Mafia Puppet

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39 | his brother and office

"YES, I'D LOVE to," I told him.

He nodded at my response, satisfied. I wasn't an idiot. I knew that he was only giving me the delusion of choice. In reality I'd have to go with him whether I liked it or not. I didn't actually have a choice, but him asking me made me feel a bit of power over him.

He pecked my lips as he got up. "Perfect. We are eating out." He paused and turned back around to face me. "And, bambola?"

"Yes?" I answered.

"There is a file on my office desk. Go through the file and tell me which maid you want to appoint by tomorrow morning," he said.

I couldn't hide the surprise on my face. "I-Of course. And Antonio?" I called before he would leave and I forget.

"Hmm?" He waited for me to speak.

"I think you should change St. Gaia's principal."

"Okay." He shrugged casually. It took an effort to keep the surprise off my face. I didn't know whether the surprise was about him agreeing so quickly or him acting casual, but whatever it was I liked it. A lot.

A small smile made its way to my face. "Don't you want to why?" I asked.

"It wasn't important for you to tell me."

After a moment of silence he nodded at me before leaving to the bathroom. I stood still for a moment as I tried to tame the rapid beating of my heart. But that wasn't what was stuck in my mind. Going inside the Don's office was dangerous even with his permission. What if his bodyguard thought I was stealing? What if his brothers changed their mind about me and thought that I was a traitor? What if someone found the note?

I breathed out a shaky breath as I left the bedroom. Walking across the hall felt like I was walking into a death trap. I became aware of everything around me more. Even though I wasn't stealing anything I felt like I was. Was that how much I feared my husband? Did I even still fear him?

My feet padded against the wooden floor that suddenly felt too cold without my indoor socks. I looked around to make sure that no one was near before I opened his office door and slipped inside. The room had beige walls and a large wooden table at a far end. There was a large family photo of the brothers behind his office desk.

I quickly made my way to his desk and shuffled through the multiple files he kept for his legal business. I knew that this floor was all about his legal stuff because all the illegal work was hidden upstairs, away from peering young eyes.

I jumped when someone barged in. "S-Sorry," I instinctively stuttered as if I was doing something wrong.

My eyes widened when I saw Omero. With his shaggy black hair falling to his forehead, he looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. To others it would be odd that I was afraid of a teenager but right now I was only worried about how I may look.

"Antonio asked me get a file," I quickly explained.

Omero nodded. "Do you need help? Toni rarely ever gets this room cleaned," he said.

"If it wouldn't be too much to ask, yes please." I gave him a small smile.

Omero walked toward me lazily. I stood behind the desk and he stood at the side as he threw around multiple files. "Wait, what file do you need?" he asked.

"The file with the selection of maids," I said. "I just can't seem to find it." I huffed.

I glanced at Omero to see a small smirk on his face. I raised a brow in question before he quickly covered it with a frown. He pointed towards my hand. "You had your hand on the file the whole time."

I quickly stepped back. "Oh!" I smiled sheepishly. "Thank you."

"No problem, cognata," he replied as he picked up the manilla folder that had 'BIOS' written in big bold letters and gave it to me. (Sister-in-law)

I smiled at him before walking past him. Omero wasn't that bad. He wasn't that much of a bad boy as I thought him to be. One thing I figured about the Giordano boys was that they were all raised properly. I remembered what Dante told me all of a sudden. Alessia's mom raised them and she raised them good.

As I walked back to my room, I realized that so much had happened this week. I witnessed murders, harassment and lost my virginity to my husband. But sometimes moments like these helped me feel welcome—as an insider—not in the Family but as family.

I knocked on the door before walking into the room. Antonio was still in the bathroom. I sat on the bed and opened the folder. Multiple pictures of women and men were there. I separated the ones with the males. I just wasn't comfortable with more men around me. The other pictures were of young girls or older woman.

Three stood out to me. One was of a younger girl who looked to in her twenties. Another was of a middle aged woman who was probably in her forties and at last, there was an old woman. I skimmed my fingers over the middle age woman. Her black hair was thrown in a low bun and she was wearing a long black dress.

