Mafia Puppet

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28 | a meeting with fear

"HE'S INSIDE?" I asked, confused.

The bodyguard looked at me annoyed. I was really getting on his nerves. Men here hated annoying women and they'd do anything to tame her, especially using the bed and the vile method of bondage without consent. I wanted to castrate those people.

"Of course, Doll." I stiffened when he said my other name but then I remembered that he couldn't exactly know my actual name. Names were usually kept a secret in the Giordano Mafia. But then again, he could've just called me Mrs. Giordano. It even had a nice ring to it—Francesca Antonio Giordano.

"Okay. Wait outside," I told him before knocking. No one said anything. There wasn't even a sound. Maybe the door was soundproof.

I waited for a moment, complementing whether I should knock again or not. Before I could turn away and leave, a hand pushed the door open. I gasped as his arm deliberately gazed against my shoulder blade and exposed neck.

"Just go inside, Doll." This time him addressing me didn't make me feel any safe. In fact, it was seductive and creepy. I didn't like it one bit.

I instantly shook my head. I knew better. I'd rather take a beating from the man himself rather than trusting someone other than my husband. What could the most my husband do, send me to the hospital? Been there and done that. I'd rather take his brutal hits than get raped. No one should ever be opened to either in the first place.

"No, move away please," I ordered, instantly feeling weak without Silvio or my husband.

"Can't do that," he said as he brutally forced me inside with a hand covering my mouth.

The room was like a dungeon with boxes that had small holes in them. It was all empty other than that and a single desk and chair. The walls were brown from dirt and the floor was kept as cement like the whole place. I had never been to this part of the mansion which was why I first found it odd that my husband and Father allowed me here. The basement was always forbidden for us women.

Through my tear grazed eyes I could make out small figures inside the boxes. They were watching me, I could tell. But they were all silent with fear. I tried to scream for help but it was no use. They couldn't help me and even if they could, they wouldn't because of who I was.

My abuser was taller than six feet and was as buff as a buffalo. He was an ugly bald guy with piercings and tattoos all over. Totally not my type and even if he was he had no right to touch me like this.

"You were being too disobedient, right? You gotta learn a lesson, puttana." He threw me towards the dusky desk that had nothing on it. It looked more like a school desk. My only hope was my husband right now. (Whore)

But what if my husband was the one who asked him to do this?

I didn't know Antonio for long and I didn't trust him either. He could be the one to do this. Father did it with Mother many times. It was one of his favourite games—make her trust him and then watch as it breaks with great passion. But I had a feeling that this wasn't my husband's doing.

"Move," I squeaked out, moving behind the small oak desk. The dark lights annoyed me because it made the place not scary and daunting. I couldn't even escape. He was standing in front of the door.

The man bitterly chuckled. "Oh, I can give you a much better time than him, puttana. Either way no one is coming down here in this whorehouse." He started unbuttoning his shirt. "I've waited so long for you. Fucking your mother wasn't enough. She reminded me of you but she wasn't you. Now that you've lost your purity to the boss, I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing."

I screamed because the man himself answered my silent question—had the Don sent him to punish me? My husband did not know of this.

The man bitterly chuckled. "The room's sound proof, sweetheart, but you'd look better screaming under me. Oh, the things I'll do to you."

I was truly terrified at this moment. I had been groped, cat called, and even stalked before but no one ever dared to have their way with me. Everyone knew who I 'belonged' to and they didn't want to mess Father's chance of securing a permanent position as a high ranked mafiosi.

"The Don would kill you," I snarled out even though I knew that I might be making empty threats.

"Okay, I'm done waiting. Come here, puttana!" I cringed. He sounded so desperate.

I looked for a way out in the large room. On one side of the room there were cages stacked in the corner with live humans in there. They were all watching us with fear—so much fear that no one dared to even utter a word. How terrorized does Father make them?

I didn't even see him move and come in front of me. The egg headed man smiled sickly, showing me a golden tooth before raising his hand and bringing it down on. I knew it'll leave a bruise. My left cheek was burning with the pain as he gripped my throat and smacked me against the wall. It wasn't soft at all and I didn't expect it to be.

