Mafia Puppet

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02 | a trail of blood

I WAS TOO late. My sister's body laid unconscious on the rich marble white floors after Father had thrown her down. Blood oozed down her forehead, covering her tan face. But Father was not done yet. My footsteps echoed in the large house as I ran down the stairs only to be held back by Silvio with a tight grip on my elbow.

"Father, please stop!" I yelled before I could stop myself. Father's hand stopped midway before he stood up slowly. My heart froze. I was next. He wasn't going to spare me anymore.

Silvio's grip on my arm loosened as Father stalked toward me. "I'm sorry, Father. I'm so sorry. Please," I begged helplessly.

"How dare you, whore?" he snarled as he raised his hand to smack me.

But it never came.

"Mr. Lastra, the Don wants Miss Lastra clean." There was a slight warning in his voice as Silvio stepped in front of me, protecting me from my very own blood.

Father lowered his hand even though he didn't like it at all. His glare never left my face as I stood timidly behind the bodyguard. It wasn't the first time Father had hit me but it was for sure the first time he did it in front of the Don's man.

His eyes never left my face before he walked past us and up the stairs. Once he was out of sight, I ran toward my sister.

"We need to take her to the hospital, Silvio!" I cried, cradling Arianna's head on my lap. I heard him come closer.

"The Don has not permitted you to go out. I'll send men to take her," Silvio said as he crouched down beside me.

I immediately shook my head. "No, please. I need to stay with her."

Silvio didn't spare me a glance as he picked her up and started moving toward the large glass doors. I ran after him, my shirt scattered with red but I didn't care. She was much more important than my shirt.

He didn't think I'd follow so when I slid onto the back seat, where he had laid my sister, he glared at me.

"Start the car," he told the driver. I didn't think he would've come. That soon changed when he sat in the passenger seat and ordered the driver around, highly annoyed and looking like a grumpy kid.

Arianna looked close to death and if not for the small pulse that I could feel on her wrist, I would've assumed she was. I couldn't lose her. She was the only light in my life of darkness. I couldn't lose my only hope of love.

I didn't even realize when we arrived at the hospital. In fact, I didn't even think we were supposed to be here. What would we tell them if they asked?


"Miss Lastra, it would be better if you stay in the car now," Silvio spoke once they started the procedure on Arianna. It was a deadly hit to the head. When they asked, Silvio had lied and told them that she fell down the stairs. That she did but it wasn't all that happened. It didn't exactly matter because the doctor was following the code. He was with us.

"No, I will stay." Apparently, I was on full rebel mode. I hadn't disobeyed anyone as much as I did today.

My tears had dried and I made no attempt to pour some more. It was a sign of weakness to cry, and I certainly wouldn't want to break all the rules today, especially not in front of everyone.

Silvio stood in front of me, making me glance up. His face was hard and uninviting but it gave me the comfort that I needed. In some twisted way, at least I knew that there was someone who wouldn't leave me. Plus, Silvio was the only constant thing in my life for the past years.

"The Don wants you home so you will go home, Miss Lastra." I didn't disobey him this time. It was the Don's orders. I didn't need to see him to know that I'll be punished severely if I argued any further.

"Miss!" Someone dared to yell while I followed the bodyguard out. I turned around to find a man run toward me. He still had his boyish features but he didn't look any younger than me. "You've dropped your ten-dollar bill," he spoke, handing me something I'd never carry in my nightclothes.

I didn't know that my resolve was that good or maybe he was just blind because he didn't realize that this was a hospital and somewhere people came with the fear of mourning but he seemed flustered and not in a sad way. He seemed familiar to me. Then I realized he went to the same university as me.

"It's not mine," I brushed off. I didn't need Silvio mentioning this to the Don, which I was sure he was going to. I didn't need a beating for it too.

"Are you sure?" He grabbed my hand out of reflex when I tried to leave before quickly letting it go. "Sor—."

But it was too late. He was already slammed to the wall before I could even blink. "You're dead, kid. Dead." Silvio had a snarl to his voice. I didn't interrupt. I've heard the stories and witnessed them firsthand. I didn't want to add any more fuel to the fire. It would just make things worse.

Getting hit by the Don was much worse than getting a good beating from Father. I was not going to be that someone, especially since I'd have to live the rest of my life with him. Hence, I didn't interrupt his men. I needed to be good and obedient just like the man wanted for now.

"I'm s-sorry. I didn't know she had a boyfriend," the poor boy stuttered. I could see that this caught the attention of a lot of people but no one dared to call the police. Everyone had a hint of who we were. Silvio was wearing a fitted black shirt with jeans and not to forget the heavy tats. He looked like a cliche gangster. Who would want to mess with someone like that?

I didn't know if she was his sister or girlfriend but some idiot thought it would be helpful to intervene. Even I wasn't that stupid and I was his boss's fiancee. This only landed the man another punch in the gut.

"STOP! Help him!" she screamed at me, making me hide my flinch. Her eyes were brimmed with tears as she tried to push Silvio off only to be backhanded by him. I visibly flinched this time.

A gasp of relief left my lips when he let go of the man, making him fall to the ground cradling his stomach with blood sputtering out of his mouth and wetting the white tiles. I didn't stop to see his state and quietly followed the buff bodyguard out.

It wasn't until I sat in the car that I realized how revealing my clothes were. I quickly tried to bring my shorts down a bit. When that didn't work I tried to pull my baggy shirt down. That didn't work either.

I'm dead, was the only thought running in my head. Dead. Dead. Dead.

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