Mafia Puppet

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23 | mafia interrogation

MYA WAS GAPPING as if she was a fish out of water. Her eyes held shock and fear. When Omero spoke everybody couldn't help but listen. He meant business. I could just imagine how powerful he would be when he grows up.

"M-Master, h-how could I-I eat this?" she asked.

"Why, is there a problem?" Costanzo raised a brow.

Mya caught onto what they were hinting and so did I. They thought that she must've done something to the food. I was confused. Did Antonio suspect her way before I did? Was everything planned?

"N-no, of course not," her voice was firm but nervous at the same time.

"Then? Eat."

Until now, I hadn't realized that none of us touched the food, much less put it in our plates. I had many questions but I knew I had to keep quiet. I was surprised they were even talking in front of me.

Mya fumbled with her hands as she shakingly picked up some pancakes before putting it in her mouth. Her face was red from shame. Costanzo beamed once she swallowed the food.

I jumped when I felt lips on my neck. The surprise made my head spin before a silent breath left my lips as Antonio's arm around my waist tightened. He stuffed his face on the crook of my neck, making me shiver as goosebumps appeared on my skin.

"We are leaving. Mya, get up," he ordered. He patted my thighs twice, silently gesturing to get up as well. I did, of course.

I knew this was the last time I was seeing Mya. She was going to be long dead in some time and I wouldn't even have a chance to say a good-bye.

I watched silently as they all left, leaving the dishes for me to pick up.

You can't cry, Doll. You are the Donna of the Family. Crying in not an option.

I hated my subconscious sometimes, especially when it was right. I had to stay strong.

Realization hit me like a brick. I had no one. I was going to be alone in a house full of men—dangerous men—and if Antonio wanted, he could share me with them.

• • •

Mya thought of herself as a pawn in a big game but even she knew that it was all her choice. After all, she accepted their offer. Now she realized how stupid it was. She hadn't thought of the consequences of what would happen if it didn't work. If the Donna was saved. She had never thought that they would suspect her—a woman maid.

With her hands tied behind a chair and a dirty sock inside her mouth, Mya was nowhere near in peace like she thought she would be if the Giordano Family lost its respect. After all, they had ruined her sister's life.

Omero loomed over her hunched figure. It was a wooden room without any windows but a bright light that allowed the only brightness. She knew that the boy wouldn't hesitate to kill her. The brothers were loyal hounds to the Don and Mya was a traitor. A traitor will serve the justified punishment—the penalty of betrayal. She could only hope they'd be merciful.

Mya sobbed as the door opened. Darkness was everything that surrounded the outside world and she knew that it just began. Her trial just began.

The Don walked in, his face as if he didn't care but everyone in that room knew better. The Family was his and he was allowed to do whatever.

The Don dragged another chair in front of the maid. He trusted the woman enough to allow her in the house. After all her sister, Rosemary, was their loyal nanny until his father fucked her over and threw her out, only to find out that she was pregnant.

The Don always knew that he had a sister but he was never disclosed to where she was. He had to find that out himself. His father had made a promise to Rosemary and in the Family, word was everything. Even someone as careless as Raffealo knew that.

"You shouldn't have attacked my wife," the Don spoke, his voice echoing in the large space.

Mya sobbed even harder.

"Omero, take her gag out." The boy didn't even object. The tall, raven haired male pulled the dirty sock out.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," the traitor cried.

The Don was silent before he spoke again. It was as if he was a ticking time bomb who could blast at any second. "No. You are just sorry that you were caught. You are sorry to the ones who you conspired with. Not me and neither the Donna."

Mya shook her head fevertly. "No, I mean it! Please!"

"Then, answer few questions. I may consider not sending you into prostitution ring with Alessia. What is she, fourteen?"

He was merciless and she knew it yet she begged again. "No, please. Not Alessia. I'll do anything."

"Who sent you, Mya?"

Mya was silent. She knew that if she answered then a bloodbath was for sure. She knew that the Don was watching. She even knew he was assessing her reactions.

"I'm sure you wouldn't like the many tortures upon your baby Alessia. She's coming here, to America, right now," the Don spoke.

Mya's eyes widened. "H-How? I d-didn't tell you anything."

He let out a sinister chuckle. "Oh, you gave us a lot of info just by speaking. Benjamin Peterson, remember?"

Mya quickly shook her head, a sigh of relief on the top of her tongue. Maybe the Don was bluffing. "There are a lot of Benjamin Peterson, Don."

The Don nodded. "You're right but he's the only one living in JS Complex."

Mya gasped and she quickly realized her mistake. "H-How?"

"You seriously thought the Don wouldn't know where Alessia is, his sister?" Omero growled out. "You're an idiot."

It was that moment that it finally settled in that the Don was doing her a favour by allowing her to tell him where Alessia was. Now, she was going to die in a way worse than ever.

"P-Please, I didn't know."

"Well, no shit," Omero snapped. It was the most he had spoken that day. Everyone had a story and so did he.

"Omero," Antonio warned.

Omero held in a eye roll. All he wanted to do was snap the woman in half but the woman was the younger sister of their nanny who his father screwed over and got pregnant.

"How about you give all the information you can about Rosemary and we'll let you die more peacefully?" It wasn't a question. It was an order and this time, the woman wasn't so stupid.

"Rosemary changed her name into Maria Genovese. She married Benjamin Peterson in silent because he's the head cop and was able to protect her. She was under witness protection. Ben is a good man. Alessia is happy with him," Mya tried to talk her boss out.

Little did she know, he already knew all this but he didn't keep tabs on them constantly. Why else would he stop keeping tabs on his half-sister and former nanny—a woman who was like a mother to him? He had better things to do. Until now, he had not been aware of the fact that Rosemary had died. It didn't sit well with him that someone not in the Mafia blood was raising one of his own. A bloody cop was raising his sister and that was unacceptable.

"You have betrayed the Family by helping people conspire against the Donna of the Giordano Family. You were stupid enough to think that no one would know."

He didn't wait for her to reply. He knew that she wouldn't answer. He had a feeling that he knew who it was but he was not going to attack. If he was right then chaos would erupt and right now was not the right time for a mafia war. Police were on their backs and he wasn't blind to the fact that there was an investigation going on about the Families in America.

• • •

I hated the large, silent mansion. It installed memories of the times when Father would lock me inside the basement and constantly bang on the door so I could not sleep. I felt like a sheep in a lion's chamber, waiting for him to come and ravish me.

The house was dark and I felt like a royal princess living in a beautiful, white mansion with a heart full of sin in this prison. I never wanted to be a princess yet I was already the queen.

"Everything is going to be fine," I tried to comfort myself as I laid in in my bed, twisting and turning trying to find a comfortable spot. I quickly pulled the blankets on top of me. It wasn't as if it could protect me in anyway but it would it a barrier to the outside world.

I knew there were bodyguards patrolling outside the house and some in the house but I didn't trust them. I remembered a time when a guard had come into Mother's room to rape her when Father wasn't home. Father killed him for not taking his permission to commit the crime. He didn't care about Mother's feelings. He just cared about his authority.

My breath shuddered as I quickly got up and locked the door. I was wearing a soft nightie that revealed a lot of skin and I didn't need a man walking in. My husband was probably not going to come at night. It was after one and I was tired of waiting.

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