Mafia Puppet

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24 | a new giordano

A GASP LEFT my lips as I felt someone bit my neck. Out of reflex I pushed the man's chest away. The male moved but I had a feeling he only did so because he wanted to. I instantly realized who it was and I groaned when he held my wrist above my head, his face inches above mine.

I shivered at our closeness. Up close I could see the light freckles around his nose and the way his eyes were like coal and guarded. Our position—with him on top of me—reminded me of our night together. I knew this was normal for him but I couldn't help but flush at the closeness.

"Get ready," he said, pecking my lips before getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed. He fiddled with his watch as I quickly got up and scurried to the bathroom, sleep was long forgotten.

I decided to be quick. I didn't need to keep him waiting. Soon after, I picked out a pale pink dress that was knee length and some studs.

When was he home last night? I felt bad for falling asleep without him but then again, he might've spent his night with another woman or women. I wouldn't know.

He wasn't in the room when I came out so I assumed he was already downstairs. The bed looked too inviting but I didn't want to get in trouble for relaxing again. Was I already in trouble? I hope not.

I hated feeling so paranoid. I wanted a normal life where I had a family and a husband who came home every night without having blood on his hands. I had no way of getting out but I knew that if I had a chance to then I would. I'd do anything to be in a different life. Though my body was supposed to be mine, it was actually my husband's. I couldn't even kill myself without ruining the whole Family. The Don would be claimed unfit. My family would be killed and the whole Family would be left vulnerable. After all, I was the Donna of the Giordano Family and men rarely marry again after their wife's death. It was not manly.

I hated going down the stairs. I realized that when I took the first step down. It made my head buzz. I held onto the railing as if my life depended on it. In a way, it did. I didn't want to fall and break more bones. I, surprisingly, hoped that my husband would be here to help me. Though I didn't like him, I knew he had no hand in ruining my life. I was born into this and it was purely my family's fault for making me the lamb in this.

I jumped in surprise when I felt a hand around my waist. My head spun by the surprise touch but I instantly knew that it was not my husband. His touch was much more gentle than this guy's. I just knew that this man was a stranger so I immediately tried pushing himself way.

"Stop, cognata." I heard a familler voice mumble. It wasn't hard to guess who it was. With his raspy voice and more younger frame, I realized it was Omero. Why was he trying to help me? (Sister-in-law)

"Let me go." I cringed at how weak my voice sounded but I was sure he was used to it. Wives always spoke like that here.

He removed his arm that supported me but stayed close as I hobbled down the stairs. It was as if he feared that I'd fall. An awkward silence fell upon us because none us decided to speak until we reached the down where my husband awaited. I realized that it was still dark. I hadn't checked the time when I got ready but now that I looked outside, it was barely morning. Why was I up so early?

My husband's eyes raked over my body as I reached down before his gaze lingered on my face. I knew what he saw. I had a bad bruise on my forehead that I, stupidly, didn't bother to cover up. I forgot about it. It wasn't everyday that I got hit.

Omero immediately left my side and went out. I had a feeling I was going with them because other than them, there was no one here. Antonio glanced at his watch before silently telling me to follow. I didn't bother asking where because I knew he wasn't going to answer. He seemed to be in a bad mood and I wasn't going to be the idiot who was going to wake the silent lion's rage.

When I sat in the car, I immediately felt the memories coming back. They were blurry but I remembered gun shots before my bodyguard saved my life. The rest was unknown. I tried remembering but my head felt like it was ready to burst.

My husband rounded the car and sat beside me. Once Omero sat in the front and the driver started driving. Apparently, I was the only one kept in the dark. I hated it but I was used to it. I shouldn't be used to it, right? Where were we going though?

I fisted my hands against my dress as a ringing sound echoed in my ear. I didn't feel good and I really did not want to puke in my husband's car. I was sure that he would punish me for that. If I embarrassed myself then I embarrass my husband and the Giordano Family. I jerked in surprise when I felt a hand on my arm, making my head buzz even more. My eyes immediately met his coal ones who stared at me silently before moving to remove my belt. I didn't stop him. I had no right to, as I've been taught.

I couldn't help but stare at him—my husband, one of the most intimidating man in America. His coal eyes matched his raven hair that was darker than a night without the stars. His face looked paler than before. He grabbed my arm before swiftly pulling me onto his lap, a arm wrapped around my waist. Heat crawled up my neck when I saw Omero glance back emotionlessly before smirking a bit.

I didn't even try to get off of him. I sort of liked it and the windows were tinted enough for people to not see what was going on inside. I felt his breath fan my neck and it was a struggle to breath. His other hand played with my brown locks.

"Francesca..." he said. "...I have a task for you."

