Mafia Puppet

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37 | the newspaper

NO ONE WAS home and I was glad. The note still felt heavy in my pocket. Quickly changing out of my clothes and into a pair of leggings with a long sleeved shirt, I made my way down to the kitchen. Mya wasn't working for us anymore so I had to do all the household chores. I didn't mind actually. It kept me busy. What bothered me were the secrets I was keeping.

How could I tell the Don that a member was planning to betray him? Even thinking about it could get her killed. I would be throwing her under the bus by telling him and not telling him would make me betray him too. I didn't know what to do and then this new problem arised. It was as if I had to choose between myself and Arianna.

Alessia was upstairs, probably putting her stuff away. And because this mansion was too big and no one other than us was home, there was an eerie silence.

How was I going to face Antonio? Lying to him was impossible and telling him was a death wish for my sister. I didn't want to chose.

I hissed as I accidentally burned myself while I was boiling water. I wanted to smack myself. How can I burn myself while boiling water?

"Careful," someone said behind me. I turned around faster than a bullet as I placed a hand on my heart. I didn't know someone was home.

Dante Giordano stood in front of me with a newspaper in his hand. On the front page it read the gruesome memories of yesterday. He saw me glancing at it and handed it to me.

"Thank you," I said as I grasped the thick bundle of papers.

Burning man falls over the Suicide Bridge along with a woman, the title read.

Jasmine Smith and an unknown man was found dead under the Suicide Bridge. Miss. Smith has been kidnapped weeks ago from Toronto and today she is found dead in New York. What had happened? Who was the burnt man? There has been no traces of proof or obvious struggle of force. It almost seems like a mere suicide case. But her family knows otherwise who refuses to speak up.

Bile raised in my throat as I handed my brother-in-law back the newspapers. I knew he stood there watching me with my head down and a pale face.

"You were there?" he asked.

I didn't know what to say. I meekly nodded.

"It'll get better with time," he said unsure, making it more awkward.

I glanced up at him to see him looking confused with his brows furrowed.

"Thank you," I told him for being nice.

"When is Alessia starting school?" he suddenly asked.

I oddly felt very comforted knowing that I knew things he didn't. I felt like a part of the family. I felt like I mattered and that I was at least useful to someone.

"On Monday," I said.

Dante folded the newspaper in half as he looked at me. "Alright. By the way, Toni's going to be a bit late. He doesn't usually come for lunch but you've probably figured that out by now."

My brows raised at the new name. "Toni?" I asked, thoroughly confused.

Realization clouded on his face as he realized I was still new to this house. "Antonio. Rosemary nicknamed him Toni when we were younger. I guess the name just stuck." A small smile formed on his face.

I nodded. I wanted to know more about Rosemary. All I knew was that she was Mya's older sister and important to my husband and his brothers.

I took the risk. "If you don't mind me asking, who is Rosemary?"

Dante didn't look like he mind. "Was—who was Rosemary? She raised us. Mother and Father weren't ever there so they kept her as our nanny. At one point, we thought she was our mom." He chuckled bitterly. "But Father just couldn't keep it in his pants. It wasn't until he started having an affair with her did she have to go." He had a pained look on his face.

"Alessia's her daughter?" I guessed.

He nodded. I wanted to ask him the reason for her not to be with the Family. Any children of the high ranked people were kept as trading things. Marry them to your enemy so everything can become solidly civil. But I didn't dare ask him that. I felt like I already knew too much.

"I'll be upstairs. Costanzo and Omero would be here soon. Oh, and we are going out for dinner so please just make something light for lunch."

When he left, I breathed a sigh of relief. I feared men but the Giordano brothers seemed civil. They weren't gentlemen but they didn't act like criminals either. They acted...conservative, if I must say. Rosemary raised them good. Well, as good as she can in organized crime.

I smiled slightly at the thought. I liked the idea of respectful humans, especially mafiosi. I quickly cooked up few sandwiches that could be packed and ate whenever desired during the day. I knew Alessia was hungry but I wasn't sure whether to disturb Dante.

During the morning I had seen where Alessia's room was. It was the farthest room from the second floor office. As long as she didn't wander the third floor everything would be fine. The floor consisted of all the things that would hint weird. For example, a shooting range that I instantly saw or a cage looking type windowless room. Not to mention the windows that seemed to be always closed. From the one time I went up there, I could tell that no one really went up there unless necessary.

Where the hell was Mya though? Had she actually tried to kill me? But why? What had I done to her?

Maybe that's what I get for being nice. Well, I'd admit our last meeting wasn't that pleasant. I was practically ordering her around and I also didn't like her a lot. She gave me weird vibes.

It's her job, Franci. Hence, that allowed my actions to be justified.

Was she dead? I didn't think so. She felt too close to the Don. He'd either get her into some mind game, drugs, prostitution, or simply murder her. But the way he talked to her didn't make me think so. He could've killed her on spot for betraying us. He killed two people in front of me so it wouldn't have really mattered. If she was indeed part of the plan then I knew for sure that she was just a pawn and would have no information whatsoever. The Don would obviously know that. Maybe he was keeping her as a bait.

Or was I just overthinking?

I rolled my eyes, shrugging it off. It was not my problem. All I had to do was be a lovely housewife and paint my toes. But for some reason, I was feeling very rebellious lately and that was not good. Asking questions, showing my fear and what not. All I need to do is add hitting people on the list. Wait, I already did. I hit my fellow harasser with a chair.

It was not even two weeks into the wedding and I was already making a bad impression. I could only guess that the new environment was making me absurd.

Father would have killed me for this.

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