Mafia Puppet

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36 | the fear

ALL THE WAY I couldn't rest. My heart thundered and I feared that Alessia could hear it. It even took me moments to realize that Alessia's soon-to-be principal was pedo and cheap.

The police knows who I am. The Don is going to find out I confided with the police. I need to go.

What would he do to me? He burns people alive!

But I stayed still in my seat. My mind was racing and it was unwilling to stop and take a moment to pay attention and stay calm. I could vividly recall the principal trying to touch my feet under the table and I kicking him with my heels. He winced.

"Congratulations, Alessia. Now you are officially a part of St. Gaia Colliegate Institute," Principal Holmes said, shaking Alessia's hand.

If it weren't for the fact that I slapping him would create drama in front of Alessia, I would've done it and gone straight out of the room to tell—no, order Fabio to take very good care of him.

"Thank you," she replied, aggressively pulling her hand out of Holmes' hand. I glared at him. On second thought, he needed to be dealt with but not right now. Not when Alessia was here. She was innocent and uncorrupted. I wanted her to stay like that.

Principal Holmes—a man shaped like a twig with a baggy suit and a thick moustache—looked decent from the outside but was a total scum on the inside. He raised his hand to shake mine. I didn't grasp it. I gave him a nod and collected the guardianship papers and other documents that Omero had brought. I grabbed her hand and stormed out, banging the door shut behind. Once Fabio saw me, he proceeded to walk us out.

"What a sicko," Alessia whispered to me as we passed the red lockers of the neat and tidy school.

"I'm going to ask Antonio and get him kicked out. Scum was married," I muttered.

Alessia looked at me in confusion as we got inside our SUV. "How do you know that? And what can my brother do? Isn't he just a businessman?"

I coughed to hid my sarcastic chuckle. Antonio was a businessman for sure but of illegal corporates. However, that didn't mean he didn't have legal businesses either. But the illegal ones outweighed the legal ones.

"Are you okay?" she asked, worried.

I nodded as I saw Fabio get onto the front seat. "Your brother is a big name around here. He can do anything," I told her, unable to lie. Hopefully, she would just live in her little bubble that her brother was like some big shot billionaire and not stupidly research further.

In some parts of Italy, the Giordano Mafia ruled everything. Back there, Antonio was like the Prime Minister and it was no secret that the government would sometimes take help from him.

"Oh." Alessia nodded in confusion. "Okay, whatever, but how did you know the principal was married?"

"He had a ring on his finger," I told her, smiling slightly at her naivety. When you're in the mafia, you learn to be absorbent.

She glanced at my left hand before her eyes widened. "You're engaged to my brother?" she whisper shouted.

I hated being mean but what had she thought when she saw me sitting on his lap? It was embarrassing but I thought it signified that we were, in fact, a couple—an odd term to describe us for sure but a couple nevertheless.

"No," I deadpanned. "I'm not engaged to him."


"I'm his wife," I said, glancing at the front to see where we were.

I knew Fabio was listening in and I also knew that it would've been odd for someone else but not for me. As long as he kept his mouth shut and we didn't say something we shouldn't be then everything was good.

Her eyes widened even more, as if she had seen a ghost. "My brother is married. He is married?!"

My brows furrowed in confusion. Why was that such a shock? Everyone gets married one day. "Yes, why is that so shocking?"

"I don't know. Maybe because he is so stiff and cold. Handsome, but the other qualities make him not such a sweetheart and husband materials, you get what I'm saying? I didn't think he'd be able to get someone like you," she said.

Now it was my turn to be surprised. I looked towards the front where the men sat. I couldn't read Fabio's expression properly from the side but I could only hope he wouldn't tell Antonio of how his sister described him.

"Someone like me?" I asked, looking at her again.

She nodded, her blonde locks falling around her round face. "Yes, duh. You are so pretty and nice. The complete opposite of him. How did you fall in love with him?"


I wanted to laugh at her face and tell—no, scream at her that there was no love. It was an obligation. It was something I had to do to survive. I had to give him what he wanted to not make him find it elsewhere. I had to be with him to keep my position intact.

Yet you only still seek for his comfort and loyalty.

"He and I had an arrange marriage," I mumbled. I didn't know why I was suddenly embarrassed. Maybe it was because I knew that she probably never draw a union without love.

"Really?" she exclaimed. For one, I was glad that she was comfortable with me but not so glad that she was acting unladylike. I, obviously, didn't really care but my husband and the Family would. She was the hidden Giordano Princess who was probably going to have to marry another big shot for political reasons. Probably a gang leader or another capo?

I wasn't an idiot. I understood what Antonio meant when he told me to talk to her. He wanted me to form her like how I was. He wanted her to be the perfect mafia woman. A girl who's only purpose in life was to please her husband and make her identity as some man's wife. Just like me, she wouldn't have her own identity because she was apart of us now.

I hummed in response. "School is going to start on Monday so make sure to have everything ready."

She nodded and looked out the window. She was tired. It was written all across her face. I watched as we passed the trees and went deeper into the woods where the Giordano residence was located. The house was secretive and in a silent place. I would have loved to explore if not for the fact that it was too dangerous. There were probably traps and cameras everywhere in the woods.

I leaned my head on the window and closed my eyes. My sister was going to get herself killed. I was going to be beaten up for even talking to the police. Since when have I become such a big cheater? A traitor? How would I face Antonio?

But you didn't do anything.


Get your mind off it. I need peace.

"Costanzo and Omero are bringing too much trouble. Especially Costanzo. He has fights daily with his peers and teachers. I would have no choice but to expel him if this goes on," the principal had complained.

This was another issue on my plate that I needed to deal with. I didn't know whether to feel bad for Costanzo since he was going to face my husband's wrath or for myself as I was going to be the one to tell him. Should I pity myself more or him?

Sometimes I hoped I was like Arianna—someone more bold, smart, intelligent and fearless. Sometimes I wished for myself to be in her spot but then I remembered that I was already lucky enough. My life was as perfect as it could be. I didn't know what the future held for me but I knew that I didn't lie.

If Antonio didn't know that the police contacted me then I wouldn't get in trouble and I wasn't ever going to give my sister in purposely so there shouldn't be a problem. At least, I hoped not.

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