Mafia Puppet

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26 | a long drive

"I WANT YOU to get Alessia admitted to school and show her around city. Tell her the rules and don't mention anything of the Family," Antonio said as he wore a white shirt with navy blue slacks and blazer. I was watching him.

Where was he going now?

He looked at me through the mirror. My cheeks were still flushed from the session a while ago. He took his cologne and sprayed while still staring at me. I couldn't remove my eyes from him either.

"Get dressed," he suddenly ordered as he pulled on a navy blazer.

What? Why?

I didn't need to be told twice. I hated nudity but I didn't have a choice but walk around him and get to the closet. Once there, I picked out a floor length white summer dress that was with long sleeves because it was cold at night here and it was something I knew my husband would definitely approve of. I picked out a pair of nude heels to go with it. Why did I have to dress up so much? It was only night but then again, I was his trophy that always needed to stay dolled up.

I grabbed a towel before walking into the washroom. I had to make it quick. I rinsed the towel and I cleaned up in between my legs. The water was cold but I knew it would feel worse if I just left it like that. Sex may be satisfying at one point but it becomes irritating to clean up the aftermath, especially since it's only me cleaning up.

I quickly threw the towel with the rest of the unwashed clothes before putting on my clothes. I hated wearing heels, especially after the accident. It hurt and made my head dizzy but I didn't have flats.

I made sure to cover the bruise on my forehead but remembered to leave the marks done by the Don. I knew he liked it when I showed them. Good thing the dress only allowed them to peek out a little.

The mirror stared back at me as I fiddled with my wedding ring on my left hand. My light brown hair was losing its shine and it needed to be done again. My eyes showed how tired I was. My body, even though it was in a still healthy shape, had gotten skinnier than before. I sighed as applied some makeup before leaving the bathroom.

I wasn't a fan of coating my face with colours because I liked to believe in natural beauty, however, in the mafia, I needed to keep my position secured.

The husband or fiancé would give the woman money and a lavish lifestyle while the woman would show his worth with her beauty. The prettier the woman, the higher the ranked man. My beauty showed my husband's power. But if he died or went to jail then dolling you was a sin. If I do so then I'm thought to be looking to get 'laid' which an honourable woman would not do in the Family.

I clasped my hands together and glanced at the clock. It was two in the morning. Antonio glanced at me before leaving the room. I followed him silently, wondering where we were going now. It was already late.

Was he going to share me with his buddies? Why else would he bother bringing me?

As he stormed down the stairs it took me a while to follow. He was tall and though I wasn't that short, I was wearing heels. Couldn't he walk slower?

The lights were off and everyone had gone to bed. At least I thought they did because the last time I saw them was an hour ago when we picked up their sister. There was enough light for me to see the outline of stuff but not enough for it to be bright.

We walked out of the house in a hurry. Couple SUVs sat there wait for us. Antonio must've called them while I was changing. I didn't ask where we were going. If he wanted me to know then he'd tell me.

This time Antonio didn't start any physical contact. A bodyguard opened the doors for us and we slid in. The driver quickly rounded the car.

I glanced at my husband who was staring out the window silently. He had his arm resting on the door and his other arm on the middle seat. I didn't know what compelled me to do it but I placed my hand beside his.

My pinky gazed against his and I waited for him to take his hand away. He didn't and a soft smile formed on my face. I looked outside my window and watched as the trees passed. The moon was bright today and I couldn't see any stars in the sky. It was all plain but beautiful. As we rounded the familiar roads, I saw a family barbecuing and celebrating. I wanted that. A normal family and a husband that I know would come home every night.

I should be happy with what I have, right? I have a lavish lifestyle. I could get anything I wanted, right? Not.

Everything was chosen for me—from my clothes to what I should do. It was all planned out. At seventeen, Father had placed a ring on my finger and told me that my fate was sealed and I was very lucky. I, of course, believed him until I started realizing that nothing was going to change. However, I was hit less. My husband wanted me as pure as possible. Of course he did. A woman can only get married if she had her virtue intact.

My eyes widened when we rounded a familiar colony. "Antonio, what are we doing here?" I couldn't help but ask.

He didn't answer. Instead he parted his hand away from mine and placed in on his thigh. It didn't bother me much because I knew that he didn't need to answer me. He was my superior and my boss in a way.

I glanced back as the gates were pulled open once the bodyguards recognized Antonio's car. The villa was as glamorous as before and surrounded by beautiful plants that Mother planted regularly. Dim yellow lights shone in the night and it made the area bright. To me, it looked like a beautiful prison. The place was the same as I remembered and it made me not want to be here more. I didn't want to see Father, especially now since I knew he usually had guests over. I wasn't a fan of his guests. They could be anyone but I knew for sure they were all toxic.

The car came to a stop in front of the mahogany doors. The only thing that kept me from running the other direction was fear and the want to see Mother and my sister again. I needed to know that they were okay. My husband must have some business with Father but why would he bring me?

He and I got out of the car. I didn't wait for the driver to round the car. Inside the vehicle, I felt claustrophobic but I didn't have the guts to tell him. It wasn't as if I could travel using something else. I was lucky that I had survived the attack.

The Don grabbed my hand and pulled me towards Father's mansion. There were bodyguards patrolling the house as always. I recognized many. Most of them were horrible and I didn't miss the way they eyed me as if they didn't see a woman but once they saw my husband they quickly averted their gaze. I didn't miss the large trucks and cars that were parked in the corner, hidden under the shadows of the trees and bushes. My heart dropped.

I was truly scared and disgusted now. I stared at my husband who was walking in front of my. His bodyguards making a rectangle around us. I, once again, missed Silvio's presence. He made me feel safe. I learned to trust his judgement and now he was gone. I couldn't even mourn for him without it being questioned and I was not going to tarnish Silvio's dignity after his death.

I picked up my dress a little as I climbed to porch. Father's patrolling bodyguard pushed open the door. Two of the bodyguards, dressed in black suits as always, checked inside the house before giving my husband a nod. It was safe. Of course it was. Father wouldn't be stupid enough to kill the Don. After all, I being married to Antonio secured his position even more. I gulped as we walked in and I just knew that I wasn't going to like what I was going to encounter.

If I had only known, I would have killed to stay in the car.

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