I placed her bio to the side. She was my first choice. I didn't need another young girl in this house and an old woman would take too long to do things so she would most likely get killed. The middle aged woman was the best choice and she did look professional.

Carina Rizzo, her bio said.

I quickly cleaned up the other papers and placed them back in the folder. Heaving out a sigh, I got up to doll up. After all, we were going out.

When I walked into the closet, it was just as I left it before, all neat and tidy. Going through my outfits, I didn't even realize when Antonio walked in. I squealed when I saw him. He threw me a look before grabbing a suit from the hooks. I looked away when he took his towel off.

I grabbed a white long sleeved dress that outlined my curves and went a bit over my knees, and paired the outfit with a pair of red heels and gold hoop earrings. I wondered if I should just change here. I mean, it wouldn't be anything wrong. He was my husband and I wanted to see if I was comfortable enough.

But I decided not to. I didn't want to make things awkward. It was a long time since we've slept together. I found it weird. He was holding back. He was refusing to touch me. Was it because of someone else? I felt insecurity instantly cloud my head. What if there was someone else who was giving him the pleasure I couldn't?

I felt my hands fist my dress. I waited for him to leave so I could change. There was no way I was doing it in front of him anymore.

But what if he wasn't cheating? He hadn't given me any reason to believe so. He just hadn't slept with me. Maybe he was thinking about me. Was he? Did he want me to make the first move or was this some stupid game?

I instantly pulled my summer dress off once I saw him leave. I pulled the white dress over my head. It was a good thing I hadn't done my make up and hair otherwise it would've been messed up. I wasn't a fan of using sprays to keep the make up intact. I only did that in big events. This wasn't a big event. It was a dinner but it was my first dinner with the siblings. I zipped up my dress and placed my heels to the side. I'd wear them later.

At last, I started doing my make up. I coated my lips a signature red colour and decided to throw my hair in a high ponytail so it wouldn't come on my face while eating. I took few small strands from the side and framed it around my face. I was fast at doing my make up so it didn't take me much time.

I puckered my lips before grabbing my purse and putting the lipstick inside with a make up remover. My eyes fell on my bank card before my fingers grazed over it. When I had been betrothed to my husband he had sent a card for me to use solely. I wasn't going to lie. I did use it. A lot. But he never once told me not to. Every month there would be fifty thousand more dollars in the account. It wasn't until I got a little older that I started saving up.

I squealed in surprise when I felt Antonio's finger graze against my neck. I looked behind me through the mirror to see him focusing on something else. When did he come back? His hand played with the chain of a necklace that he had placed around my neck so secretly that I didn't even notice. I shut my place purse and placed it back on the table.

"It's beautiful," I muttered, awed. It suddenly brought back old memories where Father had given me Antonio's gifts. A small smile made its way to my face. Antonio always had a great taste in jewellery.

When I was first betrothed to him, he gave me a ring. It wasn't big and it didn't even seem really expensive but it was beautiful. I didn't like it then. I had felt like I was getting shackled but now I was used to it. At least that's what I thought. I still had that ring and all the other gifts he gave. Even the necklace right before marriage. They were all huddled in a small box behind my clothes. Mother had told me to keep them. I was glad I did.

I looked back to see him but he was already looking at me. It looked like he wanted to say something but opted not to. Finally, he broke the trance.

"It's getting late," he said, looking away.

His distance bothered me this time, however, the smile never fell off my face. This was the first thing he bought and gave to me personally and it meant a lot, especially after marriage. I looked down at the necklace. It was a silver infinity necklace with small diamonds studded on the top. There was a gold heart in the middle that the silver looped around. It wasn't the price that made me ecstatic because if I were to be honest this was the cheapest gift he ever gave me, but it was my most favourite. The necklace meant love and I wasn't sure Antonio got it to symbolize that but it was definitely beautiful because it touched my heart.

If only I knew what the future held for me. If only I knew that this was one of my last moments of peace before everything was going to turn to chaos and strife. If only I had known that this was just the beginning.

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