My heart stopped. Whenever Father said this it always meant a game. It was his way of making her feel useful and then useless. "Yes?"

He pushed my hair away from my neck before peppering few kisses on my neck. "I need you to talk to someone. Someone very important."

• • •

Why were we at the airport? I wanted to ask. And if we were going somewhere then why didn't they tell me to bring my stuff. Were we going somewhere? I was so confused.

"Why are we here?" I dared to ask.

Antonio pressed his lips on the back of my head before tightening his arm around my stomach. I squirmed on his lap but stilled when I felt his lips on my neck. I couldn't help but tilt my head to the side as my lips tilted up into a small smile. His warm breath fawned over the pulse of my neck and I shivered at the feeling. Goosebumps appeared on my skin as his thumb rubbed the fabric over my stomach. It was a small act but it made my breathing deepen. I was so glad that no one was in the SUV. Omero and some of the bodyguards went inside to fetch someone while Antonio and I waited in the car. The driver was smoking outside and bodyguards surrounded our car.

I saw people glance at our cars in worry and curiosity. I didn't blame them. We did have that appearance—a bunch of similar black SUV's surrounded by men in black with a bunch of guns in their hands. We did look very scary. Not to mention that our cars were too tinted. We literally gave off the vibe of danger. So much for being secretive but I had a feeling Antonio didnt care for hiding.

He distracted me so when he answered my question, I momentarily forgot what it was for. "Mya's older sister recently died and her daughter is my half-sister - the hidden Giordano Princess."

I was stilled confused a bit and I still had many questions. "Is she with the Family? I mean, does she know about all this?"

"No, and she better not." There was a warning in his tone that I detected. I wasn't an idiot. I wasn't going to spite him and tell her.

"Of course." Even though I acted as if I understood everything, I didn't. I still didn't understand why Raffaello would let his daughter and mistress go. After all, marrying off girls is making new ties. But it also means more weaknesses. Judging from my husband's tone I knew that he didn't want to talk anymore and knowing that angering him would be stupidity on another level, I kept silent.

I silently waited inside the car with him. As time went by I got bored and my eyes started to droop. Casually and slowly, I let myself relax. My back firmly touched his front and my head was in between the crook of his neck and shoulder. I smiled when he placed his arm on my back and turned me a bit so my check was touching his shoulder.

He wasn't really far.

Sleep started clouding my vision as I felt his hand pulling on my hair lighty. I didn't even think he was realizing it because why else would he touch me like that. I was his wife but we were nowhere near what we would call a comforting, loving relationship like normal couples. It didn't take long for me to realize that this was how close we could ever get. We were on the point of our relationship where we could still talk and that was great. In some relationships, like my parents, the couples never communicated. The man only used his woman for sex. In fact, their mistress' stayed with them more than their wife.

Antonio's hand moved to my thigh. Even though I stilled feared what he was a capable of, the touch left a trail of comfort behind. He may be one of my potential tormentor but he was also my protector.

But the relaxation was instantly gone when someone opened the door. I tried to move away and sit back on my seat but Antonio's grip tightened on my leg. I stiffly leaned back again and waited for the person to come inside. It was odd that someone was going to sit with us at the back.

My mouth formed into an 'o' as a young girl slid in. She looked about fourteen and fifteen with straight golden blonde hair and olive skin. I knitted my brows in confusion. I thought Antonio's sister was going to be younger. Omero slammed the door shut as he sat on the passenger seat. The driver also got in and the car instantly started moving.

Now I felt very uncomfortable. My first impression sucked as I was sitting on my husband's lap. Did she even know that we were married? Probably not when she looked at us with her coal eyes in confusion. She should've recognized Antonio at least.

I was honestly so confused. I didn't get what was going on or was I just dumb? I decided to hide my confusion as I didn't want to look any more stupider.

The two protection cars started moving snd before I knew it we were speeding out. Another pair of four cars trailed behind us. They were all the same design as ours. I was sure it was like that to confuse our enemies.

The car ride was abnormally awkward with the new edition in the car. I knew she kept glancing at us and wanted to ask questions but refrained to do so. I was exceptionally glad when Antonio's phone rang. I just wanted some noise to fill in the silence in the car. I felt bad for the poor girl. She was stuck in a world so horrid. Her life was about to change at its fullest. She was going to regret the day she was born just like I was.

Antonio's breath fanned my face as he spoke. "Speak," he ordered. I instantly heard someone rapidly speaking but it was too silent for me to hear. His hand on my thigh froze from rubbing circles and I saw him briefly glance at me.

Antonio cut the call without a formal good bye and from the look on his face, I didn't think it was any good news. That scared me for him and the Family. Even though I hated my life and what they did to me, I was still loyal to them, especially him.

I was curious and this time I was desperate to know what he knew.

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