"Let me go," I ordered. I refused to beg. Men here wanted that. They wanted us begging and that gave them great pleasure. I wasn't going give him any pleasure.

He grinned sickly. "Beg and maybe I'll think about it."

I hated this man more than anyone in my whole life. As his hand tightened around my throat I brought my knee up and hit him in the crotch as hard as I could. He reacted immediately, letting me go in the process and handling his manhood. He totally did not expect a woman to hit back. I was lucky or maybe he was just too stupid.

My first thought was to run away but I knew that he would get up soon so I grabbed the school chair at the side and smacked it on his head. He immediately was on the floor, cradling his ding-dong and groaning. Throwing the heavy chair straight at his head again, I grimaced when I heard a satisfied snap, making me hope that he got a heavy internal injury that could be life threatening.

I obviously didn't wait for him to recover and ran out of the room as fast as my heels would allow. Why didn't I just use my heels? It wasn't my adrenaline talking but my logic. I needed to find my husband fast. At least before this fungus caught onto me. I could only hope that the kick was hard enough for him to not have any children and die but I couldn't be too sure. Some men had been trained to not get too affected when hit on their pride.

I didn't know where I was going. It felt like I was going in circles. The basement was huge and dusty with multiple different rooms. Father was a busy and organized man but he was also very disgusting and sadly, I couldn't do anything about it.

Suspiciously, there were no bodyguards around here. Was that why the man brought me here? He knew no one came in this areas of the basement. Gunky grey walls passed me as I made my way to the stairs. I needed to get to my sister, if not my husband. I would've ran without my heels if not for the cold cement floor that usually had bugs crawling on it once in a while. Plus I didn't have the time to take them off.

"Mrs. Giordano!" Someone yelled and I instantly panicked. I was so close to the stairs.

But that wasn't the fungus' voice. It was different. I turned around but kept walking backwards in case the new invader decided to prance on me.

Just a few more meters and you're going to make it, Franci.

The stranger's brows furrowed as he looked at me who was cautiously walking backwards. He looked a bit familiar but I wasn't going to trust someone again. I had let my guard down and though it was not my fault I was going to be blamed anyways. Women were to take the fall. It was always like that.

The man was buff with black hair and a very tan complexion. He had a dark shade of brown eyes that I instantly noticed. With a trimmed beard, he was gothic and scary. Just like Antonio, the man had a tattoo sticking out of his shirt and towards his neck.

He stared at me as if complementing to ask me something or not but was deciding against it. I was glad because I wasn't going to tell him anyways.

"The Don wants to see you," he said making me scowl. What was with bodyguards using the same sentence?

"How do I know you are saying the truth?" I asked, determined to show that I wasn't going to fall for the acts again. I knew I was pretty and this wasn't anything abnormal but I just hoped that I was different. I was their Donna. They shouldn't be able to touch me like that.

He stared at me and I hated that I couldn't read him. When I thought he was finally going to pounce on me and I could run for it, he took his gun out and held it out to me. I stared at it as if I was hallucinating.

I had only ever seen a gun, much less even use it. I looked towards him in confusion. Why was he giving it to me? I was really slow at the moment. I was still trying to process what happened. I could handle my husband touching me like that because it was my job to listen to him as a woman but I could never handle a stranger. It just went against all of my morals and patience.

"Here," the bodyguard said. "Now if I try something then kill me. I'm sure the Don would excuse it for you. I'm Fabio, by the way. The Don's head bodyguard."

I stared at him the whole time wondering if I was making the same mistake again. I knew how messed up I looked with my tear stricken face and bruised cheeks. He probably thought I was weak.

I made my mind. If he tried anything I'd shoot him and then I'd leave the rest to destiny. I took the heavy piece from him and I saw him smile a little in satisfaction.

"Let's go, boss. I don't want to be at the end of the Ace's wrath. He ordered for you ten minutes ago."

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