I didn't really care. It was obvious he'd know where she lived. Antonio Giordano was a big name and he could always pull some strings to do a background check on a mere girl. Antonio probably knew about her before we were even best friends. Anyone who'd I talk to would be background checked by Father or him.

The car ride wasn't short at all. On the way there, I could see the way to my old house. I didn't want to see it. It brought back the memories that I kept buried deep down.

Shortly after, we were parked outside Sophia's middle class house. It was a detached two-story house with plants gardened in the front. Compared to the mansion, this looked tiny. But it felt more like a home than even one of the hundred properties we owned.

It was my first time here. Silvio quickly rounded the car before I could move. He opened my door like a gentleman but was careful not to touch me. He was about to follow me before I stopped him.

"I'll manage from here," I told him but he looked far from ready to comply. But he just shut his mouth and stayed.

"I'll be right outside, Mrs. Giordano." It felt nice to be called that, surprisingly. It made me feel like I had finally gotten rid of Father but who was I kidding? He would always be engraved into me like blood. I was his blood after all.

"Thank you." I gave him a genuine smile before walking up the porch. I turned around and waited for him to get back in the car before ringing the doorbell. The car windows were tinted. No one could see him. They'd probably think I drove and my other bodyguards had their cars hidden.

I didn't even have to wait and the door was pulled open by my favourite blonde friend Sophia Magritte. She pulled me in for a bone crushing hug before quickly checking me for any injuries. She knew something was sketchy with my family. After all, she came from a cop family. It was risky. "Franci, thank god you are okay. Come in."

I saw her glancing back at the SUV before she pulled me inside. Her house was homely. When I walked inside, the staircase was on the right and a living room. On the left there was a hall that led to the dining room and kitchen.

"Mom! Franci's here!" she screamed as I took my shoes off. She grabbed my arm and I hid my flinch before she dragged me upstairs. I couldn't help but smile at her. Nothing changed while I was gone. I was still her best friend and she was still mine.

At least, someone needs me.

Antonio's rough but handsome face flashed in my head. His boyish looks when he had clean shaved with bangs falling on his eyes during our session. He looked younger and way more innocent with the flush that had clouded his cheeks. I wondered if we could ever have a relationship where I could look forward to seeing him. I wanted a family that I could call as mine. I wanted children that I could raise without the fear of one of them dying everyday they go out.

"Hey, you good?" Sophia's voice broke me out of my thoughts.

I bobbed my head but I knew she had her suspicions. She was too smart for her own good. "Of course, Soph. How are you?" I said.

The upstairs was filled with three rooms and a bathroom. Despite the house being tiny, I liked that it was cramped. No one was separated. Everyone was together.

"Gosh, you are so formal. But I'm good. I should be asking you that. Where the fuck were you?"

We ended up going to the last room in the hall. It was her room considering the purple walls and a grey twin bed in the middle. The room was filled with family photos and messy sheets. I wanted this. I wanted her life.

"My phone broke. Don't worry." I tried to reassure her but she just narrowed her eyes at me. She wasn't buying it.

"I know I'm coming off as too intrusive and I should mind my own business but I can't because I feel like you are in some major trouble and I'm here to help. I need you to know that you can tell me anything and I'd be there for you." She held my hand tenderly.

Sophia Magritte was one of the most loyal people I knew. She was a rare bird in a nest of millions and I was very lucky to have her. She knew how to keep secrets and she was trust worthy. But telling her would make me betray omertà and I refuse to do that. Antonio would not like it.

"I know, Soph." I grinned at her for real this time. "But it's kind of hard contacting you now. My father is putting some responsibilities on me and I don't have much time."

I couldn't tell her I was married. It would break her heart that I didn't invite her. I didn't want her to die either and she didn't know I was 'Doll,' the betrothed woman to the notorious Don.

"Okay." I held in the sigh of relief as my shoulder sagged. "By the way, you are glowing." She smirked before raising her eyebrows and I instantly knew I was screwed.

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