Mafia Puppet

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30 | a familiar face

I STILLED AND I just knew that my face was pale. The man pushed the girl in with great aggression. I knew I should be worried about her because that was what people would normally do but I was chanting something utterly different in my head.

Please, don't recognize me. Please, God.

But, as always, luck wasn't on my side and neither on hers. I instantly knew she knew when she saw me. Her eyes widened before it turned into the one of disgust and understanding as if it all made sense. In fact, it did. All my behaviour throughout high school was explained just by knowing who I was—a criminal's woman.

I knew that if she said anything regarding me then she would be dead. I did not want her murder as another one of my sins. I did not want her murder in my hands.

"Francesca?" she called out, shock evident on her face.

I wanted to face palm. I felt Antonio stiffen under me. His grip on my hand tightened in curiosity and surprise.

"Oh, my God! It is you!" she yelled before getting smacked by the Don's man.

"Shut up, bitch!" The man turned towards us but kept his head tilted low in respect. "This whore was fussing too much. I had to teach her a lesson before bringing her here."

I flinched at the word. Everyone here knew what that meant. I just hoped he didn't rape her.

"I want her."

My heart froze by the three words. He was asking for a mistress in front of me? He was insulting me and I shouldn't have been surprised but I was. I actually thought he was better. He was supposed to be mine only, wasn't he? But even bigger than that, he wanted her because I wasn't enough. Where had I gone wrong?

No, I can't think like that.

The bodyguard smirked as he grinned sickeningly. "You lucky bitch," he snarled.

I couldn't cry. It was for the weak. I wasn't weak, right?

"Send the virgins to the strip club and I don't want to be involved in this again," he continued as if the girls weren't there.

I instantly got up when he tapped my thigh. I felt dirty sitting on him as if I was some whore. Why was I birthed to such a shameful world? It was better to die. I was shameful that I had to bear his heirs and be the woman that he went home to after he killed. When he dragged me out, my eyes met with Jasmine’s, the girl who I hadn't seen since school years ago.

She went to the same high-school as me and had always been a friendly and jolly person. We could even be counted as friends and what hurt the most was that she was going to be forced to do this. No one deserved this. I was glad that the Don left the children out. Raeffello, his father and the previous Don, shamed the whole Family by trafficking humans too much. That changed when they realized how rich they could be with that money. It wasn't always like this. At least, not this much.

I shivered as we passed the metal and cement walls. The place was very cold but I was sure that I was trembling because of the fear. Minutes ago I was escaping these very halls in search of Antonio but now I just wanted to do nothing but escape him too. I didn't like infidelity. I didn't like being embarrassed even though I was used to it. I didn't get how someone could do that someone else. I didn't like watching a person's life get ruined because of us.

My grip on the Don's hand tightened when I saw Fabio dragging him. Father was with them as well as the kids from the cage. They were all tied up with gags around their mouths and eyes. I couldn't even imagine how terrorized they'd be. I knew that the Mafia didn't indulge themselves with the rich kids or influential people much. The Family always tried to keep a low profile so no one was coming back for these kids. Sometimes, even the police was involved. Justice was a joke here.

My eyes welled up with tears that I forced back. I wouldn't cry. I couldn't cry because I wasn't willing to help either. Why would I help myself by crying and letting out my distress? I didn't deserve it.

It was so sad that I knew what was going on and couldn't do anything about it. Even the police feared investigating us so personally and in Italy, my husband's name could just get the job done. People wouldn't even bother to check if the Don actually ordered the hits or not. They just did it because they were too terrorized to object. Fear was what made him the king.

I saw Arianna staring at me with an unreadable expression on top of the stair case upstairs. Her eyes were filled with pain as she took in my form. I tried to give her a small smile but I couldn't. How could I? I wasn't happy.

The Don opened the door before pushing me inside the car and getting him inside himself. I moved myself to the farthest seat. I didn't want to even look at him even though I knew that it was no point.

"No! Let me go! Fra—!" I silently watched as someone smacked Jasmine before spiting on her. He dragged her by her hair and opened our car trunk and threw her inside before banging it shut and rounding the car.

The bodyguard nodded at my husband through the tinted window before walking back inside. After all, he was Father's man.

Fabio, I recognized, got inside the passenger seat and waited for my husband to give the order to start moving. I didn't dare look at him and stared out the window. I immediately moved my hand when I felt him grab it but he held it tighter. I knew it wasn't anything romantic. It was just to show me who I belonged to. It was a cruel reminder about something I couldn't forget.

The cars started moving. I saw Father watching the cars from the window. He had a roughed up look on his face and I had a feeling that he was up to no good. But it was his fault. He disobeyed the Don and lost his job. If it were anyone else then the person would be dead but Father was a big name in the underworld. Not only that, he and Raffaello were close.

And when the car turned away from the path to the mansion, I just knew something was very wrong.

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