Mafia Puppet

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19 | the escape plan

third person pov

VALERIO BIANCHI WAS anything but innocent. At the tender age of sixteen, the boy already had a number of cases on him with tons silenced down by his older brother. But he didn't care—until his mother decided it was best for them to move.

"Ma, how much longer?" his little sister, Valentina Bianchi, who sat huddled in the back seat asked. Her eyes were droopy with sleep, making him stifle a yawn too.

He glanced at his mother who was driving. Valerio was known to hide his emotions under his cold exterior very well. Maybe that was why his father thought that he was the better choice to be the next Don of the Family. But he was just too young. Hence, Vincent Bianchi got the title. He never wanted it anyway. They were stepbrothers after all and his father never really saw him as his son. Valerio wasn't blind. Carmelo Bianchi always wanted a daughter and was delighted when he had Valentina with his mother—the man's mistress. Valerio was just the replacement if Vincent ever were to stray which was highly unlikely.

"Just a few more minutes, love," his mother replied.

He couldn't blame the woman. His father was a douche to her. He never loved her. She was just his distraction and his mother was finally fed up. She was leaving without a mere bye and was bringing her two children with her.

But Valerio was born into this life. Whilst his sister lived her life as a normal girl, his father made his hands dirty with crimson colours. Now, he loved the thrill of fights. He loved the thrill of risks and he had become something his mother started to despise. A monster.

Welcome to Spades Street. Read the street board. They were in a new territory. The street was quiet but Valerio knew that it was anything but the reasons for maintaining peace. They were in someone else's territory and if they were ever found, it would be utter chaos.

Carmelo Bianchi would look anywhere for them but not under the noses of the Giordano's territory. It would be a violation of the mafia laws and it could start a war. And war was something his father definitely did not want right now. Hence his mother chose this place.

"Remember kids," his mother broke the silence. Valentina's sweet brown eyes snapped up awake, thinking that they were here. "From here on, you guys are no longer Bianchi's. Understood? Do not ever forget. Stay under the radar and do not forget your fake name."

Valerio wanted to change. He didn't want himself to succumb to the life his stepbrother had. Vincent Bianchi was once a good man until he had started taking the reins from their father. From being the playful boy he had become the kingpin. Hence the nickname, Kingpin.

"Of course," Valerio muttered as he leaned his head against the headrest in the car.

Valentina would never go against them. She was too innocent for that. "Brother," she called out to him like an angel fallen from the sky calling for help. "What place is this?"

Her question was filled with so much innocence that he couldn't help but smile. There was one thing that Carmelo had done well. It was the fact that he kept his sister innocent to all this. To her, this was just a break up between their parents. To him, this was the sign of breaking omertà.

"A place for freedom—our freedom," he replied.

• • •

"Hey, where did the tattoo behind your ear go?" Sophia asked as she narrowed her eyes in utter confusion.

My eyes widened and for the first time that day, my facade cracked before I could mask it.

I chuckled. "I got rid of it. I didn't like it anymore."

But the damage had been done. Mr. Magritte's eyes were on me for the whole time that it had started to become uncomfortable. I cleared my throat before giving him a stare. It was meant for him to stop but he didn't until my gaze became colder. It was then that he snapped out of it and realized what he was doing.

The damage really had been done.

• • •

A gasp left my lips as my eyes threatened to shut close again. Someone was pulling me but I couldn't move because of the heavy pain. My head pounded as I tried to move but it was as if I was paralyzed.

I could see blood. A lot of blood. And it scared me that I didn't know where it was coming from. I could hardly speak.

"Hurry!" a muffled voice yelled. I couldn't place who's it was exactly but it was familiar.

A bang sounded out before silence surrounded me again but that didn't even last a minute.

The buzzing in my head was subsiding before more bangs were heard. Someone pushed me back inside the car. I could feel sleep coming in and myself losing consciousness. My eyes were barely parted but I could make out blurry figures outside the window. I was sprawled across the back seat in a familiar car, the belt doing it's best choking me.

The car door opened once again from the other side and a bulky man's faced peered in. My sight was too blurry to recognize him and I felt too numb to move a muscle. I was purely dependent on my bodyguards.

"Donna?" The man's voice echoed. "Shit, he's gonna kill us."

The stranger quickly peeled my seat belt off before gently trying to pull me out. The gentleness surprised me. I was smart enough to know that I couldn't sleep. I couldn't give up on my life like that. I knew that if I gave up now, all would be worse. But maybe death was the only option for freedom.

Hell no. I'm not going to Hell.

I tried to keep my eyes open but it was just too hard. "That's it, Donna. Stay awake," the voice tried to guide but I was too gone to fully comprehend what he was saying.

Fudge it!

My eyes closed at my will, making me instantly relax. Maybe Hell was a better option than this. Not maybe, of course, it was.

I was in someone's arms. Though my senses were numb I could feel someone's arms around my bare thigh and back, holding me up as a bride. My senses weakened by every second but I could still hear the fires ringing until silence. Everything went still, even the man holding me before I felt us fall.

A silent scream tore out of me before my body fell with the bulky man. He took most of my weight but I fell on my left leg. It took a moment for me to feel the pain but when it did, it was like waves. I tried opening my eyes but it was just too difficult.

"Fuck!" someone yelled before all senses went completely blank and I welcomed the extreme darkness with closed eyes and a peaceful sigh.

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